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Betcha anything they sleep good tonight!

June 21, 2013

Confession: it was kind of a selfish birthday present for Bee-girl. And she got it way early – her birthday isn’t for another week and a half, and she’s had her present for more than a week already.


Oh yes I did – I bought her (them? me?) a giant inflatable water slide that cost way more than a birthday present ever should. I had a sizable coupon, and their inflatable pool from last year was sliced six ways to Sunday and had to be thrown away, so I was going to either replace their pool or put the money towards this… and since the girls are going to be spending most of the summer home with one auntie or another, I decided this would be way more fun. And a useful bribe. And wear the kids out. So! Win-win-win-win!

I will say, the slide was a pain in the buttowski to set up the first time. You have no idea what piece needs to be laid out in what direction, and the instructions are less than helpful. It took me about an hour to set it up – seriously – but only 15 minutes last night since I had a better idea of what was going on. And I will say this – once you do have the inflatable laid out on the tarp (which wasn’t included, but I found very useful to protect the nylon from the possible prickly grass punctures), it did inflate in less than two minutes. Then you just have to attach the hose and turn on the water and you’re good to go!


The girls played on that thing last week for a solid two hours before I made them dry off and come in for dinner. Last night Auntie Rhi and I set it up for Bee and Gracie and N. and J. to use. I have a feeling they’ll play on it for another two hours before they wear themselves out!

I’m sure there will be squabbles over who had more turns and who splashed whom and all the other stuff you can just predict will come flying out of a kid’s mouth during splash time – but I know they will also have fun. And isn’t that what summer vacation is supposed to be about? Not only do I bet the girls will sleep like the dead tonight after running around all afternoon – I also bet that we get our money’s worth out of this slide by the end of the summer. Smiles, suntans, squabbles and all!


Love brings the MagicBack!

May 28, 2009

Remember when we were little and the summer held nothing but promises of freedom? The school year would creep sloooooowly closer and then, finally, suddenly, you were free from school and rules and constraints (until your mom called you in when the streetlights came on, at least).


Remember how summer beckoned us as teenagers, with thoughts of later curfews and countless parties with our friends? When at least one of you already had her license and you drove aimlessly around the city, stopping only for ice cream or 24-hour Dunkin’ Donuts?


Summer just feels like it should have that magical something about it. That’s been missing for a few years and I’ve felt it keenly. I really missed the magic when I grew up, got a job, and lost the summer-long vacations away from responsibility. (Real jobs should invest in summer vacations, no?) I don’t quite get the season-long vacation this year, but I do get to flip-flop the custody arrangement during July. And my partner-in-crime does happen to own a very nice pool. And a grill. And a patio-couch straight out of an ad for Target. Last Sunday, she twisted my arm and made me come over and lounge by the pool. Then she fed me grilled hamburgers and made me a mimosa. It was lovely fan-freaking-incredible!


Guess what? The magic is back. If you need me in July, I will be lounging by Crisanna’s pool. Or possibly in her picture-perfect living room, watching a TV so enormously huge that now I couldn’t break up with her even if I wanted to. By pure coincidence, she just procured a cable to connect her laptop to said-gigantic TV. We might never leave. In fact, my goal might be to call up QI on the computer and make her watch it until she pees her pants with laughter. And that excitement of magic-to-come? That suits me and my summery ways just fine! Happy Love Thursday, everyone! May you find a little something today to put the spring back in your step!