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Quote of the day.

June 2, 2010

Bee sleeps with a teddy bear, whom she has aptly named “Bear.” Bear absolutely positively must be in her bed for her to sleep. Some mornings, Bear absolutely, positively must be in Bee’s hands at all times for her to function. This morning started out as just such a morning. But then, inexplicably, it brightened (as it sometimes does).

And that is how I happened to overhear this particular gem as Bee was marching Bear from one side of the room to the other:

Bee: Bear, you be good! You behave or I am bringing you right back to Goldilocks’s house!

Dooood. That officially beats out any “rescue” situations I acted out as a kid. I don’t know about Bear, but I would listen if I was him. That Bee-girl is for serious.


The love that remains the same.

March 19, 2009

One of the perks of this whole time change thing is that it’s dark outside when we have to get up in the morning. The girls – Bee, especially – are fascinated that we’re up when it’s still dark outside. “Almost late?” Bee still asks, confused. “No, it’s just really early. The sunshine isn’t awake yet,” I remind her every morning.

When we pour ourselves and all of our accoutrements into our Zippy Red Jeep and head off to daycare, work, and the rest of our day, it’s still dark outside. I love that the sun isn’t in my eyes. Gracie loves the new routine for an entirely different reason. “Mommy, I can see the moon!” she exclaimed in rapture. And as if that wasn’t already the height of cool, “and it’s following us, Mom! It’s following us! Wow. The moon must really love me if he is following only me!”

The way she so easily gave herself over to the magical belief that the moon was there to adore and protect her made me smile (a rare treat so early in the morning). I remember riding home in the car from my aunt and uncle’s house when I was a little girl and telling my mom the same thing. I was enchanted just as my little girl is. To this day, the sight of the moon on a clear night has a calming effect on me. I feel like she is there, awake, watching out for me. My Mother Moon Goddess, as the Ya-Yas would say. It’s the kind of love and magic that lasts throughout generations, I guess.

Happy Love Thursday, everyone! May love shine down on you today and bring a smile to your face.

Some nights, I really love my job.

March 17, 2009

I should preface this post with the reminder that I have had the kiddos home for only two 12-hour stretches during the entire past week. That being said, it would have been really hard for them to mess up the rosy, happy glow of having them back home where they belong. Still, it could have been done. Monday nights are always tough. Tears always flow freely. And the first night at Mom’s Mean House after a weekend of free roam at Dad’s? Well, let’s not even go there. See? It could have gone very differently.

As it was, Gracie’s frown when I picked her up was quickly righted when we found the rock she had discovered on the playground. I was expecting a piece of quartz for her treasure chest. Collecting odd bits of treasures is her new favorite past times. I’ll admit, it’s one of mine, too. I love to see what she considers a treasure. Today, it was a fist-sized chunk of concrete and pebble mixture she had found. Yesterday she eschewed my find of a jewel-and-pewter barrette. Hmph. Still, important insights and all that.

When we picked Bee-girl up from her room, I found out that pictures were in. Can I just say that I have the prettiest and bestest girls in the whole wide world? Every single pose looked amazing – in stark contrast to last year’s pictures in which Bee-baby was crying so hard all you could see was her open mouth and some tear tracks. I have to choose between Bee’s individuals (3 poses), Gracie’s individuals (3 poses), Gracie’s individuals in graduation gown (since she “graduates” from pre-school this year), and the sibling pictures. At $10/sheet (or $70 for 12 sheets), I have no idea how I’m going to choose. C’mon, tax return!

Then I had the extreme pleasure of playing make-believe with Gracie while Bee ran around and amused herself with her sister’s glittery headbands. Gracie was disappointed at first that I had to clean the kitchen, but then the ever-resourceful lass decided I could play telephone with her. She would call me from her pretend cell phone and natter on about all manner of pretend goings-on. This was my favorite (starting with her): “My little girl won’t behave!”  “What did you do?” “She got up out of time out. Now she has to go to jail!” “What a mean mom you are!” “But my house is messy!” GAH!

And finally, as if I could handle any more happy, drama-free wonderfulness tonight, Gracie read almost an entire Dora book, all by herself. I am so proud! She painstakingly sounded out each word (the ones she doesn’t know by sight, at least) and only left me the toughies, like “spacecraft.” Before you know it, I won’t be able to keep ANY secrets from the kid, and THEN what will I do?! Oh, I can’t lie. That’s a happy problem to have.

I confess. It was a wonderful, rosy night at Casa de Katie. Finally. I earned every contented sigh if I do say so myself!

The If Question with the dinner party.

February 20, 2009

Today’s If Question:

If you could invite four people from history to a dinner party, who would you invite and where would it be?

A funny thing happened as I was thinking of my answer. See, when I think of these If Questions, I always think of dead people…you know, to really maximize the WOW factor and magical properties of the If Question. And when I think of dead people, the first ones that always come to mind are my mom’s family. A lot of my mom’s family died young, but she has always talked about them and made them seem alive to me. I’m sort of fascinated with who they really are and what they would be like. Whether they’d turn out as I picture or be completely different. So the first people I thought of inviting to my dinner part was my mom’s mom so I could get to know her…and my mom, so she could get to know her mum. (My grandmother died when my mom was just two years old. My mom doesn’t have a single memory of her. I can’t fathom that not-knowingness.)

Once I had those two paired off, I started thinking of people for me. I thought right away of throwing in Tom Brady. He’d make great eye candy and we could talk football all night. (Who’s a little excited for next football season? THIS GIRL!) There’s three guests; I need one more. Brady was a great choice but, on the other hand, he’s alive, so I’m feeling the pressure to choose another dead person. Someone famous to utilize the power of the If Question. It took me awhile, but I came up with FDR. I love history and I’d love to hear what it was like to survive FOUR freakin’ terms as president when this country hardly seems to be able to handle one these days. I want to hear about what it was like to navigate WWII and hear the secret side of things. (more…)

Meme-less Friday: The If’s have it.

February 6, 2009

Sometimes I have a hard time finding a meme that I think is interesting enough to hold my attention long enough to answer it. The question then becomes: what do I do?

I like the idea of having a weekly series. But Love Thursday is a series, you say. Yes, yes it is. I like having a mindless series at the end of the week that I don’t have to think much about. Some weeks I start agonizing over Love Thursday on Monday; it’s important to me and I struggle to find worthy topics. No, I need something else that I can throw up on the screen early Friday morning for you all to enjoy. Catchy, mindless, and yet worthy of my your time. I blog for free therapy your enjoyment, people!

So I’ve decided to try out a new series and see how it goes. I have yet to come up with a snappy title (7 days and counting…no pressure, Katie). I’ll choose an “If…” question from my coffee book full of such questions, and then I’ll answer it. Please, feel free to chime in with your answers in the comments section.

If you could choose any historic disaster to have survived, which would it be?