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Little Free Library gets painted.

May 31, 2017

Morning, all!

It’s a beautiful day outside and I am trying my hardest to maintain a sunshiney outlook – which means my post outlining allllll the drama generated at Bee’s sleepover by one particular child I’ve nicknamed Veruca Salt has been nixed. Whining isn’t sunshiney!

In it’s place, allow me to show you the progress I’ve made painting my Little Free Library.

If you’ll recall, my plans for my Little Free Library include painting it to look like the Tardis. Why? It’ll make me happy! Also, I’m hoping it means I can store more books inside than I should physically be able to. (Fingers crossed.)

To make that happen, I need to transform this:


To this:



Absolutely we can do this! Especially when your sister and everyone else so helpfully points out the correct Pantone color (2955C), and everyone else on Pinterest has already poured through every Behr color chip invented, so you know you need Sapphire Lace. No, really, that truly was helpful because there was a paint sale at Home Depot (GAH!), which meant the paint department was a wreck. Gracie and I couldn’t find Sapphire Lace, so we didn’t know whether Pinterest was lying or not. I could see the Pinterest Fail! post blossoming before my eyes.

Thankfully, that’s not the post I’m writing. Optimism and sunshine, remember? Because this happened:

It’s just the first step. It rained here all weekend, so I wasn’t able to do more than two coats of blue. Next weekend I should hopefully be able to paint glow-y white windows and some black trip. Paint a little “Police Box” sign. (Along the black tin roof, yes?) It will be darling!

And then I’ll need to have someone with big, strong muscles attach the metal bracket thingy and then dig a post hole in ground and plant my little library.

Paint and whimsy and books – that’s me! Sweating it out and digging holes in Texas clay? Not so much.

So there you have it! One step closer to realizing the library of my dreams. Mwa ha ha! World domination can’t be too far behind.


My Little Free Library: The before.

May 9, 2017

Waaaaay back at Christmas, my sister gifted me with a Little Free Library kit. Well, she gave the gift to me – the name of the gift – because they were slightly back-ordered. So my kit arrived sometime in March – still long enough ago that it should be up and operational by now.

The problem is, I was ignoring it for the longest time because I was going through the darkest depression this spring and it was all I could do to act “normal”, get through my day, go to work, take care of the family… you get the idea. So the Little Free Library sat in its box, waiting.

A few weeks, I started thinking about it. It came out of its box and I checked out all of the books (the kit Kim ordered came with a bunch of free books), and looked at the design. I started thinking about where I wanted to put it. I mean, I knew where I wanted to plant my LFL: at the entrance to our neighborhood park. It would get a lot of traffic as everyone walked by, plus it would be visible from the streets – the entrance is at the elbow of two roads, so twice the visibility. And it would motivate me to get back to running again – if I have to check it out regularly to make sure there are books there and everything is copacetic, it’s something I can do as I go for a run. (If I go the long way, it’ll be the one mile marker. How smart am I?!) The only problem was: How do we get permission to put a semi-permanent structure on public land?

I called 2342 different offices in my rather large city. I wasn’t sure who would be in charge of the project. I spoke to about a dozen people, some of them twice as I got re-routed, and they were all sympathetic and trying to be helpful, but no one seemed to be in charge of either selling me a permit or saying it was okay to just go do. I was relaying the story to a guy at work, someone who’s had about a gazillion jobs in the past few years. He’s wicked bright, like scary bright, and he mentioned that he used to be a contractor back in his youth. He asked if I got along with my neighbors, how many of them liked the park, if I thought the LFL would be vandalized or if they’d complain about it being there. No? My neighbors are awesome. And even if no one used it, or even particularly liked it, I can’t see them calling the city. So, this guy said, I should just do it. No one is going to know unless someone complains.


It’s an idea. One I rather like. I tried to do it the proper way, but that didn’t seem to be going anywhere. Now I’ll do it this way. And so, with a plan in mind, now I have to execute. And that means prepping my LFL box.

I’m thinking of painting the LFL box as if it’s a Tardis. (And not just because I wish the dang thing were bigger on the inside to hold all the books at once!)(But maybe.) I can buy Tardis blue paint (everyone was kind enough to send me the Pantone number) and then created the details at the top and on the sides and back (which I should have taken a picture of). It will be spectacular!

As you can see, we have a number of books ready for deployment. The free books that came with the kit are mostly younger kids books, which is perfect! The girls get books for their ages that they won’t necessarily want to keep when they’re done, and I have lots of grown-up books that I can donate after reading, so younger kids is definitely the area we wouldn’t naturally be able to fill. There are board books about Mickey Mouse, younger readers about the Avengers, two boxed book sets that are Cars themed, two big Disney themed 5-minute stories type books, two activity books by Don’t Let the Pigeon, and a bunch of bunny-themed easy readers. A good haul, even if there are duplicates, that means there are more for everyone! The haul for the grown-ups includes Guernsey Literary and Potato Pie Society, You, Shatter, My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry, The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood, Everybody Sees the Ants, Ella Minnow Pea, The Eyre Affair, Pride and Prejudice, The Kite Runner, The Girl on the Train, The Red Tent, The Girl at the Bottom of the Well, August Moon, Everything for a Dog, Swiss Family Robinson, Gutsy Girl, and Everlast. Not a bad start!

So! We’ll get to painting this weekend. Then we’ll figure out how to attach the kit to a post. Then we’ll get that sucker planted into the ground. I have some favors to call in because I’m sure not digging a post hole in this clay soil! Ha!

Stand by for the rest of the story! I’m sure it will be an adventure and a half!