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The girl went over the mountain…

June 14, 2021

It’s rainy together. Rainy and miserable. And to be honest: it’s kind of put me in a funk.

To be more honest, I started out having a bit of a Jonah day. I have some custody stuff that bubbled up over the weekend, and…. I keep making hard decisions and tough choices and wondering when the terrible, awful, no-good, very bad hurdles will stop showing up. I’m doing my best to build myself back up, but at some point… Man.

So! Because I’m having a bit of a moment, a bit of a day, I decided to post something that I did this week. Another thing that made me feel deep happiness: I reached the top of Mount Wachusett.

There are a ton of hiking trails, all of which I want to crawl into, and explore, and see wildlife. They’re the kind of trails that make me want to sing Girl Scout songs at the top of my voice. (But that would scare the wildlife and the hikers.) So I haven’t. Yet.

The pictures don’t do it justice; the views are phenomenal, even in all the haze. There are helpful signs at the top of the firepost-climby-tower thing. They show you which mountains are which, and where they’re located. Did you know that you can see Mt. Snow in Vermont? Or mountains and ridges in New Hampshire? Obviously you can see Mt. Manadnock. That bit that’s circled red in the picture? You can’t make it out as well as in person, but that’s the Boston skyline! It’s stunning!

I can make it over the mountain. I know, sometimes, that it seems like asking for help and getting things in order creates more of a problem that never seems to end. But this is the life I’m meant to be living, and if there’s a mountain in my way? Well, then there’s a mountain in my way. It only holds the power that you give it and allow it to have.

So I’m going to be sad if I need to be sad. But I’m also going to remember that I can go back to that mountain top at any time and remember that I can do it.

I can do it.

….the girl went over the mountain, because that’s what was next.

The death march at the park.

February 26, 2013

Saturday, I was surprisingly unsore after my 10k. Sure, my knees ached a little, but not bad, considering. My thighs, calves, back – all fine. Sunday morning I woke up and could hardly move. My legs were still fine, my knees had recovered, but my hips, oh those bastards felt like someone had poured crushed glass into them!

After lamenting with Corrie over why neither of us (or anyone we knew) had a hot tub, I settled for taking short laps around the house and took a long hot shower. By the afternoon, I had loosened up enough to keep a date I had planned: hiking through a local park.

Yes, I know, maybe not my smartest idea, scheduling a long walk so soon after my run. But I knew I would probably be a little sore, and I knew the best thing for it was probably a short walk at a leisurely pace. I’d force my muscles to warm up a little bit and I’d feel better. Which is exactly what happened.


I mean, I felt great after I walked! I felt even better than when I started and I wasn’t even out of breath. (My walking partner, on the other hand was limping slightly and panting.) Of course, that might be because we didn’t exactly keep to the short-ish portion of the plan – we walked 5 miles. I guess when you’re running four miles three times a week, walking five is…well, a walk in the park.

But that wasn’t the interesting part! The interesting part was what I refer to as the Tunnel of Death: a stretch where alllll of the trees on either side of us seemed to have clots of dried leaves. The trees are still bare down here (although a few are starting to bud) so we could see the branches very clearly, although my distance sight is shot. So it took me a minute to realize that the clots of dead leaves were actually nests. Wasps’ nests. And there were hundreds of them.




Creeeeeepy. Even though none of the nests was that big (yet), I hope they were there because everything was dead and not being minded and not because park rangers were trying to create some sort of reality TV show, Deadliest Walk, or something. Because that park is known for its giant spiders that like to cross the path right in front of you, so I have to keep my eyes on the ground at all times Рno time to keep an eye out for aerial assaults, thankyouverymuch.