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This is a giving of thanks, not a complaint.

July 10, 2017

Readers, this totally bizarre and crazy thing has been happening around here.But first, let me explain.

You understand that I live in North Texas, the place of insane summer heat and near-constant drought. I’ve lived here for 17 years now, and I realized early on that there’s a flow to these things, the sun and the heat and the cooling rains. Spring here, lasts about four minutes long, in terms of “spring-like” temperatures. More what it means is rain. It rains here in the spring and we all rejoice, because we know what’s coming. When summer sets in, the rains stop. We get a last round of rain and storms at the very beginning of June, and then the 100° weather sets in, and the rain stops. Like, dead stops. No more rain for us until around the middle of August. Seriously – it’s usually a birthday present for me that we get rain and I do a happy rain dance. If the first rain happens when we’re at work, you’ll see everyone abandon their work stations and run outside to rejoice like little kids in a snow flurry. It’s adorable.

But this year – this year is, like I said, totally bizarre and a little crazy.

This year the temps have hit the 100°-mark more than once and the heat has been crazy at times, but in both directions, which is odd. For all the times that it’s been rather high, we’ve also had days when the highs were in the high 80s. And for June in Tejas, well that’s just absurd! Even crazier: it’s still raining, well into July. And not just here and there – it’s raining and storming every night! Whether it’s a round of storms in the afternoon about 3 or 4 o’clock, or a round later in the evenings about 9 or 10 o’clock, it’s been happening just about daily. It’s like summers in Massachusetts when we had a daily thunderstorm just to clear the air of all that humidity before the day carried on with whatever it is days carry on with. Of course, in Massachusetts, the storms were usually just some thunder and some bruise-colored clouds; here, the storms look a little more benign to look at, but they can do a little more damage. Last week, one of the storms dropped two inches of rain in just 45 minutes!

They aren’t fun to drive around in, for doctors’ appointments and bringing the girls here and there for the July schedule, and whatnot.

NOT that any of this is a complaint! It certainly beats being one month in to a brutally long Texas summer. I’ll muster the bravery it takes to face ferocious storms all on my own. For cooler temps and a little bit extra rain, I’d do much more!



Oh, Bill.

June 16, 2015

Why is it that you when you unplug for four days, four measly days, you come back and feel like the world has completely spun off its axis? What, just me? Okay. But as it turns out, there’s this massive (yet unorganized) tropical storm hanging out off the coast of Texas that’s sort of headed exactly our way. 50mph winds and gusts and flooding rains – 12-15″ of flooding rain, in places.

You know what we don’t need after 30 days of rain during the month of May? You guessed it – more rain.

Thanks ever so much, Tropical Storm Bill. This is really what I wanted to greet me from my vacation to the desert. Now I have to decide whether I should run out and buy bread, batteries, and booze. Oh, and apples (both for snacking and using for emergency flotation devices). And maybe some floaties and a life raft because you just know there’s going to be street flooding, at the very least. Maybe some yard flooding. Hopefully not any house flooding.

What kind of rates you think I could grab on flood insurance for the house?


I mean, I’m glad the drought conditions are over for us. I’m glad the skies are still raining from time to time so maybe my blueberry bushes will take. I’m glad for moments like sunshiney downpours when a certain little boy who is stealing my heart yells, “MS. KATIE! I FOUND A RAINBOW!” and I can drag him outside and teach him how to dance in the rain. It’s not all bad.

I just… Tropical storms? Must it?


Enough with the rain already!

May 26, 2015

If this sounds a little incoherent, it’s either because my rain-numbed mind has melted into sludge, or possibly because it’s hard to type with water wings on. Seriously, you guys – this rain? I’ve had enough. ENOUGH, I say!

I’m trying to be grateful, but I’m afraid grateful flew out the window somewhere during Week 2. We’re in Week 6 of rain. No, really. Six weeks of rain, with only three days in there when there wasn’t any precipitation. And even on those days, it was still overcast. So, yes, I am grateful that our record years-long drought has ended and I can stop worrying about that. I am grateful the grass is so green and the trees haven’t blanched into their summer dead-tan look yet. I am grateful that it’s the end of May and yesterday it was only sixty-five flippin’ degrees out. But ENOUGH already with the rain!

I want to have a patio party. I want to let the kids go swimming. I want to plant trees and install patio lights and for the love of god, not worry about the commute home! I want to stop worrying whether I need to call and get flood insurance. I want to stop hearing about high water rescues and tragic stories about families literally being torn apart and kids swept out of their parents arms. (Yeah, fun way to start the morning, with all those news stories.) I want to not have to turn back halfway through a run because we have another severe thunderstorm warning. I want to stop having to towel off the dogs when they come scrumming back into the house.

I want sunshine!

I’m trying to remember that we’ll have plenty of that come July. In August, I’ll be begging for a rainstorm. We’ll hear a few sprinkles one morning at work and everyone will pile out into the parking lot to dance and revel in them.

But right now, we’re all eying every creek and river we drive over, keeping a wary eye on the rising water levels. One coworker has already lost his house to flooding. One day last week, it took everyone more than an hour longer to commute because so many roads were close. Are closed regularly now. Because the rain – it will not end.

Someone send me some sunshine. Or at least some sort of rainy day storage device so I can store these days up and dole them out piece by piece, storm by storm, throughout the rest of this miserable summer.

Did I slide into a wormhole into October?

July 15, 2013

You know how you’ll see something fantastical in the weather reports, something a few days off, and at first your heart leaps and you hear angels singing and you start making plans (big plans, I say!) and stars start dancing in your eyes as you dream your big dreams? Only then the weather guys start chuckling their evil chuckles and pushing that fabulous, glorious weather one day out…and then another day… and then finally yank it from the weather outlook altogether? That is totally what I was expecting to happen.

On Friday, I noticed the five-day outlook called for rain. In July. In North Texas. Which is paramount to the END OF DAYS. But not just any rain – we usually have one big mega-storm that hits just as June is ending and July begins, and we missed it this year. So I thought, hey, maybe that’s what this is. Maybe some supercell that they’re randomly predicting kinda far out. Only it wasn’t just one day and it wasn’t even supposed to be all that stormy. It was supposed to last four days. Four days of rain and only scattered storms.

Have I mentioned that this is July? In North Texas? And that this never happens?

Only it did. This time Lucy actually held down the football for Charlie Brown to kick it, forever planting in his head doubt and uncertainty. The ultimate psych out because now he would never know… okay that’s getting away from me a little bit because I’m talking about the weather. Not mind games. Sure, the rain and the cool temperatures and the minor miracles felt like mother nature’s ultimate mind game, but not a single person was complaining. We don’t get rain from after that big early July storm system until mid-August. It just doesn’t happen. We have droughts. And instead, we had a really nice Sunday filled with soft, pattering rain and – get this – cool temperatures. The high never crept out of the 70s. IN JULY!! I seriously contemplated dragging Corrie out to my patio last night. Sure, it was raining, and the cushions were soaking wet, and it was almost really dark out – but it was 69° outside! We could drink outside! In July! I’m pretty sure that calls for cocktails because it was colder outside than it was in my house.

Yes, today is Monday. And it’s going to be a pain driving because everyone seems to drive 20 mph in the rain, and traffic gets snarly, and hey! work might even be crazy today! But I woke up to this:


So I’m pretty sure it’s going to rate higher than a Monday over here.

Shoosh – it’s a sign.

July 26, 2011

I thought the clouds looked a prettier, darker, shade of blue this morning. Overcast skies are always a welcome relief from driving due east into the blinding sunrise every morning, but these skies…these looked like almost rainlike.

Or so I thought. I was guessing, since it hasn’t rained in over a month.

And then, oh my goodness. I heard office doors opening to the parking lot, the few people who are here that early were shouting down the hall. RAIN! Friends called on the phone (suddenly awake at ungodly hours), my text alerts suddenly started trilling, every single person at the PlaceThatShallNotBeDiscussed was standing at an outside door, marvelling at that wet stuff falling from the sky. I even went outside to play in it. (Don’t you love the coppery penny smell when summer rain first falls?)

It’s been 25 straight days of 100+ heat. Today’s high – without the heat index – is 105°. I don’t think we would have been more excited if someone had shouted that it was snowing.

Today – today is going to be a good, good day.

Rain, rain, go away (also drizzle, sleet, ice, snow…).

February 9, 2010

It is raining again today. I think the universe should make a rule against it raining on Mondays and Wednesdays. My race is in two weeks. I have to run to keep up, Universe! I can’t keep missing days. I need to keep up the pace or this 3 miles thing is going to evaporate. And how will I be able to test things out like some sort of slim-ish fanny pack? I guess I need one – I don’t really want one. But where else am I going to store my gloves, key, tissues, cell phone… How do people do this? What do they do with all their stuff? (Karyn – you’ve run races before right? HELP!) Right now, if I get hot, I just take off my jacket and fling it in my driveway when I lap around the block. I don’t think that is an option during the race, but I’m just guessing here. Maybe, Universe, if you could make it a tad warmer during Race Day, that would solve some of my issues (like gloves). Would low 60s be feasible?

Speaking of weather requests, how about warming it up to the mid- to upper- 60s in the here and now? I’m all for seasons and having wintry weather during winter, but I need a break. This freezing drizzle and grey, gloom, and doom just isn’t cutting it any more. In fact, it’s become downright depressing. I need some sunshiney, shirt-sleeve, beer-drinking on the patio kind of weather. My sister and Sars will be here very shortly and I think they would like a break from winter as well. So see what you can do, mkay?

I will give in and let you keep the clouds during my commute (to eliminate the sun shining in my eyes) if you can get rid of the slippery roads. My tires, they do not do too well in the rain. Or the damp. Or the ice. Really, in anything less than ideal conditions. The two shots we have at ice and sleet this week does not have me jumping for joy. Perhaps shrieking in fear would be a little closer to accurate. So quit with the rain because I do not like hydroplaning at a modest 30 mph. My car does not like the massive lakes in the outside lanes, Sam-I-Am. And I do not like fearing for my life when I turn onto the access road from a dead stop and slide precariously towards the steep, steep (and unfenced) embankment. It makes me think I will go splat! onto the freeway below and there is a limit to how high I can raise my life insurance before the insurance people freak out a little. So – no raining just before or during commutes. Or during the early evening hours when I run. Thankssomuch.

One of those chances for sleet and snow happens to be on Thursday. Which, really, is kind of funny. Want to know why? Because my sister and Sars are supposed to arrive on Thursday! Ha ha ha ha ha – of course they are! My sister – well, all of Philadelphia, actually – received almost 3 feet of snow this weekend. It’s not supposed to snow like that in Philly. The 23 inches of snow they received at Christmas was a record-breaker – and forced my sister to cancel and reschedule all sorts of Christmas travel plans. Then they had this new record-breaking storm. And they’re supposed to get hit again on Wednesday. That’s why it’s funny. Apparently, winter thinks my sister’s hott and will follow her anywhere. Maybe we should hire her out. Who wants a snow storm?

In the meantime, I will sit here amongst the freezing drizzle and wait for bloggy inspiration to find me. All this grey is not good for my creativity.

Um…not really.

January 29, 2010

I like how that title works on so many different levels. This isn’t really a post – I had company last night and it deluged on the way home, so there were muddy carpets (and little girls) to clean and dinners to cook and movies to watch all on top of the company to entertain. Could I elbow a short post in there somewhere? Um…no. Not really.

No problem! I would just wake up early this morning and bang one out. Ha. Ha ha ha! We were supposed to have ice this morning. And if there wasn’t ice, the weathermen promised freezing rain. Or ice pellets of magical proportions (or something). Instead, we have Day 2 of The Flood. So work wasn’t even delayed. No matter – I was going to have to leave early to drive slower (and more safely) to drop the children off and navigate the flood plains streets to work. I could write a post then since I would be so early. HA! So, um…not really.

And speaking of the deluge, the girls – they were excited. Because all. of. that. rain! meant that they could use their Hello Kitty umbrellas. That would be helpful – the girls wouldn’t get soaking wet and I would have to keep yelling at them to keep their hoods up and walk faster towards the door…right? Um, not really. Have you ever tried keeping an umbrella over your head while trying to manually open a kid’s umbrella and then holding that open while you try to assist the child out of a very tall jeep, and keep said child’s bag from dragging in the standing two inches of rain? NOT EASY! Then try adding another child, another umbrella, and another bag into the mix. Also, these “cute” umbrellas had these “handy” loops at the end – supposedly to carry them or hang them on a hook. Really, those Death-Loops are for holding the umbrella and swinging it around like a baton of death when the umbrella is closed, or to catch onto everyone else’s umbrella causing mass confusion and soakage (because hello! it’s pouring!) when they’re open. The umbrellas? So not helpful!!

And that – that – is why there is no post here this morning. But it is Friday and I’m splurging on Starbucks at lunch and I have a few Hershey Kisses sitting here waiting for me to savor with my coffee. So while it sounds like maybe I’m in a bad mood – um…not really!

A case of the grouchies.

August 19, 2008

It’s one of those days today, the kind I worry about before I’ve even had my coffee.


It’s raining outside. I was ecstatic yesterday when it started to rain – I’ve been rain-dancing for weeks, it seems like. And then it rained all day, and it sorta surprised me, this feeling that bubbled up; I don’t know that I’d call it irritation, but I was definitely feeling some sort of, “Okay, thanks for the rain! You can stop now!” And if I wasn’t feeling that last night, I certainly was this morning. Oh, I am Very Grateful for the rain. Let’s be clear about that. It’s just that two days of rain – especially when I have to drive across town in horrific traffic made worse by any kind of weather – does not seem very appealing.