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Small victories (and silly little goofs).

June 10, 2021

I’ve been hitting the gym pretty regularly. It works out for me since my dad’s house is old and you can hear everyone walk everywhere, nevermind trying to work out. And that’s before you try to even find the space to work out. Or a time when we’re all awake at the same time.

I’m proud of the commitment I’ve made. I’m moving steadily (if a little slowly) towards a healthier me on the outside, as well as emotionally.

Down one pants size, two more to go!

That’s right – I’m killin’ it! …We’ll just pretend I didn’t walk a full block past the car when I tried to go home today. Heh. If that isn’t the Katie-est move I could have made in light of all my “glory”!

The StitchFix that maybe made me pause.

August 16, 2016

You guys, I’m in love with my new stylist. Her prints and styles (with one misstep) are much more me than the last one. I love that. I love having “grown-up” slinky dress shirts I can throw on with a pair of jeans instead of just a pile of tshirts. But there’s one catch. (Uh, besides the fact that my girlies are money-sucking back-to-school creatures hellbent on bankrupting me.) We’ll get to the catch in a minute.

First, the clothes!

Here’s the slight style misstep:


I love the kelly green color – you know I’ve been trying to grab everything I can in that shade! But the 1950s piping that cuts down the middle of the blouse? Not my favorite. Still, the fit wasn’t that bad, so if it was the only thing I didn’t like, I’d consider keeping it. I saw the total for the entire fix, and it wasn’t un-doable, if I kept everything.

Next was a shirt I was kinda digging, and then I put it on and fell in love with:


Cute print, a good length, the high cut near the hips helps lengthen my torso, a cute cut at the neckline without being all cleavage-y (a problem for us curvy girls), and it felt so slinky! A winner!

The jacket I loved and it would be super cute once Fall gets here (in another few months, but I understand that everyone else has Fall on the brain). Unfortunately, the sleeves were made for some anorexic Barbie or some such because I couldn’t breathe or move or even hardly get it on. Hmph.


The dress, again, SUPER CUTE!!! I was madly in love with the print and the colors! The waist…well, that wasn’t quite as adorable. I liked that it cinched on the side – a little different from everything else I have. But the waist fell above my natural waist, but below where a princess waist would fall, so….little awkward. And not quite as flattering with the few pounds I’ve found this year. I thought about keeping it…but since I didn’t love it, I tossed it back. But made sure to tell my stylist how much I LOVED the print and colors. This is as me as it gets!


Lastly, some gold earrings that I’ve been trying to win. Simple, gold, with a touch of flair that still can be worn with any number of outfits. They’re perfect for work (but not so much going out – a girl can only conquer so many challenges at once).

The jacket totally doused any hopes of keeping the entire Fix, so that meant the green shirt was out. The dress, too, as I’ve said. The blue print slinky top and the earrings were keepers. Which brought me to a decision point: what’s next? I have quite a few new pieces, but a problem has crept up. With health issues this year, I haven’t been running or even working out as steadily as I have in the past. The boyfriend likes to spoil me with dates where we eat tasty, tasty food, too – combined with the inactivity means I’ve gained a few (not so few) pounds since I started my Fix. And if I needed a reason to stop, I think it’s that the sizes I’ve put in are no longer fitting comfortably. I need to lose the weight I’ve put on before I can justify spending money making me look even better. I have work to do. Work on me, to get healthier, to not lose what I’ve spent good money on.

So this is going to be my last fix for awhile. I have a few months of summer left anyway; the goal is to be trending back in the right direction before I need to start worrying about Fall clothes.

Let the remodeling begin!