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A tiny, touchy subject.

January 24, 2019

I was getting ready in the bathroom the other night, doing my hair (there’s a half hour right there, taming the massive beast on top my head), putting on a tiny splash of make-up, when I noticed this little guy…


Do you see him? Tiny little fella. Bit dusty, too. But I don’t make fun of wee little guests in my house, uh uh. I let the wee fella go, outside. Opened the door and shooed him out. Maybe I should have let him out the front door so he could take up residency in the fairy gardens if were so inclined. Alas.

I got back to getting pretti-fied and all of a sudden….I feel a tickle along the back of my hand. THis guy:


I promise this little buddy is different! See? The two markings closest to his wee little head are strong dots on the first ladybug, and faded on the send. Ipso Ergo Factum! TWO ladybugs! I carefully checked for an infestation, but these were the only two ladybugs I was lucky enough to find.

And there’s the million dollar word, ladies, gents and everyone in-between and beyond – ladybugs are harbingers of lucky, are they not? I thought, Wouldn’t it be nice if there were three ladybugs so that there could be one for Gracie, one for Bee, and one for me? I scoured the entire bathroom, but couldn’t find another one. Well, that’s okay then, I thought. One can be for Bee-girl, and one for Gracie-guts.

But here’s the thing: why can’t they just both be for me? Aren’t I worthy? It’s something I’ve been working on lately (at the direction of professionals, you guys, don’t worry) on the idea of being worthy and that just being enough. I mean, did you see that? I couldn’t even talk about the idea of worthiness without cracking a joke about it. I am worthy.


I am worthy of two ladybugs. I am worthy of two ladybugs-worth of luck. Especially if one is dusty! Ha!

When big awful things happen to you, you forget that you are worthy. And then when you forget that hard, it’s hard to start small. Even as small as two ladybugs’ worth, it seems. So I’m justĀ  gonna practice.


(And gosh those little ladybugs are cute!!)

Each time it gets funnier and funnier.

September 7, 2011

It all started with the time Kim forgot her favorite sock, and then the Sock Bandit demanded ransom for its safe return.

Then Kim tried to be all clever the next time and bragged (with pictures!) that she had all of her socks and all of her earrings. Except she forgot her favorite scarf.

Then there was the time that she forgot her socks, but smuggled my pajama pants as collateral. (Smart girl.)

This time, though, I couldn’t manage more than a chuckle. Hey – even my humor has limits. Because guess what she forgot?

Yes. Those would be her car keys and work keys. Thank god the Sock Scarf Key Bandit is *likethis* with the overnight delivery man.

I think the universe is telling me something.

December 9, 2009

And I think that “something” might be to get some sleep, but maybe that’s just me.

I haven’t been sleeping much lately. My friend is having a baby shower on Thursday and I am thisclose to finishing her baby blanket. So I’ve been staying up until midnight each night trying to finish it in time. That might not sound that late to some of you, but I’m used to going to bed at 10 p.m. – and still not getting enough sleep! So a week’s worth of negative two hours a sleep a night is starting to wear on me. I am at my breaking point, and I know it.

Then, this morning, I literally ended up in a ditch on the side of the road. It was dark and foggy and wet outside. Not raining, but not not-raining either. It any case, I squeaked through a yellow light onto a backroad that connects two main roads. The backroad gets a fair amount of traffic, but in spurts. Thank god it wasn’t spurt-y when I slowed down to take the elbow in the road, because I hit a puddle of water and hydroplaned. I didn’t even know you could hydroplane going 25 mph. Apparently, you can. My car fishtailed and then went into the other lane. I overcorrected and swerved back into mine – and straight for the ditch. I swerved away from that ditch and my car flung itself around 180 degrees while sliding sideways towards the other lane again. Huh, I could hit that fence, I thought, rather calmly for the situation, I thought. I didn’t hit the fence – I didn’t hit anything – but I did end up in the ditch. Hey, I might’ve ended up on the wrong side of the road, but at least I was facing the same way as the rest of the (non-existant) traffic. Thank god the traffic was non-existant; I would have hit at least six cars with my crazy hydroplaning. It was like I hit a sheet of ice! Sitting in the ditch, I took a moment, collected myself, drove through the ditch to where I could pull onto the road, and started driving towards work again. Phew.

Then – because the universe wasn’t done delivering its message – I rushed through the girls’ dinner, loaded the dishwasher and collected the trash. I always pull the trash together. Tonight I wheeled it out to the curb. My neighbor was out.
Neighbor: It’s Tuesday.
Me, thinking he meant ‘Crap, it’s only Tuesday’: Yeah. Better than Monday, though.
Neighbor: Tomorrow’s not Thursday.
Me: Nope, not yet…
Neighbor: Uh…they collect the trash on Thursday.

So, Universe, I get it. Message received. I will slow down before someone gets hurt. Like me.

You have GOT to be kidding me!!

June 13, 2009

There is a huge black spider (larger than a half dollar) scuttling around on my ceiling. The ceiling are tall enough that I’d have to get a ladder to kill him, and the spider is active enough that I have to actually watch him to make sure he doesn’t disappear (only to reappear crawling across my leg on the couch or something).

Oh, and I tested my Valium that I got to help me make it through the plane ride. Half a pill didn’t do much of anything for me. So I popped the other half and spent twenty minutes not caring that I was eating dinner and the next twenty minutes hoping to pass out on the couch. Maybe, like Alice in Wonderland, I should try just licking the mushroom pill.

[Hold on – spider location check.]

It was 113 degrees outside today with the heat index.

I went to get some chicken from the extra freezer in the garage. And heard a bunch of water slosh around inside the cover when I opened it. And noticed the meat was thawed already. Huh, and the little light indicator on the front wasn’t working. I guess during the massive storms and tornadic activity yesterday, one of the lightning strikes caused a power surge which tripped that circuit. It wasn’t as bad as I feared; instead of losing the entire contents of the freezer (which would have been about $400 of food), I only lost all of the ice cream, pizza, waffles, veggies, and most of the meat. The meat that was buried way at the bottom was insulated by the rest of the crap and was still frozen solid. Still. Two garbage bags of food down the drain.

But the worst part of my day? (Yes, including the spider.) THE PATRIOTS HAVE LOST THEIR FRICKIN MINDS AGAIN! Have you heard who might be joining them? Michael. Vick. You know – the very person I was just raging about being able to attend an NFL game, never mind play in the league again. It’s all still rumors – I got it off Fan Nation’s Truth & Rumors – but I will never be able to respect them if this moves from speculation into reality.

And that is all I have to say about that.

The If Question in which you are some thing.

June 5, 2009

I am beat. But hey – that’s an improvement over beaten down, so I’ll take it. I haven’t been waking up early to work out in the morning because these painkillers? They’re kicking my butt. And the girls? They’re kicking my butt further down the boulevard of broken sleep and then dragging it all the way back up. Gracie hasn’t been too bad; she’s only waking up once a night (and sometimes not at all) to use the bathroom. Bee on the other hand, has been waking up three or four times a night just to make sure I’m still in bed. And then insisting I bring her back to hers…if by insisting you mean she cries because I make her. Their powers combined equal one tired mamacita. So it is with extreme weariness that I bring you the If Question of the week.

If you had to choose one made-made object to describe you right now, what would you pick?

Tongue-in-cheek, I would pick a broken mirror.* Because have you seen my luck lately? Kidney stone. Achey tooth. Which is really a tooth in need of a root canal…under my crown. Which might need to be ripped off and remade. A super bonus bill from Gracie’s surgery from last year. An Ex who told me that he “hears my concerns” but that I should stuff it when I confronted him about sleepovers with the girlfriend during the two nights every two weeks he has the girls. A fridge that’s making mysterious noises. The girls were exposed to whooping cough. And…well, the list would be longer if I weren’t so sleeeeeeepy right now. Also? apropos of nothing? I made hamburgers tonight (from scratch), which I never do, and the girls were so excited and they (the burgers not the girls) smelled so good that I just bit right into one – and accidentally smashed my infected, recently-root-canalled tooth into my other teeth and screamed and scared the kids because oh-my-jeebus did it hurt.

So, yeah. A broken mirror. And this will probably be the only week ever that I have a single answer. That’s how desperately I need a run of good luck. And this weekend? would be an excellent time to stumble across it.

*Dear Karma: please note that I do realize things could be MUCH worse. Please don’t hate on me. Because seriously? I will cry. And break. And cry some more. Love, me.