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Five for Friday.

September 8, 2017

You know when you body is tired and doesn’t want to write, but the words are all jumpy and skittery under your skin, and so you do want to write at the same time? Me. Me right now. Thank the sweet heavens Five for Fridays have always felt like satisfying both of those needs.

1 Yeah, yeah, yeah – we lost. I’m sad, but you know – we were being a bit smarmy, which “bit” equals “all of the.” Maybe now that we don’t have “19-0” hanging over our heads, we can embrace the role of the underdog and get down to some real football. I have my Pats tee on today even though everyone is going to rub it in all day. Let ’em.

2 One of my favorite cousins is getting married this weekend and I have to miss it, even though I spent money I didn’t really have to get some tix. Kidney stones LOVE me. And flying doesn’t love kidney stones. Damnitcakes. I was going to have to whirl out of town after work, get in at midnight, wedding away the day (complete with drinking, wedding bingo, all the pranks [behind the aunties’ backs], and all manner of fun and no good), crash with my sisters at another cousin’s place, and then all pile together to go see IT in the theater before flying into town, just in time to go back to work. I know I could have it a lot worse than kidney stones but GOOD GRIEF. I’m thankful I always buy flight insurance, because I’ll get to keep the credit, and I know waiting on hold for hours because of Irma and everything could be worse if I was more tangled up in Irma, but still – not my favorite way to be spending the day.

3 Speaking of Irma, I am very glad it’s not targeting Houston or the Texas coast, but explain again why it couldn’t miraculously just dissipate? If it hits Miami head on – you guys, that will not be good. So, kidney stone or no kidney stone, I’ll be working for most of the weekend. I have packets of information already put together, I’ve created an email chock-a-block stuffed with links to real-time traffic, evacuation routes, shelter locations, and the like. Our phone banks are ready. And I’m while sleeping in this weekend and taking it easy might have been nice, the overtime will help. Also, let’s face it – disaster prep is one of my superpowers. I was going to be tracking the storm’s impact whether I was getting paid for it or not. I have friends and family on both coasts of Florida (Fort Myers and Orlando), throughout Georgia, and in Charleston, South Carolina. I can’t wish Irma to lean in one direction or another because my people get whacked either way. Unless the storm moves backwards! That wouldn’t be good news for the places that have already been devastated. God, why aren’t there any good answers here?!

4 I may or may not be hosting teen-a-palooza at my house this weekend. It’s my “off” weekend, so I was kind of thrown when Gracie asked if she could have some friends over. I reminded her she was at her dad’s house, but told her she could host a get-together or sleepover at my house, if she got permission from her dad. And if it was a sleepover, she needed to make sure he was okay with her missing church. I don’t know why she couldn’t just have everyone at her dad’s – she said it’s because his rules for cleaning the house when friends are over are too strict, but I think she wanted space from her sister and niece. Coming from a big, boisterous family myself, I get that. The love and the laughter and the warm fuzzies – that’s all great! But every once in awhile, you need a step back, away from the chaos. I get it. It’ll be quiet at my house, for sure. I just don’t have many snacks, unless they want to descend upon Target with me. Now that would make for some great pictures!

5 My reading has gotten back on track! Nothing hurts my heart so much as when I hit a reading slump. And while the books I’ve come across haven’t been homeruns, at least I’m still excited at the possibility at finding my Next Favorite Read every time I crack a spine. I’ve had several disappointing “scary” thriller reads for RIP XII, and a few disappointing rom-com type YA reads. Right now, I’m in the middle of Listen, Slowly, by Thanhha Lai, about a sarcastic and reluctant 13-year-old girl forced to accompany her grandmother back to Vietnam to make peace with the long-passed death of her grandfather. It’s good, but not a story I’m itching to fall back into when I’ve been away. I should finish it tonight, giving me another checkmark for my tally. My goal for the month is 30 books, and I’m already 9 in – that’s one ahead of schedule. There’s no way I’m going to hit my goal for the year, but I’m not feeling near as hopeless as I did this past spring when my reading motivation (and Trump depression) was at an all-time low. So there’s that to be thankful for!

With that, I hope you all have a nice, relaxing weekend. Do something good for the world if you can. And friends who are in the path of Irma – be safe. We’re all with you, even when we seem to be focusing on trivial little nothings, our thoughts, our worry, and our hearts are with you all the way. Be safe!


Five for Friday.

July 21, 2017

Morning, all! I have a LOT going on in my brain right now, so let’s see what I can do to shake some of it out this colander so I can maybe be productive. And because there are just SEVEN MORE SLEEPS until vacation, guess what this week’s theme is? Ready? GO!

1 Like I said – only SEVEN MORE SLEEPS until vacation! Gah! I am wicked broke, but I swear my excited goes up the more my bank account balance goes down. I am ready to just cut loose and have fun with my family and visit with everyone! I have no idea how I’m going to fit it all in, but I will. We have our family cookout on the second Saturday, but there’s no way I can wait until then to see everyone. I’ve been talking quite a bit, particularly, with one of my “baby” cousins (who is a grown-up, but I’m – what? 14 years? – older, so you get where I’m coming from) these past few months, and I CANNOT wait an entire week to see her face. So. There are possibly kidnapping plans afoot. And then I want to see my besties from high school – maybe I can twist their arms and get them to come to Connecticut for dinner a night? Because we can’t stay at my parents until after dinner – we would go insane, and they all go to bed in the living rooms, so. No place. And then I have another group of friends from high school who don’t really hang out with the first group…. And then there are all the cousins I’d like to see apart from the family cookout where I’ll be spread a bit thin…. And then there are my Connecticut friends that I “borrow” from my sister from time-to-time. Maybe we can do a game night one night? With fancy drinks and bar snacks? Yeah, I need more time and more of me! HALP! Heh.

2 While my brain is spinning around faster than a fidget spinner trying to figure out my visitation schedule with the fam and friends, the rest of me is spinning around trying to organize everything else. Gracie cried a little when she looked at the whiteboard on the fridge, filled to the fuzzy edges with everything I we needed to get done this weekend. I knew it was coming. I knew. The whining! The travesty! OH MY GAWD, MAKING THEM CLEAN! I’ve been very lax this summer once my precious tweeny teens were shuttled back to their dad’s house. When I get to see them, the last thing I want to do is clean house together. So it’s…a little primitive just now. Nothing that CPS would think twice about, but nothing I’d want to show to company, either. And there’s nothing I love more than coming home to a shiny, clean house after vacation. Bottom line: there’s gonna be some heavy cleaning this weekend, and not a single one of us is gonna like it.

3 I actually started in with the cleaning last night after the girls and I pigged out on pasta that we said we weren’t hungry for, but then tucked in like it was our last meal. But – I digress. I cleaned. I ran three loads of laundry (and that was just a dent). I still need to do towels and beach stuff and blankets, blankets, blankets. But at least knocking out all of our clothes means that we have a closet full of clean clothes from which to pick our outfits for vacation. And that’s what’s on the docket for tonight – outfit-palooza! We know how to party down on a Friday night at Casa de Katie, you guys. Don’t let anyone tell ya different!

4 Once we get our outfits picked out – which, all teasing aside, is actually kind of fun – we get to sit down and figure out our Mix Tape sich. I have one all planned out already, but I’m not as super psyched about it as I usually am. I mean, is it just me, or are there not really a bunch of good summer songs out this year? The few good ones have been out so long that I’m over them already, then there’s the group of songs made specifically for the tween set (thank you Chainsmokers), and then there’s…what’s left. On my CD.  So there’s that, and then there’s a Best of Vacationland mix I’m making. And then there’s a surprise theme that I’ve been thinking about off and on for a few trips, but never seem to have the time to pull together. That might happen. Again – all depends on how much I get done this weekend.

5 One outfit we usually pack every year is a dress for a tea party. It started back when my mom could still participate and was practically the same Mum we grew up with. [Sidenote: I can hear everyone protesting, and I know Mum is still Mum. But one of my coping mechanisms is thinking of Mum as Old Mum and Now Mum; making her two different people allows me to love and respect both while respectfully allowing each to have their own limitations and rules. It’s a functionality-type thing.] Mum loved having tea parties with us when we were little, and with Gracie and Bee when they were little. So we packed a dress. The past few years, we haven’t needed the dress. It takes up space. And at some point, you start wondering why you’re taking up space with something you’re not going to wear, especially if it comes with another pair of shoes. But this year, this year we’re vacationing at Lake Winnipesaukee in the middle of the week, and Rhi suggested packing a “gawdy” dress and jewelry like Gram would have worn, so we can go down the boardwalk and find a dance or bingo or some sort of Gram-approved activity. It’s perfect. I have to pack a dress.

So there you have it! Five things that have taken over my brain and won’t let up – not even with them pinned down on paper. Here’s hoping the rest of the day is kind to me because it looks like I’ll need it this weekend!


Five for Friday.

February 17, 2017

In which we investigate this thing called the weekend.

1. Downton fans will have sussed out the quote, now here’s the connection: in order to get a friend to watch Stranger Things, I’ve agreed to watch beyond season 3 of Downton. You know – when everything starts turning up roses and simplicity itself. I’ve been watching an episode or two after work this week, and maybe a half hour (or full hour) whenever my insomnia hit at night. I bet I get at least all caught up to where I was this weekend.

2. Yes, the insomnia has reached critical mass – I’ve started watching television. (I was reading, but for some reason, whenever I pick up a book to read when I’m trying to unwind before bed – BOOM! Instant out. Whenever I pick up at book at 2a.m. to get tired again, OH HEY IT’S TIME TO GET UP FOR WORK, WOULDJA LOOKIT THAT.) The past few nights it’s worked within a single episode of whatever I put on, but I really need to look into this Lunesta. I’ll deal with that monkey when I need to, I suppose? It’s been my only concern.

3. Okay, folks – I think I’m going curly this weekend. The plans are for me to go see Corrie’s new house tomorrow and assess all the projects at some point tomorrow. (Our kids are all fantastically too busy for us to plan anything as grand as a meal somewhere in the fray.) After Corrie’s seen me with my hair all fancy and salon-straight, Imma see how short-short it is when it’s curly. And yes, I’ll post pictures. Probably. It helps that my Instyler panic-purchase showed up yesterday. I’m excited-nervous!

4. We should place a bet on how long it’ll be before I lose the Instyler to the tween. I’m losing shoes now that we’re the same size. I haven’t seen half my Patriots gear since our win – my closet is slowly being weeded out. I’d worry less if I was a little more confident that clean clothes were actually put away in the tween’s room.

5. OHMYGAWD. I know I put sugar in that coffee. I know I did. But you wouldn’t know it to taste it. Blech. Okay – I’m off on a mission, a little earlier than I thought. If only that meant the weekend would follow that much sooner…

Enjoy your weekend!

Five for Friday.

January 20, 2017

This week went by fast, you guys. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been so busy, or what, but it’s been nice!  Except how’m I gonna duplicate it next week if I don’t know how I made it happen??

While I’m puzzling that out, let’s see what we have going on…

1. Bee-girl is off on a crazy adventure today. The fifth-grade class (the upper-classmen at her school) traditionally go to an outdoor activity camp in the spring. I’m not sure why it was moved to January this year, but we’re rolling with it. They get to participate in archery, hiking, and all sorts of experiments and fun. It’s a gorgeous day outside – clear with a high of 73°. Baby girl is gonna have a blast!

2. And I know this because I spent last night last-minute planning with Bee-girl and with the help of my teacher friends. (Have a few in your village if you don’t already guys – they’re invaluable!) Bee made her lunch and I sat and wondered what we were going to do with her phone. Bee doesn’t get back until 5:45ish tonight. I was gonna have her call me when she was at school since I’m only a 3-minute drive away. But I don’t exactly want her losing her phone while she’s running around like a maniac. So I texted Kim G., the girls’ second mama who just happens to teach up there. I told Kim I wasn’t sure if a crossbody purse was allowed. She didn’t know either, and suggested a jacket with pockets that snap or zipper. I countered that this is BEE we’re talking about – the girl would put it down somewhere and lose it and her phone. So then Kim G. said to text Bee’s teacher, that it wasn’t too late at night (it kind of was) – and she knew because she had started texting her with my questions. NO ONE has better teachers at their school than my kids! Bee gets to take her crossbody purse. Her phone, emergency/gift shop money, and tissues have all been secured.

3. Gracie-girl, on the other hand, lost some phone time last night. We’re having a problem lately with remembering to bring our stuff home from Dad’s. Even if I remind everyone. So when Gracie had to wear her pajama bottoms to her Dad’s because her tennis pants were over there, I kinda lost it a little. Every trick I’ve tried to motivate Gracie has failed. And she’s my “responsible one” who doesn’t do this! In light of that, I’m trying to give her a break, but my patience has worn thin. So Gracie lost her phone for an hour last night. And you know what? She remembered to bring home her stuff.

4. I tried a new curl creme last night and it’s NOT working. The Pantene BB Curl Creme (or whatever it’s called) is certainly soft and touchable…but it does not tame the wild mess of “curls” (can I call them curls? in this state?) that are rioting from my head in directions that should not be followed. And the FRIZZ. Good god. A hair elastic will be making an appearance very, very soon.

5. I am ignoring the news today. I am finding my happy place and staying there. If anything happens that I straight-up NEED to know, someone text me. Don’t even call, because I’m screening those, too. Happy place is sacred. Happy place is necessary. Happy place includes a readathon that starts right after work and school. So: YAY HAPPY PLACE!!! You guys are welcome to join me, if you want. Because my Happy Place is all about inclusion.

So there you go guys. A few things rattling around my brain. Now tell me – what are YOU GUYS up to? How are you spending your day? Where is YOUR happy place?

Five for Friday.

December 9, 2016

Good morning! Let’s jump to it, shall we?

1. Fridays during #MonthOfFaves are for shining a light on our fellow bloggers who happened to catch our eye during the week. An idea that snagged our attention, a turn of phrase we were jealous we hadn’t thought of first (in good fun) – and I have that! I’ll do that to. But I found myself missing my Friday brain-drump of what all was nibbling at me, and so I wanted to do my Five Things first. It grounds me.

2. It’s certainly feeling like December outside! It’s chilly; a brisk 25° outside. The kind of dry cold that makes you glad it gets dark so early, so you can bundle up in cozy pajamas and sit on the couch, sewing your friend’s baby blanket and natter on with the girls about every day nothings hugely important only to them. Tonight we’ll add a roaring fire in the fireplace and I’ll wish it would snow so I could take them sledding. Not that it snows here in Tejas, certainly not enough for sledding. Even if it did, we don’t have sleds or hills. But give me some snow (after Kim is here safely) and I’ll make it happen! This morning I even warmed the car up before I set out, and if I wasn’t so mad at my oldest daughter, I might have tasked her with sitting behind the wheel to make sure no one stole the car or the car didn’t roll down the not-hill into the street.

3. Want to know why I was close to seething? (Yes, you’ll find out either way.) That darling eldest daughter of mine, the one who has been complaining about the cough she can’t shake? She is flouting the brisk temps and practically asking her chest cold to get worse! She “forgot” her winter coat at her father’s house. Yes, there is a lot of shuffling back and forth, this week more than most. It’s non-normal ops, I get that. We’ve had holiday concerts and band concerts and trying to remember all the new layers for too-early, too-cold tennis practice.So yesterday when my darling daughter didn’t have her winter coat, I told her through clenched teeth that she would lose bedtime if she didn’t fix the situation that evening, and had her get a second coat, one she inherited from me. 17° was too cold to brave it. Especially for an asthmatic complaining about a lingering cough. ASK ME WHAT HAPPENED THIS MORNING. Now there are two coats at dad’s house, no back-ups, and a temper even more frayed than it was. “But you got there at the same time we pulled into the drive-way!” she tried. And it might have worked if said darling daughter hadn’t gone back into the house, while Stepmom and I were chatting, to get her laptop so she could work on an art project at home. The laptop? Right next to two winter coats. Privileges will be lost.

4. The art project is pretty neat, though. Gracie-girl worked on a Christmas card for her friends that says something about Mistle-toes. She is planning to get her two besties a little something for Christmas, and then has a list a million dozen people long that she wanted to get just a little something. Gracie decided on cheaper nail polish (the $2 variety, so I can’t be too mad at the length of the list). I’ll let Bee get a few for her friends, too, because you know that’s going to happen! I’m proud my girls have giving hearts; that’s something you really can’t teach once they pass a certain age.

5. My sister will be here ONE WEEK from tonight!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! One year I will somehow get Kim and Rhi to stay with me for Christmas, but until that happens, I’m glad I get to have one of them with me. I will want to kill the girls at least forty gazillion times for arguing during the brief, forced period of having to share a room, but it will be worth it. So many shenanigans are planned…it’s the ones that will happen unplanned and un-schemed that I can’t wait for! Seven more sleeps…which will happened must faster if I can somehow forget about . HA!

Okay. I’m off to round up some of the brilliance of fellow writers. I’ve fallen away from reading blogs as much as I used to, and I miss the indulgences. Definitely on my list of things to get back to next year. Lists and resolutions – I feel them brewing. Happy Friday, everyone!

Five for Friday.

November 18, 2016

Morning all! It’s Friday – and this week has seemed like it’s been a few years long. But! When you spent so much energy looking for the happy, it starts to peek around corners and spring up in places you maybe would have overlooked if you weren’t trying so hard.

With that – I give you my five things.

1 I turned on the radio on the drive home Wednesday night and as I was flipping through the stations, I gasped. Christmas music! There was Christmas music! Our oldies channel has flipped for the holidays, playing all Christmas music, all the time. It was 85° outside, and I’m still battling depressing in a fairly heavy way, but I can feel my Christmas spirit starting to engage. I can’t quite bring myself to pull out my Christmas CDs yet, but there’s hope were there wasn’t any. I had been wondering how I was going to motivate myself to get some Christmas shopping done next week, but now I have allll the plans!

2 Perhaps inspired by the little bit of hope I found amongst the silver bells and frolicking reindeer, I started a Harry Potter movie marathon last night. We’ve watched the movies a few times recently because the Xman has fallen madly in love with them, but it always seems to be the same few pieces of the same few movies. It’s time for me to watch all of the movies in order. Coincidentally, it’s something I usually do every year as I wrap presents. I told you there was hope for my Christmas spirit. As an added bonus, Harry Potter and his world remind me that there’s hope in combating idiocy and evil – and reminding myself that whatever Trump does to this country can be undone if we work hard enough is something I need to hear. I think I’m ready to start climbing out of my fit of despair.

3 It hasn’t been all hope and rainbows, though. For one, we’ve all been sick. Gracie-girl has had a cough for the past two months. I’ve been blowing it off because it’s small and minor and doesn’t seem to be bothering her. It’s not asthmatic. It’s not bad enough to need a cough drop. I gave her some Mucinex last week, thinking if she could get ahead of it, maybe it would go away. Then she asked for some cough syrup at night because it was starting to bother her at night. So it’s time to bring her into the doctor’s office next week while we’re home on break. Poor pitiful penguin.

4 Not that coughing fits even touch the worst of the junk going around. Fenway is pretty close to getting shot and skinned and becoming a living room rug. For whatever reason, she’s refusing to go outside to potty unless one of the girls goes outside and stands on the patio. When she does go outside, she’s been eating grass. Or maybe it’s not grass, but I’m thinking so because that’s usually the culprit when Fen starts hurling in the middle of the house. It started last Sunday night, when everyone was sick, and so I assumed she just had a touch of what we all had. (Granted, we weren’t leaving dog food stains in the middle of the living room carpet, so…) I shampooed the rug in 23983 places, and kept my fingers crossed. She was fine the next day. Until Tuesday night, when she horked what looked like a giant dirt pile on the throw rug in front of the back door. Okay, whatever – she tried to make it outside. Yesterday I arrived home to find four piles of nasty that I couldn’t even tell from what end it had been ejected – and it was filled with crazy. Apparently Fenway has been eating things (which I knew from a few chewed up Legos), but now she’s eating-eating them, not just chewing. There was one of Bee’s socks, some Legos, a few Barbie outfits, paper, cardboard, and who knows what all else. I don’t know why Fen’s being all weird, but I’m d-o-n-e.

5 I might need an adult to supervise me at Michael’s this weekend. I’m planning out my Advent(ure) Calendar and Kim sent me the cutest owl ornaments for me to schedule for when she’s here.


So I need to get some things to make owls, and then stuff for paper chains, oh! and those tiny glass ball ornaments in a display case thing – yeah, there will be an entire post about Advent(ure) Calendar plans! Because Christmas spirit might be showing up.

So there you go, guys. Five things that were rattling around in my head. If you have some things rattling around – especially holiday crafts! – hit me up. I am going to get crazy festive and hope the cheer rubs off sooner rather than later.

Five for Friday.

October 28, 2016

Morning, ladies and gents! It’s going to be a good day. You know why? Because I need one. And so I declare today a good day for a good day. (Or else.)(Heh.) Let’s get it started!

voted1. I voted yesterday. For all the things that make ThePlaceThatShallNotBeDiscussed undiscussable, they are awesome in that they give each employee two paid hours of leave to go vote. I used mine yesterday and I’m glad I went early – there must have been 100 people in line. At 3 p.m. on a Thursday afternoon in a rec center in the middle of a sleepy little city! I can’t even imagine what it will be like on Election Day. I read my book as I crept through the line (Hattie Big Sky – highly recommend), and as I made my way to the booth, I got more and more emotional. There were many elderly people sitting on benches inside the rec center, chit chatting and smiling. There was an air of…hope. Of caring. Of history in the making. I got all choked up as I cast my ballot. I’ve known who I was voting for since she announced her candidacy, and my decision was bolstered with each debate, each interview, each catastrophic volley from the other candidate. And still I got choked up. There was a little girl running up and down an area off to the side, maybe four years old. She will never know what it was like to live in a world where a woman wouldn’t dare run for fear of being laughed out of the race. Emotional, indeed.

halloweensign2. I don’t usually go all out for Halloween. Oh, I love getting the girls all costumed up and having fun with the crafty bits – I just don’t decorate the house much. But I saw a few wooden signs one time I accidentally fell into Michaels and I had to grab it because WORDS! So now this lives in my house, next to a bunch of smaller Halloween-themed signs that the kids have half colored. We’ll get to the rest of them. Right after Bee finishes her perler craze (guess what other Halloween-themed craft I found?).


nerd3. This week is Stand Up Against Drugs or some such campaign at school and the themes have been…interesting. Because the girls are in two different school districts, I have to keep track of two sets of themes, and then goad them into playing. [Sidenote: why am I the one who’s all into this?! Good grief.] Like, Monday Gracie’s theme was Red Shirt Day. Which – RED SHIRT DAY?! Because if you take drugs you’ll be red-shirted [killed] off this show called life? What the man?! I’m sure there was a different “actual” message that went with it, but it missed the memo. And Gracie looked at me like I was crazy when I started ranting. (Ahem.) Today’s theme she actually got into, though – Nerd Day. Which is also problematic, but we’ll go with it. She wore her palindrome shirt that she used to wear as an oversized nightgown years ago, and now it’s almost too small. (Stawwwwp with the growing!!). And she borrowed the X-man’s Easter tie. I think it works pretty well, yeah?

camocatb4. Wednesday night, Bee was trying out her Thursday outfit – Hide From…Uh…Something – for which she had to wear camo, or brown and green. My kids have never worn camo – or, at least, never at my house because I refused to buy it. I’m not a fan fashion-wise, and I’m not a hunter. So – why promote it, right? But Bee has been killin’ it this year at school and tank tops were on clearance and we actually had the list of themes a week in advance. [My gawd! What a concept! Advance notice!!] So Bee was trying on her camo outfit…as a cat. As you do. Or at least as you do if you’re Bee. We then commenced having fun captioning the moment. Mine: “Captain CamoCat / Trapped in Cabinets / Will he get out? / Can he get out? / Hey, where’d he go?” and Auntie Rhi’s: “Camo Cat, Camo Cat, does whatever a Camo Cat..wait, where’d she go?”

demogorgon5. And lastly, I’d like to thank the Universe for all the signs its sent this week, letting me know it’s going to be okay. The most awesome Annie Lennox belting out “Sweet Dreams” this morning on my car stereo, turned up so loud my rear-view mirror was vibrating. The sweet notes and flowers and blow-up origami balloons Bee slips into my purse for me to find later. [Insert collective “Awwww!” here; it’s deserved.] Kim’s well-timed email about Christmas plans. And Rhi’s picture of snow. SNOW!! Heh. But by far, my favorite sign was this word-of-the-day from the tiny desk calendar that makes Krista and I laugh at all the made-up words. No laughing at this one, though – I don’t want to get sucked into the Upside Down. No way, man.

So there you have it! Five funny little things that happened. Five good things. Five grateful things. (Or should that be five things that made me grateful?) Because it’s Friday and I’m hoping it’s going to be chock-a-block filled with many more. Enjoy the weekend, you guys!


Five for Friday.

July 15, 2016


1. Are we ever going to be able to have five happy-g0-lucky bullet points ever again? A Friday when we’re not in mourning? A Friday when we’re not calling for peace, kindness, empathy, and understanding? A Friday where our hearts aren’t so heavy, they’re resting on the floor?

2. Given the previous, I really want nothing more than to curl up in bed with a book or three (and a mimosa or three) and pretend the outside world doesn’t exist. Stupid, silly, demanding outside (weaponized) world.

3. I was going to tell you that I got a new Kindle Fire for the girls for vacation so that they don’t have to share. I was going to tell you it was in a bright and cheery color, and that the cover is artsy and happy, and how the girls’ faces lit up when I told them. I was going to tell you about the fabulous deal I got, because: Prime Day. But: see earlier entry about stupid, senseless world.

4. Also, if this wasn’t another Black Friday, I would tell you how Gracie pitched to me that they should be able to pack their own carry-ons this year. She doesn’t mean it in a Mama-stop-being-so-controlling kinda way, but in a…well, okay, yes she does a little. It’s just that I’ve grouped things together before: one backpack has all of my stuff; one backpack has snacks, wipes, and extra clothes; one with all of their entertainment. Gracie would prefer this year that she have a backpack with her snacks, books, magazines, etc. And that Bee have hers. I didn’t quite answer, “Fine.” But almost. They get their backpacks, anyway.

5. I also won’t tell you that the planning has started, like whoa. Along with a list of books and magazines, there are games and apps and snacks and outfits. Bee has picked the new Lumberjanes graphic novel that just came out and the two Percy Jackson installments that Auntie Kim bought for her two weeks ago. Gracie is still wailing that the Harry Potter play won’t be out in time for the ride up, but it has been promised for the way back. I’ve also told them they can have $20 to spend on movies or new apps for their Kindles, but they have to budget appropriately. It’s fun watching them squirm over how to split everything. Mwa ha!

So there. Five. Five things. Five small distractions from the madness, hoping it helps me (and you) get through the day.

Five for Friday.

June 10, 2016

This week flew by. I guess that’s what happens when you spend half your day in the loo, hoping to pass your kidney stone.

1  I don’t think my kidney stone is going anywhere. In fact, I’m about to open the floor and ask for submissions to name it as my pet. Last night I did jumping jacks, ran laps, did crunches, and generally tortured myself, hoping to unstuck the barb or whatever else is holding that sucker in. It didn’t help.

2  The mystery with the prank calls – or whatever they were – continue. Gracie got a No Caller ID call last night at 9:30 p.m., just as the girls were shutting off their lights. She didn’t answer it, so we’re not sure if hers would have been a telemarketer or a sex scammer. Reeee-diculous.

3  To keep my mind off things, a bunch of bookish friends and I are doing a readalong of Ann Patchett’s State of Wonder. It’s one of my favorite books, so I’m re-reading. I’m dreadfully behind, but hopefully I can do a fair bit of catching up this weekend! I’m still way at the beginning where Marina and her boss/secret boyfriend have told a co-worker’s wife that said co-worker is dead, and now Marina is going to the remote Amazon to find out what happened. You guys should come join Care, Debbie, Stacey, and I dish about the book and shout out favorite lines over on Twitter.

4 Have I mentioned that we have baby bluebirds hanging out by the front door? Jeff thinks I’m nuts…well, nuttier than usual…because I keep opening the door to make cheep-cheep-cheep noises at the little darlings. They’re just too cute! The mama, though, I am thinking about calling CPS on her ass. That bird is hardly ever there! The baby birds are getting pretty big though, and soon they’ll be pushed out of the nest. I’ve joked to the girls that they might want to upsize the furniture in the fairy gardens if they expect to keep our new pets.

5  My kids think it’s hilarious to pull the ol’ switcheroo on me from time to time and now it’s happened with reading. Gracie-girl has decided nope, she is not reading. No way. And Bee keeps begging for more and more time. She’s halfway through a 400 page book in two days (El Deafo) that she “tricked” me into making a bet over. She said she could finish it before the end of the month. I pretended there was no way she could do it. We bet $5. If that gets her excited about reading, I’m all for it! Now the trick to get Gracie to read… But printing out their summer reading lists is today’s reward so reading (and book report writing) is on the slate of Things To Do no matter what they want.

Send me well wishes this weekend as I tackle a dirty house, grocery shopping that didn’t get done last weekend (oh, back when we thought this stone was temporary), and a house fulla kids. Part of me is still thinking that if I can get through this weekend, I can get through anything.

Except maybe kidney stones.

Five for Friday.

May 27, 2016

Morning everyone! I’m a little high strung this morning. Just a leeetle, because…

1. This storm. YOU GUYS. This storm! I keep reminding myself what to grab if the lights go out. It storms off and on all night. Not the tornadic supercells they warned us might happen, but bad enough to wake me up with thunder and NOAA alerts.

2. Guess how much prep work I’ve done for Bee’s party tomorrow? HA HA HA HA HA! I did make a list of things I have to buy at the groceria later. You know – like cake mixes. And I did dig out the girls’ new bathing suits. (Gracie’s has been missing for many moons, even since before her birthday.) Other than that? Oh I only have to shop for supplies, get some snacks, bake some cakes, frosten the cakes, and decorate the cakes. Oh and maybe wrap a gift or two. And find the contract to sign.

3. Instead I’ve been collapsing on the couch after work not thinking about things I should be stressing over and instead focusing on this:


It’s for a friend’s grandbaby. Don’t you love the colors? I just have the meadow and the straight-stitching left.

4. And then this awesome thing happened yesterday:


Bee won the most prestigious award given to a fourth-grader! I have much more to say on the subject, so we’ll revisit this next week. Suffice it to say that I had to remind my sweet daughter that she had to take off her medal before she went to school today. I think she’s rather proud of herself – almost as much as I am!

5. My word of the day calendar makes up words. I’m not even kidding. I am pretty well-read; I know a lot of words. My vocabulary is better than decent, I’d say. And even I don’t know half the words that calendar is trying to pawn off on us! Today’s word? Gymkhana. Tell me that isn’t made up.

Okay, folks. I’m off to go practice my dead man’s float in all this rain. Just so long as it stops storming for tomorrow pool party, I’m okay with it, though! This is me, not complaining about today’s weather!