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Five for Friday.

July 21, 2017

Morning, all! I have a LOT going on in my brain right now, so let’s see what I can do to shake some of it out this colander so I can maybe be productive. And because there are just SEVEN MORE SLEEPS until vacation, guess what this week’s theme is? Ready? GO!

1 Like I said – only SEVEN MORE SLEEPS until vacation! Gah! I am wicked broke, but I swear my excited goes up the more my bank account balance goes down. I am ready to just cut loose and have fun with my family and visit with everyone! I have no idea how I’m going to fit it all in, but I will. We have our family cookout on the second Saturday, but there’s no way I can wait until then to see everyone. I’ve been talking quite a bit, particularly, with one of my “baby” cousins (who is a grown-up, but I’m – what? 14 years? – older, so you get where I’m coming from) these past few months, and I CANNOT wait an entire week to see her face. So. There are possibly kidnapping plans afoot. And then I want to see my besties from high school – maybe I can twist their arms and get them to come to Connecticut for dinner a night? Because we can’t stay at my parents until after dinner – we would go insane, and they all go to bed in the living rooms, so. No place. And then I have another group of friends from high school who don’t really hang out with the first group…. And then there are all the cousins I’d like to see apart from the family cookout where I’ll be spread a bit thin…. And then there are my Connecticut friends that I “borrow” from my sister from time-to-time. Maybe we can do a game night one night? With fancy drinks and bar snacks? Yeah, I need more time and more of me! HALP! Heh.

2 While my brain is spinning around faster than a fidget spinner trying to figure out my visitation schedule with the fam and friends, the rest of me is spinning around trying to organize everything else. Gracie cried a little when she looked at the whiteboard on the fridge, filled to the fuzzy edges with everything I we needed to get done this weekend. I knew it was coming. I knew. The whining! The travesty! OH MY GAWD, MAKING THEM CLEAN! I’ve been very lax this summer once my precious tweeny teens were shuttled back to their dad’s house. When I get to see them, the last thing I want to do is clean house together. So it’s…a little primitive just now. Nothing that CPS would think twice about, but nothing I’d want to show to company, either. And there’s nothing I love more than coming home to a shiny, clean house after vacation. Bottom line: there’s gonna be some heavy cleaning this weekend, and not a single one of us is gonna like it.

3 I actually started in with the cleaning last night after the girls and I pigged out on pasta that we said we weren’t hungry for, but then tucked in like it was our last meal. But – I digress. I cleaned. I ran three loads of laundry (and that was just a dent). I still need to do towels and beach stuff and blankets, blankets, blankets. But at least knocking out all of our clothes means that we have a closet full of clean clothes from which to pick our outfits for vacation. And that’s what’s on the docket for tonight – outfit-palooza! We know how to party down on a Friday night at Casa de Katie, you guys. Don’t let anyone tell ya different!

4 Once we get our outfits picked out – which, all teasing aside, is actually kind of fun – we get to sit down and figure out our Mix Tape sich. I have one all planned out already, but I’m not as super psyched about it as I usually am. I mean, is it just me, or are there not really a bunch of good summer songs out this year? The few good ones have been out so long that I’m over them already, then there’s the group of songs made specifically for the tween set (thank you Chainsmokers), and then there’s…what’s left. On my CD.  So there’s that, and then there’s a Best of Vacationland mix I’m making. And then there’s a surprise theme that I’ve been thinking about off and on for a few trips, but never seem to have the time to pull together. That might happen. Again – all depends on how much I get done this weekend.

5 One outfit we usually pack every year is a dress for a tea party. It started back when my mom could still participate and was practically the same Mum we grew up with. [Sidenote: I can hear everyone protesting, and I know Mum is still Mum. But one of my coping mechanisms is thinking of Mum as Old Mum and Now Mum; making her two different people allows me to love and respect both while respectfully allowing each to have their own limitations and rules. It’s a functionality-type thing.] Mum loved having tea parties with us when we were little, and with Gracie and Bee when they were little. So we packed a dress. The past few years, we haven’t needed the dress. It takes up space. And at some point, you start wondering why you’re taking up space with something you’re not going to wear, especially if it comes with another pair of shoes. But this year, this year we’re vacationing at Lake Winnipesaukee in the middle of the week, and Rhi suggested packing a “gawdy” dress and jewelry like Gram would have worn, so we can go down the boardwalk and find a dance or bingo or some sort of Gram-approved activity. It’s perfect. I have to pack a dress.

So there you have it! Five things that have taken over my brain and won’t let up – not even with them pinned down on paper. Here’s hoping the rest of the day is kind to me because it looks like I’ll need it this weekend!



Hello fall! (I miss you, summer.)

October 21, 2011

Yeah, so I’ve been totally tripping down memory lane lately, but they’re important stories for the girls to remember, so stuff it, okay? (Just kidding! I love you, bloggy audience!) Er, so I was saying. It’s been cooler, finally, lately. And even as the first lovely days of fall have me reaching for my yoga pants with sweet, sweet relief, I’m finally uploading my summer vacation pictures and reminiscing. Like that time we took the girls to the beach? So. much. fun.

Notice how sand-free that blanket is? Yeah, that’s because Auntie Kim is the Sand Gestapo. You do NOT get sand on her blanket. Or else the Sand Gestapo will do a mean impersonation of the Queen of Hearts and be all OFF WITH YOUR HEADS! For reals. But! At that particular moment in time, there was no sand on the blanket, no crazy seagulls chasing my sister or making swirly holes in the sand, and it was alllll relaxed. See how happy and warm we look? Peaceful. Happy. Perfect.

This is why I love having a big family. There are lots of aunts and uncles for the girls to con into doing something. It was minutes, MINUTES I tell you, before Bee and Gracie had talked Auntie Rhi into going swimming with them. And that water was COLD, people. Fuh-ricking c-o-l-d. (I know because the girls soon conned me into getting in, too. Drats.) But hey – the girls were happy and isn’t that what vacations are about? Darn the kids.

I think it is an actual law that Thou Shalt Let The Waves Bury Thy Feet In The Sand when you’re at the beach. The girls lurved it…until one of them just didn’t any more and kinda freaked out that she couldn’t move her feet. See? This is totally why I should write about these things when they happen. Not when it’s 42 ° outside. So then we unstucked someone’s feet and went back into the water. (And esplained for the tenth time why there weren’t any sharks in the water. Because it’s a LAKE.)


This is my sister mocking me and my picture-taking ways. (And Joey dissociating himself from us, just a wee bit. Ooh, or maybe he had been banished because of a sand incident. Quite possible. We like to flagrantly foul each other’s rules. Heh.) But it was okay that Kim was mocking me because shortly thereafter, the seagulls decided they were on Team Katie. See, Kim is Quite Afraid of seagulls. I forget why, other than Kim is weird. So I’d be in the water, helping the girls find rocks – which really meant picking them up off the bottom of the lake with my feet and then bringing them to the surface for inspection – and then Kim would start yelling for me. I’d look over and the seagull was staring at her. Just sitting there, staring. And then he’d hop once or twice, just a little closer. It was hilarious. Then she’d scream for me and I’d have to go chase away the stupid bird. Joey, who could have scared away the bird, was too busy laughing at her to bother helping. (See? with the rule-breaking?) Then I’d go back to the water until the seagull came back. We didn’t have food, Kim didn’t have on Eu de SeagullBait so I have no idea why that bird was so fixated. It could have been seriously creepy if it wasn’t so frickin hilarious.

Soon the girls had fetched half the rocks from the bottom of Lake Winnipesaukee to bring back to Grandpa and one of them had tracked too many paths of sand onto the blanket for Kim to quarantine, so we all trekked back to the bathhouse to change. We hit the bumper cars and then grabbed some food on the boardwalk. Ice cream, pizza, and my favorite – fried dough. With everything on it. And can I just say – that’s not as easy to eat as it might seem. I had sugar and cinnamon in my hair, all over my shirt, and I made quite a mess of the boardwalk – see?

That, in no way, does it justice. Passersby were staring. It was awesome.

Yep, messy, sticky, full of laughs and a far cry from the beautiful fall weather we’re having now – that’s what makes it all so perfect.