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She won’t stop chanting “Fashion show at lunch.”

May 16, 2017

I knew Gracie had grown in leaps and bounds lately, so I shouldn’t have been surprised when she told me she didn’t fit into any of her summer clothes. None of her shorts fit. Very few of her tshirts. And only two of her pairs of jeans from this spring. This spring!

I was going to try to take her to the outlet mall this past Saturday, but I knew Bee would hate that idea, and our friends were busy, so I couldn’t leave her in the middle of a playdate. Also, I had to supervise Bee’s project, and that took a lot more time than I thought. So as a compromise – and because they were having a 40% off sale – we all went out to Old Navy Saturday morning.

Gracie picked out a few pairs of shorts, some shirts, and wanted to really get some jeans since they were 50% off. I pointed out, though, that if her jeans from this spring didn’t fit, who was to say they’d fit in November when it was cool enough to wear them again. My teen ceded the rare valid point and crossed jeans off her shopping list. Don’t worry – we still have armfuls of clothes to try on! (Bee helped load ’em up. She had a couple shirts, a jacket, some tank tops, and a dress or two [I think? it’s all a blur] in the mix. But she culled entirely from the clearance rack with one exception, so I’m proud, not mad!)

As soon as we checked out, Gracie started in on “Hey! I know what we can do when we get home! Fashion show! Fashion show! Fashion show at lunch! Fashion show! Fashion show! Fashion show at lunch! Yep, that’s still her favorite. Even more so since she watched The Office and learned what it was from.

And so, unsurprisingly, this happened later Saturday evening:


Yeah, words-on-tees trend got Gracie like whoa. And since I know she’ll wear it, I’m more than okay letting her load ’em up. She also has on a new pair of shorts, dark wash, with a cuff, even though she says she’s not a fan of cuffs.


We almost missed this shirt, and I’m glad I got out of line to grab it because it’s an actual. color. instead of just white, black, or grey. I knew Gracie would love it because arrows are her jam. For the record: arrows > neutrals.


Gracie picked out two dresses (of the 40 she tried on); this one, and a similar blue floral that I have to exchange because while the hangar said Small, the actual dress, it turned out, was XXL. Not quite Gracie-sized! But now Gracie has something to wear to church besides the two semi-formal dresses she’s been rotating between.


This might be Gracie’s favorites, for obvious reasons. My baby girl won’t ever not be in a hurry to grow up! We both saw the mannequin sporting this top and liked it. I wouldn’t ever be able to wear it – more because it’s white and would make me nervous that I’m spill something on it…or out of it. Gracie doesn’t have any such worries. And she did look terrific in it! So we added it to the Buy pile, after making sure it looked just as good(ish) with the sleeves pulled up over her shoulders. You know – in case Dad freaks out. And these shorts are a new pair, too. Gracie much prefers the fringed hemline to the cuffed ones from earlier. I like them both – you need different looks!


This tank might be a little too low-cut to be worn outside the house on its own (that would be the layering in the layering tank bit, m’dear), but I love the fatigue green on Gracie and the pineapple shorts sets off my girlie’s tan very nicely. Also: pineapples!

So mi chica has a good base for her summer wardrobe. She could stand to pick up another couple shirts and a sundress or two, but we did pretty good for an hour or two on a Saturday morning. Certainly we picked up enough to stage a fashion show! fashion show! fashion show at lunch!


The StitchFix that made me crave Fall.

September 21, 2016

You guys, this StitchFix game is messing with my head. I had a good box – three items that I love, another that I liked (but didn’t fit), and one that I hated. That’s a decent box! Let’s look…

I didn’t have much time to pin outfits or give any suggestions, so I was curious what would come up.

First up: a pair of colored pants (that I’d been dying to try forever).


Yes, they’re olive green, so I hear all of you saying “They’re not a color; they’re a neutral!” But the truth is I still need pants for work and these fit like a dream. Super comfy, like wearing pajamas. And I can dress them up or down, which I like. They’re a little pricey, but pants are a staple, so I know I’ll get my money’s worth.

The shirt I also love, and you can see it better here:


I like the cut, the length, the fit, and the material is super thin and slinky, so it’ll work since “Fall” in Tejas is again working those 100+° temps. (Sigh.) Breathable shirts are a must! I like that it’s colorful and I can wear it with any number of pants or accessories, and I can tone it down under any number of jackets, blazers, or cardigans.

Next I tried on the shirt that I didn’t really love, but I liked the stitching.


The line hits my chest at an odd place – something both Gracie and Jeff commented on, so I know it must be true – and I hate giving up the stitching (the dark color is a really pretty navy and peacock blue), I don’t need any more shirts that hang in such a way that I feel like Mother Cluck. (Or, for those not conversant in Disney’s Robin Hood, like a big fat hen.) I’d wear it if I bought the entire box, but it’s not something I’d buy on its own.

The last shirt I straight up didn’t like. I like the colors, but it was a lot of a tiny, busy print slapped on to a basic t-shirt design. Slinky material or not, it was a t-shirt.


Don’t be deceived by the flattering photo angle – the shirt was not that flattering on me. The slinky material showed up every belly bump and bulge. So. Not so much.

The last item was something I hadn’t asked for, but fell in love with as soon as I saw it…


A studded cross-body purse with the perfect amount of fringe. (I am loving all the fringe this season.) I wanted that purse so much! But, that meant I had the dreaded Three Item StitchFix Dilemma.

The Three Item StitchFix Dilemma means you have to cry over losing an item you really don’t want to give up. Because if you keep three items, you’re paying as much as you would for the entire box, or sometimes even more than for the entire Fix.It’s terribly annoying.

I briefly debated keeping the entire Fix. I wasn’t thrilled with the red shirt, but I would wear it. The blue shirt… well, maybe I could give it to Gracie. It might be a bit big, but I could always swap it out for a different size. (Dang – that’s sounding more and more appealing.) But really, I want to keep the pants, the first multi-colored shirt, and the purse. The pants were an easy decision – definitely keeping them. I went back and forth the rest of the night trying to decide whether to keep the shirt (I love the colors, I don’t have a lot of patterned shirts, it’s versatile, it fits perfectly), or the purse (it makes my heart happy, I love the fringe, it’s a decent size). In the end, I opted for the shirt. Because I figured I have a better chance of finding something else like it – Charming Charlie’s and Kohls, here I come! It will probably even be cheaper. And if not, I can always ask my stylist to include it in my next Fix.

Let me know what you think – did I make the right decision? Should I keep the entire box so I can keep the purse? Did you notice how the things I loved were all things that screamed FALL! BRING ON THE FALL! And do you think that will make the temperatures cool down around here? Tell me!

The StitchFix with the new stylist.

July 20, 2016

I’m not sure if I was the catalyst or not: after my last Fix’s less-than-stellar (but not unusually so) showing, I received an email inviting me to take a survey. One of the few questions asked me if I would switch stylists if I could. I was stuck for a moment. Loyalty is pretty big for me. My stylist was terrible, even if we weren’t exactly a match made in heaven. I didn’t want her to get in trouble – there had, after all, been a few boxes where I kept the entire Fix. But then there were boxes where she seemed to ignore every suggestion I made. And there-in lied the problem: my Fixes were crazy random. I didn’t feel like my stylist was learning anything about me so much as she was trying to float whatever was available in my size. Maybe that’s as good as this service is going to get. We’ll see. I’ve found some amazing pieces, so I’m happy I’ve done it. I’m just getting closer to pulling the parachute.

That being said, let’s see what my new stylist sent me. I asked for bright summery shirts in happy colors and/or prints, especially featuring coral, reds, pinks, kelly green, or warm teals or cobalts. I said I was looking for a go-to pair of gold earrings that were not too funky, not too basic. And funky cardigans in red or summer-purple that weren’t standard-issue boxy cardigans.

The first thing I opened were the earrings. I loved them!


I did notice immediately that they weren’t gold, like I had asked, but there was enough gold in them that I could wear them with gold. Still worth a sigh. I was leaning towards keeping them until I saw that they were forty-four dollars. Who here thinks I can’t walk into Charming Charlies and beat that? So they were only worth it if they were free with the rest of the box.

Next was a dress in the exact kelly green shade I’ve been lusting after.

I really liked the way it felt, though the elastic waist wasn’t doing me any favors from the back. The cutout neckline front and back looked awesome and provided a lot of fun detail. I liked it! And the price wasn’t ridiculous.

Next was a fun top in a coral print that I’ve had on my StitchFix Pinterest board forever…

I like where the hemline sits (finally!), I love the bright summery color and the fun pattern. I’m not crazy about the fit being gapey and not showing off my curves, but it wasn’t as Mother-Cluck-ish as some of the others have been. It was my favorite piece.

Then there was this not-so-great shirt. In fact, I hated the pattern. Hated.


It’s just not me. Plus there’s the fact that while the material was much softer and had more contour-fitting cotton, the shirt didn’t work any magic on me. And the length was a little awkward. (Yes, I know I’m short and I ask a lot of my shirts, but if I’m paying this much money for people and shirts to do that, I’m okay with being a bit demandsy!) The shirt was a complete miss for me.

Lastly, there was a cardigan, but nothing special. I have one in almost this exact shade. That, and for a request for anything-but-basic, I thought the cardigan was boxy and plain. I wanted something that screamed summer fun!


The only other item of note was where my new stylist suggested pairing the two shirts with white pants to make them pop.  …  I have written down in my style guide that I can’t wear white and I’ve sent back white pants and shirts before saying I can’t wear white. So that kinda bugged that she performed so little research into my style background and history.

So. I would have kept the earrings, dress, and coral shirt if the world was magic or I was made of money. Since I’m not keeping the entire box, the earrings don’t make any kind of sense. The dress and the shirt together would be $120, and I can’t justify spending that kind of money when it would be $170 for the entire box. So I have to pick one. Thoughts? I adore that green on me, but I think the shirt fits better and will get more wear. Plus, their dresses are usually hits whereas their shirts are hit or miss. So I feel like the shirt is more of a win. I’m leaning more towards Team Shirt unless you convince me otherwise…

My StitchFix mess.

March 2, 2016

As some of you have already heard, my latest StitchFix box was a bit of a bust. And that’s understating the mess that I unwrapped.

I had asked my stylists for a particular motorcycle jacket/vest thing that I had seen paired with some other clothes on one of my style cards. I had heard recently about that trick, and I thought it would be great for when I go out clubbing or on a date somewhere a little more casual, but when I still want to look awesome. So that was my note: I’m going out to these places and need clothes for them! Particularly that leather vest!

Here’s what I found:


Shoes. Which, okay. That isn’t really my style, the missing gap thing there in the middle. But I know that style is in right now, and I didn’t hate them. And I use my black flats with everything. Problem was, they didn’t fit. My feet are very wide and half my foot was hanging over the middle part. They so didn’t work.

A dress. I’ve gotten dresses in my last three boxes including this one. And, okay, yes, I did keep the other two, so they’re probably thinking this is an easy keep. And I did like the dress when it was on the hanger. I like the stripes, and the colors/pattern was basic enough that I could wear so many things with and over it. And I liked the material – a soft cotton blend. This was the only piece I liked as I pulled it out of the box. Problem was, it didn’t fit so well. It felt good, but the neckline was maybe a little too high to be flattering, but I could have worked with that. Offset it with a scarf or the right necklace. But the tummy, with all the interesting pattern shifts going on, yeah, no. Too tight there. I need to hide that perfectly normal post-kids bump. The dress didn’t work. And that was the best piece. Sigh.

A casual shirt in a nautical theme. This shirt… I didn’t even know what to do with it. I saw the elbow patches as soon as I pulled it out and was all hells no! I don’t do elbow patches. I DON’T DO THEM. Ever. I can’t remember if it was one of my shirts and that I mentioned it, or it might have been my co-workers box when we were going through it. Either way, this shirt does not say date night and it sure doesn’t say clubbing. It did fit amazingly well, but I would never, ever wear it. Boo.

The vest. The stylist said she didn’t have the vest I had requested, and the closest match was $148 and she didn’t think that would fit my budget. So she sent this in it’s place. At least she read my note and tried? Ugh. The material is a light, light stiff cotton. Like you find at a fabric store before you soften it. The sides were a jersey type. It looked like something you would wear to work with a cute skirt and a blouse or fun long-sleeve top. NOT to a club. You can’t quite see in the picture how it pulls just the slightest when it’s zippered so that the fabric covering the zipper is pulled back, making it obvious that it’s a bit snug. I just wouldn’t wear it. I only asked for a vest because I need it for one particular function, and this doesn’t meet those requirements.

And then the last thing. The thing that made me see red and yell across the house. JEANS. My stylist sent jeans! Guess what I asked to not be sent again unless I requested them? JEANS! It felt like she needed one last thing, and jeans are a good filler item. They go with everything, after all. But I had already kept a pair of good every day jeans and a pair of skinny jeans (plus all the jeans I already owned), so I was good. And the stylist didn’t bother reading my history, or she didn’t care. Either one upsets me when I think about what I’m paying and all the time I spend providing feedback for this service.

So I didn’t keep anything. I providing (shockingly)(or not) honest feedback for each item when I rated them and filled out each notes section. Then I explained how disappointed I was – and mad about the jeans – in the overall experience section. I marked the box as “not personalized for me” and explained why (with the exception where she tried to fill the vest request). I immediately got a response from StitchFix asking me for more information, and I replied to that as well.

I have another Fix scheduled for the 16th. I’ve been adding pins to my Pinterest board for my stylist to see. I’m requesting dressier clothes that I can wear to work and specifically one fancy, sexy top to wear on dates. I sent a note to my stylists ahead of my box. I hope they listen. We’ll see, StitchFix. We’ll see.

Easter shopping…and then some.

March 11, 2013

I was all about dress shopping for the girls’ Easter dresses this year. Which is almost kind of funny because I don’t even have the girls’ on Easter weekend. Not that really matters, because really what I need them for is for the Easter portraits I take each year. If I don’t have those to send to Grandma, well, obviously I fail at parenting. And so! Dress shopping!

I bought the girls’ Easter dresses a few weeks ago online. Old Navy has the slowest shipping pony is all the kingdom, so when the dresses finally arrived last week, I had almost forgotten what I ordered. That is, until I opened the package. Then I clearly remembered that there was way on Earth that the pink and silver sundress I picked out for Bee looked that fluorescent pink online. It was still wicked cute, though, if not Easter appropriate, so I tucked it away for Bee-girl’s birthday. Gracie’s Easter dress, thankfully, looked just as cute in real life as it did on the computer screen. Unfortunately, it was way, way too big for her. That was kind of my fault, though. Gracie’s in that tricky in-between stage where half of the dresses in a size medium are just a leeetle bit too short, but the girl’s upper body is so tiny that most size large dresses swim on her. Guess what happened with the sundress I picked out? Yeah, even if I put in a few well-placed stitches in the seam under her arm, the bodice of the dress still ballooned out. So back to the drawing board we went.

Saturday morning we trooped out to an actual Old Navy store. I picked out Gracie’s dress in a size medium for her to try on, a few more sundresses that were Eastery-enough and not too dressy to be worn as sundresses the rest of the summer, and maybe a dress or two for me to try on, too. (Hey, it was a good sale.)

We walked out with this:


Both of the girls’ dresses are mediums and I haven’t quite decided who is going to wear what. I think the sundress on the left will be Gracie’s (it’s the style I original picked out for her – the bottom of the dress fades to white and there’s a white string belt that wraps around), and the white sundress with colorful flowers and the melon shrug on the right will probably be Bee’s. You can see the wedges and sandals we picked up at Payless sitting there in the back. I picked up a few camis for Gracie because she practically lived in her tank tops last summer and I know they’ll get worn, and because she has a few sweaters that…well, let’s just say they look a lot nicer when she has something on underneath. Plus? Mega sale on those. The St. Patrick’s Day shirts were a reward for the girlies for being so extremely well-behaved during the entire trip. The dresses in the middle? Those are mine. The jersey tank dress on the left will get more than it’s fair share of use this summer when it’s 100-and-deathly outside. (And the swirly A-line cut was super flattering.) The blue linen dress with the tiny flower print is for Easter. I have so! many! jewelry options (including the two pairs of green earrings that I couldn’t decide between), so I might have to throw up a poll. Don’t worry – Rhi is the final judge on that, not me.

And there you have it. Easter dresses purchases, returns made, Spring wardrobes are set. Now, if someone could cast an enchantment on my daughters so that they don’t grow any more between now and the end of spring, I’d be eternally grateful.

Looks I’m going to have to open a sweatshop. Anyone want a job?

November 14, 2011

Do you know what I did this weekend? I shopped. I shopped this weekend in stores and I shopped this weekend online. Which isn’t really different from the last few weeks when I have been haunting various online locations, looking for what should be two sodding easy items to find: white long-sleeved polos (that do not cost more than an arm or one leg) and red cardigan sweaters to go with the girls’ Christmas outfits. People – they are not to be found.

When a major metropolitan area has had a school uniform policy in place for over five years, you wouldn’t think it would be so hard to find long sleeve shirts in accordance with said policy. Gracie’s shirts from last year still fit – barely. But if the girl so much as grows another half inch, Houston we might have a problem. So I’ve been searching in all of the usual places for long-sleeved polos to put under the Christmas tree. Probably not what Gracie’s looking for from Santa, but it’s something she needs, it’s something that can wait until after Christmas, and why not pass it off as a present if I have to buy it? There will be plenty of other fun ones to cheer her up.

Where was I? Oh yes. So I looked at Target – no school uniform clothes in the store. At all. Which I think is ridiculous considering their big community involvement project is that a certain percentage of Target credit card sales go towards local schools. So I checked online – they had short-sleeved shirts and pants and skirts, but absolutely no long-sleeved shirts. I checked Old Navy and they were ridiculously priced. Kohl’s wanted $15 a jersey, and I haven’t been able to find them anywhere else.

I finally saw some online at Walmart, so I decided things had reached critical mass: I was gonna have to walk into the actual store. I decided to go early Sunday morning, when everyone is usually either in church or sleeping. And I found some – if my child is the jolly green giant. I tell you what, I don’t know what’s gotten into George (the uniform shirt company, not some random dude), but they must think every child is either part Gumby or a center forward for the Celtics. Bee’s uniform shirts that I bought for Gracie two years ago? Made by George and have normal proportions. The uniform shirts in the store? Are designed to cover the bums of every hoodlum who wears his or her jeans belted around their knees. I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING! So: hilarious universe watching me trying to clothe my child: 6. Me: 0.

And then there is sudden shortage of red cardigan sweaters. I tried Target and nothing. I tried Old Navy on Saturday. I found four sweaters and a pair of corduroys for me (and maybe some Christmas presents for the wee little ones), but the only red cardigan they had tacky faded red bows on all the buttons. No way my 7 1/2 year old is going to want to wear that. (Thank. God.) Children’s Place, Justice, Gymboree, Gap Kids…. nothing. Then I tried the department stores: J.C. Penney, Macy’s, Sears… OH! SEARS HAS ONE! It’s nothing fancy, just a plain, simple red button-up cardigan. Whatevs – Christmas portraits are Saturday – I’ll take it! So I drove out to Sears (what – you thought I was actually at all of those stores when I could online browse? You so silly!)….and Sears wasn’t open for another hour. What kind of department store doesn’t open before noon during Christmas shopping season?! Jesus wept. And so did I.

So! Now I have plans to force feed my childrens chicken nuggets as quickly as they can eat them and whip on out to Sears tonight. As for school uniforms…either belly shirts are going to soon become quite appropriate, or else Imma have to open a sweatshop in the back yard. Just doing my own little part to help the economy, you understand.

I wish I could say I hate to love you – but I LOVE to love you.

February 23, 2011

In other words: Kohls, I just can’t stay away. Especially when you play dirty rotten tricks like stuff Kohls Cash in my hands.

Evidence the first:

When Kim was here, we celebrated our escape from Housebound Island by venturing out to Kohls. My sister found a very sexy wrap dress, a few shirts, and a laptop bag that doubled as a funky purse. I found these four shirts, a pair of earrings, and a dress for each of the girls (angelic summer A-line for Bee; Euro trash t-shirt dress and matching ski hat for Gracie). All of that – for $156. We TOTALLY rocked that sale. We saved over $270 and got $30 in Kohls Cash.

Which I brought to Kohls this weekend. I give you: Evidence the second.

I bought a new brown purse (my favorite purse snapped last weekend in Target. Sadcakes.); a red clutch by Vera Wang that’s big enough for my cell phone, my ID and some cash, lipstick and an inhaler – win!; a new wallet that can fit all of my ID cards, pictures, medical cards, etc, and an Easter dress for both girls. Go ahead – guess how much…$76! And that’s before I applied my 15% off scratch off and my Kohls Cash.

The worst part – they made me take $10 in Kohls Cash. I’m going to have to go back again. I think I better go this weekend when I have both girls with me or else I might walk out with the rest of the store.

Oh, cold fronts. How you mock me.

September 8, 2010

This weekend was going to be A Good Weekend. Work closed early on Friday, the girls were spending the weekend with their dad, I was going to check on Crisanna’s doggies while she was out of town, I was going to reorganize the toy room, and possibly go to a cookout. Fun plans were to be had! And I sort of went crazily off-track. Oops.

See, I stopped at Payless after work on Friday to take advantage of their BOGO sale before it ended. $110 later (yes, really!), I walked out with sexy new black boots, black heels, gray flats with the sexiest little roses adorning the toes, sneakers for Gracie, and cowgirl boots to put away for the girls for Christmas. Not bad for $110, eh?

And then I started thinking…Christmas presents. Hmm…it was a little cooler outside. I mean, when I say “cold front,” what I mean is that the high stayed below 90 degrees. Quite a change from the 110+ temps we’ve been so lucky to have recently. (/sarcasm font.) And when it gets a little cooler like that (although, admittedly, maybe a little more cooler than just upper-80s), I start thinking Christmas. I start thinking Christmas shopping. And wrapping all of my Christmas presents.

Oh yes, I did. I went to Target and bought some of the items I buy every Christmas – lip glosses and nail polish and new underwear and a few games that I knew I was going to buy and a few more things that were on sale. Then I went home and dragged out all of the gifts I had picked up over the past few months. I organized them, made lists, and then I pulled out all of my gift wrap. And I spent four hours wrapping Christmas gifts and watching Harry Potter movies.

I should have been finishing the baby quilt for my friend’s newborn two-month old. I should have started cleaning. I should have at least have gone for a run. But noooooo – I had to wrap gifts. On the plus side, I now know exactly what I had put away so that I can take advantage of the next Big DVD sale instead of wondering if we already have that movie. Yeah, only I would wrap Christmas presents so I can go out and buy more Christmas presents. It’s what you do when you are a compulsive gift-wrapper!

Maybe it’s just time to confess…  My name is Katie, and I have a problem. (And my problem is that fall weather is really headed this way soon. My Christmas budget can’t handle this!)

I am the queen of sales.

May 16, 2010

Okay, it wasn’t really my most impressive outing, so maybe I’m just the princess of sales. But that sounds pink an frilly and altogether too dorky, so….um, no. Queen of sales it will be. Want to know why? For $150, I brought home:

From Victoria’s Secret:

  • Two bras and three pairs of panties from Victoria’s Secret. (I can hear the search bots frothing at their tiny little robotic mouths. …Um, wait – can you hear frothing? No, no you can’t. Never mind.)

From New York & Co.:

  • A pair of khakis that are supposed to be cropped but, instead, fit my short little legs quite nicely.
  • A pair of shorts in a size 6!!! I believe they are sized wrong by the maker, but who cares: it’s in print and print never lies.
  • A pair of shorts that are more realistically sized. (Harrumph!)
  • A black shirt that is roushed (how does one even spell that, o fashionista of blogland?) on the sides with little dangley strings on the side that makes me look uber skinny. I don’t really need another black shirt, but this one is dressy enough to wear with my fancy black heels and jeans when I go out. It is sex-y.
  • A set of summer pajamas – stripey shorts and a frilly tank top that says “delightful” across the front. I really wanted the tannish grey color but they didn’t have my size in the tank. So I tried on the turquoise instead and liked it a lot better. I need to buy more colorful clothing instead of getting stuck in neutrals.
  • Four pairs of earrings (all but one of which are dangley).
  • I did not see a red dress that my sister said I would look hott in. In fact, I didn’t see any red dresses. I sighed around the entire store expressing my disappointment.

From Half Price Books:

  • One brand new copy of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban to replace my missing copy. Yes, I’m a dork. But so is Crisanna – it’s for her to borrow.

From the library:

  • Cold Mountain
  • The Flying Troutmans
  • The Remains of the Day
  • The Gathering
  • I can’t decide which two (one before bed and one during lunches) to read first!

From the liquor store:

  • Giant size Vodka (which I went in for)
  • A free giant size Cosmo mixer (that was free with the coupon from the demo girl if I bought Smirnoff brand vodka…that I was buying anyway. And I love Pomegranate Cosmos.)
  • Irish Cream (that was half-off with the sale…and that was the other item I went in for)
  • The expensive bottle of wine that is tastier than anything on this green earth but that doesn’t even get me tipsy. They were having a demo and I caved. I suck.

But! All that for $150! I kind of rule, right? Yes, yes I do.

Huh…think it’s related?

August 17, 2009

Yesterday afternoon I was hit with a case of the blahs. The very fact that I had the blahs was giving me further blahs. I mean, I had a pretty good weekend: Friday I went on my shopping spree and found some good buys (including these juicy red shoes [on sale!] to wear to my birthday dinner). I rocked the sale at New York & Co. (despite their lack of actual clothing for sale – what up with that, New York & Co.?) by nabbing a beige hoodie, a grey 3/4 sleeve shirt, and two pairs of earrings for $40.53…which I then got for just over $20 because I had a coupon for $20 off a $40 purchase. I really am that kind of awesome. Kohl’s was a wee bit disappointing, but I managed to find a few things, including a nice sports watch for only $10. So my day was going well. Sure, dinner was canceled because my IO had a nasty case of food poisoning. [Sidenote: Before we diagnosed the IO with food poisoning, I asked the him if he had eaten anything weird that day. He said he hadn’t – but then mentioned he had purchased a moose-meat sausage from a street vendor while he was in Anchorage. ?!! That’s not weird??! Oooookay.] I did spend the afternoon with him and I got to see the Pats-Eagles pre-season game that he had taped. Patriots win!! See? Pretty good weekend so far.

Saturday night the IO still wasn’t feeling steady enough to eat, so he  took me out to buy my birthday present – stand back, ladies – shoes that I had mentioned drooling over the day before. I tried to find them online to show you, but, alas, they are apparently too hott for the Internets. But don’t fear. You might see them on Love Thursday. They’re THAT good. Ahem. Anyway, after I stopped making out with my sexy new heels, we went back to my house to watch movies. Here’s where I think the blahs started to set in. We watched Easy Rider, a movie I hadn’t seen before and one I can’t say I really enjoyed, per se, but I’m glad to have seen. It was heavy, especially the ending. We had a drink and watched a mindless sitcom before bed, but I think that emotional ending stuck with me.

Yesterday afternoon, I finished two other weighty delights I have been struggling through lately. The first is the AMAZING movie, Sweeney Todd. It’s Baz Luhrman, so to say it was a wee bit gory would be like saying the surface of the sun is a tad hot. Seriously, folks, I couldn’t even eat when I was watching the movie. And I got creeped out, so I couldn’t watch it at night. Needless to say, it took me about a week to finish. But I did it! I love, love, loved the music; as soon as Kim sends me the soundtrack, I am sure it will be on an endless loop on my iPod. [Hint, hint.] Not long after I killed that movie, I decided to bump off Alice Sebold’s Lucky since I was only about 40 pages from the end. That book was another incredibly disturbing, but proportionately rewarding investment. The book is Sebold’s account of the brutal rape she survived her freshman year of college and the aftermath she still struggles through. The end was, unfortunately, a little uneven and not nearly as strong as the beginning of her story. Without a satisfying ending to the book, I found it hard to shelve my thoughts like I did with the book.

Add to all of that the fact that my sister told me that they’re planning a remake of Stephen King’s It (one of my favorite books) and so I’ve had neurotic, homicidal monsters clowns on the brain.

See? Now that I’ve written all that down, it seems easy to see why I have been suffering from the blahs all day. Good lord, what was I thinking piling all that on my plate at once? Don’t worry – I cooked a fabulous roast beef dinner with all the trimmings (including homemade biscuits), I’m watching Anne of Green Gables to clear the spookies, and I’m reading The Tales of Beadle the Bard before bed. Plus, I have those killer shoes to dream about!