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Once more with fashion – I mean, feeling!

June 13, 2017

This past weekend the girls and stopped at the mall because I wanted to look in “some geeky-type stores” for some Magic cards – specifically, some lands, so the three of us could play together. Except on our way towards ThinkGeek, we happened across a shirt that Gracie liked that had some honest-to-god colors besides black and grey in it. And since it was a Fashion Week Miracle (and because the tank was $5), I let her buy it.


And then, because she had pulled off one miracle, when the Gracie-girl asked to stop in Papaya to look at some more shirts, and because the Bee-girl didn’t mind, I said okay. And then we found Gracie a few more church outfits, which just happened to be on her list of Things Needed.

How cute are those outfits?! I love how soft those gauzy shorts are! We got both pairs of shorts (the jean ones she already owned), the three tops, and another under-tank for less than $50. So – win!! And Gracie got to play Fashion Show, Fashion Show, Fashion Show At Lunch!, which is, like, her favorite game. So – double win!

Oh, and because I was a nitwit who didn’t think to include a picture of Bee’s earrings from yesterday (the ones that I successfully used to bribe her into getting her ears re-re-pierced)…


That’s what made her so cuckoo for cocoa puffs! I just hope her dang ears stay pierced this time!

Do my kids know how to bend me to their will, or what?


5 for Friday.

June 9, 2017

The first week of Summer Vacation is in the books! The girls are enjoying themselves immensely. They’ve completed their chore cards every day but one – and then when they lost their phones for the evening, they were pretty quick to complete their chore cards the next day! Don’t worry too much – there’s plenty of time for fun and hijinx after chores. Let’s see what we’ve been up to! (Uh, otherwise known as “What’s. Your. Evidence? Heh.)

1. Bee’s been making her own fun, just like a curious, fun-loving, independent 11-year-old outta! Every night when I walk in, I ask how their day was, and I get stories stories stories like the girls are going to pop if they don’t tell me everything as fast as they can. So I was surprised when I looked over at the bookshelf the other night and saw this:


Isn’t that the prettiest sand art? I love the shape of the middle one best, and the colors in the one on the right would look perfect in my office. [Fun fact: 3/4 of my office is decorated with art designed by Bee-girl.] The sand art kit is something Bee got for Christmas – Santa knows how much we love crafts and crafting at my house – and I had forgotten all about it. But apparently Bee went excavating in her closet or among the shelves in the front room and found it…and then made pretty, pretty sand art without asking for help or, you know, telling anyone. I adore how independent my girls are becoming! They will make excellent grown-up!

2. That is, if I don’t kill them first. I am slimed out, you guys. No mas! NO MAS! The slime fascination started a year ago. I thought it would, by now, have abated, but no. Not my kids. My kids hang the hell on when they sink their teeth into something. Consequently, my kitchen counter looks like this:


Seven containers of slime. SEVEN. And it’s only “neatly” gathered because I snapped at them to do it. There was slime here, there, and everywhere, and I was seriously about to pitch it all. I love that my nerdlings know how to science slime out of borax, glue, lotion, markers, shampoo, and thin air (okay, maybe not that last one), but I’m about done with it. D-O-N-E, done.

3. I think I unleashed some sort of unstoppable force from a corked bottle, you guys, and the undo button doesn’t seem to be working. Trust me, I’ve been Ctrl-Z-ing that sucker all week and, yep, not working. See, I found a shoebox of Magic: The Gathering cards, and I thought, Oh, hey! Wouldn’t it be cool if I taught Gracie and Bee? Bee wanted nothing to do with it, but Gracie…hoo boy. First, she loves organization. She was an ace at helping me to sort color, and then sort by category – creatures, enchantments, sorcerys, interrupts, instants. Then I made a few decks (nothing fancy because I didn’t have many cards) and taught her all the moves. Which wasn’t easy because Magic has a lot of details and moving parts. But Gracie’s whip-smart and picked it up and OHMYGODYOUGUYS. I wasn’t in the door five seconds before she was all, “Do you want to play some Magic?” I’ve created a monster. A very cute monster, but still…Summer4

4. My other bit of mad genius this week involves the television – which may be why Gracie is enthralled. I’ve been trying to get the girls to watch West Wing for AGES. Seriously. I just don’t know why Gracie won’t give it a shot! I got her into Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, Lie to Me, Christy, Dr. Quinn (okay, guys, they were much younger and needed a family show!), and my sisters got them into Once Upon a Time, Vampire Diaries, and who knows what else! The point is that she should trust me and give it a shot. But no luck. Until…I maybe thought to bribe her with extra sleep time. I told her she could push back her wake-up time by an hour if she watched an episode of West Wing. That worked so quickly I wondered why I hadn’t thought of it before! After that episode, I told her she could shorten her reading time from one hour to thirty minutes if she watched another one. Success! And then…she was hooked. We’ve been watching as we play Magic every night for an hour or two. It helps that she’s in love with Sam Seaborn, but I’ll take whatever I can get!

5. Of course Gracie and I were playing Magic and watching West Wing last night just after dinner. She wanted to get in a game and an episode before I dropped her and Bee off at Stepmom’s last night. We were in a time crunch, trying to finish all the things, and I needed to change my clothes. So I asked Bee to go get me a t-shirt. (I was in a work shirt that was not going to be going-out-to-Target appropriate.) Bee was gone a long time, and then came out with jewelry. “These are going to be you accessories…” and I saw what she had and my brow crinkled. Huh? Turns out Bee thought I was asking her to create an outfit for me for work! I saw what she had picked out: jeans and a t-shirt and a necklace and earrings. I wouldn’t have thought to put any of it together, but then again, I don’t have a single fashion gene in my body! I told Bee I was going to wear her outfit today and I did:


The t-shirt was too casual for work, but with black peep-toe heels and flashy jewelry, it work! The cardigan…I wasn’t too sure about that. I’m still not too sure! But I did it anyway.

So what do you guys thing? Does my outfit work today? Is the cardigan knot ridiculous? Isn’t our week of summer fun the absolute best?! I’m pretty proud of it. And of all the fun my girls had. It was a good mix of responsibilities and free time. (Though I’m sure the girls would disagree.) How do you guys regulate summer time for your kids?

Tell me in the comments. And make sure you have a fabulous Friday and wonderful weekend!



Okay: I declare it Fall.

October 10, 2016

I have a wedding to attend, a destination wedding (for me) back home in New England. Here in hell Tejas, we’re only flirting with cooler temps. Back home, Fall is the real deal. The “cooler temps” we’re throwing our windows open to in the early mornings and later evenings are the high temps for New England. And so I turned my eye towards what clothes I had tucked away.

It was just what I was afraid of – a lot of my clothes were worn out at the end of last season, or were ruined in some form or fashion, and I was planning on picking up a few things. Which never really happened because StitchFix went from sweaters to blouses and somehow skipped over long-sleeved weather entirely.

So I put on my big girl pants and went shopping. I just wanted a shirt or two. But then there was this huge sale and I got all this from Old Navy:


I ended up with three sweaters, a tank top, a flannel, two blouses, two cardigans (shoosh), a long sleeve tee, a pair of pants, and a necklace – all for less than half of what I’d pay for a StitchFix box.

I might have to force the “Fall” issue a little longer here – it will be in the 80s most of this week, in the afternoons at least – but at least I have an entire season’s wardrobe ready for when it finally arrives.


The StitchFix that made me crave Fall.

September 21, 2016

You guys, this StitchFix game is messing with my head. I had a good box – three items that I love, another that I liked (but didn’t fit), and one that I hated. That’s a decent box! Let’s look…

I didn’t have much time to pin outfits or give any suggestions, so I was curious what would come up.

First up: a pair of colored pants (that I’d been dying to try forever).


Yes, they’re olive green, so I hear all of you saying “They’re not a color; they’re a neutral!” But the truth is I still need pants for work and these fit like a dream. Super comfy, like wearing pajamas. And I can dress them up or down, which I like. They’re a little pricey, but pants are a staple, so I know I’ll get my money’s worth.

The shirt I also love, and you can see it better here:


I like the cut, the length, the fit, and the material is super thin and slinky, so it’ll work since “Fall” in Tejas is again working those 100+° temps. (Sigh.) Breathable shirts are a must! I like that it’s colorful and I can wear it with any number of pants or accessories, and I can tone it down under any number of jackets, blazers, or cardigans.

Next I tried on the shirt that I didn’t really love, but I liked the stitching.


The line hits my chest at an odd place – something both Gracie and Jeff commented on, so I know it must be true – and I hate giving up the stitching (the dark color is a really pretty navy and peacock blue), I don’t need any more shirts that hang in such a way that I feel like Mother Cluck. (Or, for those not conversant in Disney’s Robin Hood, like a big fat hen.) I’d wear it if I bought the entire box, but it’s not something I’d buy on its own.

The last shirt I straight up didn’t like. I like the colors, but it was a lot of a tiny, busy print slapped on to a basic t-shirt design. Slinky material or not, it was a t-shirt.


Don’t be deceived by the flattering photo angle – the shirt was not that flattering on me. The slinky material showed up every belly bump and bulge. So. Not so much.

The last item was something I hadn’t asked for, but fell in love with as soon as I saw it…


A studded cross-body purse with the perfect amount of fringe. (I am loving all the fringe this season.) I wanted that purse so much! But, that meant I had the dreaded Three Item StitchFix Dilemma.

The Three Item StitchFix Dilemma means you have to cry over losing an item you really don’t want to give up. Because if you keep three items, you’re paying as much as you would for the entire box, or sometimes even more than for the entire Fix.It’s terribly annoying.

I briefly debated keeping the entire Fix. I wasn’t thrilled with the red shirt, but I would wear it. The blue shirt… well, maybe I could give it to Gracie. It might be a bit big, but I could always swap it out for a different size. (Dang – that’s sounding more and more appealing.) But really, I want to keep the pants, the first multi-colored shirt, and the purse. The pants were an easy decision – definitely keeping them. I went back and forth the rest of the night trying to decide whether to keep the shirt (I love the colors, I don’t have a lot of patterned shirts, it’s versatile, it fits perfectly), or the purse (it makes my heart happy, I love the fringe, it’s a decent size). In the end, I opted for the shirt. Because I figured I have a better chance of finding something else like it – Charming Charlie’s and Kohls, here I come! It will probably even be cheaper. And if not, I can always ask my stylist to include it in my next Fix.

Let me know what you think – did I make the right decision? Should I keep the entire box so I can keep the purse? Did you notice how the things I loved were all things that screamed FALL! BRING ON THE FALL! And do you think that will make the temperatures cool down around here? Tell me!

The StitchFix with the new stylist.

July 20, 2016

I’m not sure if I was the catalyst or not: after my last Fix’s less-than-stellar (but not unusually so) showing, I received an email inviting me to take a survey. One of the few questions asked me if I would switch stylists if I could. I was stuck for a moment. Loyalty is pretty big for me. My stylist was terrible, even if we weren’t exactly a match made in heaven. I didn’t want her to get in trouble – there had, after all, been a few boxes where I kept the entire Fix. But then there were boxes where she seemed to ignore every suggestion I made. And there-in lied the problem: my Fixes were crazy random. I didn’t feel like my stylist was learning anything about me so much as she was trying to float whatever was available in my size. Maybe that’s as good as this service is going to get. We’ll see. I’ve found some amazing pieces, so I’m happy I’ve done it. I’m just getting closer to pulling the parachute.

That being said, let’s see what my new stylist sent me. I asked for bright summery shirts in happy colors and/or prints, especially featuring coral, reds, pinks, kelly green, or warm teals or cobalts. I said I was looking for a go-to pair of gold earrings that were not too funky, not too basic. And funky cardigans in red or summer-purple that weren’t standard-issue boxy cardigans.

The first thing I opened were the earrings. I loved them!


I did notice immediately that they weren’t gold, like I had asked, but there was enough gold in them that I could wear them with gold. Still worth a sigh. I was leaning towards keeping them until I saw that they were forty-four dollars. Who here thinks I can’t walk into Charming Charlies and beat that? So they were only worth it if they were free with the rest of the box.

Next was a dress in the exact kelly green shade I’ve been lusting after.

I really liked the way it felt, though the elastic waist wasn’t doing me any favors from the back. The cutout neckline front and back looked awesome and provided a lot of fun detail. I liked it! And the price wasn’t ridiculous.

Next was a fun top in a coral print that I’ve had on my StitchFix Pinterest board forever…

I like where the hemline sits (finally!), I love the bright summery color and the fun pattern. I’m not crazy about the fit being gapey and not showing off my curves, but it wasn’t as Mother-Cluck-ish as some of the others have been. It was my favorite piece.

Then there was this not-so-great shirt. In fact, I hated the pattern. Hated.


It’s just not me. Plus there’s the fact that while the material was much softer and had more contour-fitting cotton, the shirt didn’t work any magic on me. And the length was a little awkward. (Yes, I know I’m short and I ask a lot of my shirts, but if I’m paying this much money for people and shirts to do that, I’m okay with being a bit demandsy!) The shirt was a complete miss for me.

Lastly, there was a cardigan, but nothing special. I have one in almost this exact shade. That, and for a request for anything-but-basic, I thought the cardigan was boxy and plain. I wanted something that screamed summer fun!


The only other item of note was where my new stylist suggested pairing the two shirts with white pants to make them pop.  …  I have written down in my style guide that I can’t wear white and I’ve sent back white pants and shirts before saying I can’t wear white. So that kinda bugged that she performed so little research into my style background and history.

So. I would have kept the earrings, dress, and coral shirt if the world was magic or I was made of money. Since I’m not keeping the entire box, the earrings don’t make any kind of sense. The dress and the shirt together would be $120, and I can’t justify spending that kind of money when it would be $170 for the entire box. So I have to pick one. Thoughts? I adore that green on me, but I think the shirt fits better and will get more wear. Plus, their dresses are usually hits whereas their shirts are hit or miss. So I feel like the shirt is more of a win. I’m leaning more towards Team Shirt unless you convince me otherwise…

The StitchFix that brought the red, but forgot the fun.

June 8, 2016

I should have guessed after the last StitchFix box was such a hit that this one would fall flat. It already had a huge disadvantage showing up during the worst few days (so far) of my kidney stone – the box sat unopened on my floor for almost three days before I summoned the energy to open it. I just wasn’t in the mood to try clothes on and feel like a rock star. But eventually I had to. Deadlines loom!

I sent instructions to my stylist that I was looking for summer khakis (which I’ve found since then – shhhh) and maybe some items in the bright reds and corals that are popping all over the place. I saw lots of cute patterns on the Pinterest boards and their style pages. They all looked so happy and would balance out all the kelly green I got last time. I also mention that I was willing to pay a little more for the pants, as they’re a staple (and a pricey one at that), but I was fairly broke, so to try to keep cost down this time. My stylist responded that she was out of khakis, so she made this an all-top selection. But I love tops! This could still be fun!

Here’s what I got:


At least it’s a pattern. The fit was okay, and the cotton blend was comfortable, but…meh. This is a shirt I would pick out on my own to try – a safe, two-color “pattern” that wears more like a neutral. I like the detail on the shoulders, but I feel like it’s a basic tshirt. And I think I have scrapbook paper that is exactly the same. Underwhelmed.

Next item:


Remember that white and red/orange dress that my stylist sent me a few boxes back? The one that was the same as the purple one she sent (and very close to one I already owned)? I explained that I don’t do well with white and orange together – I look washed out and pasty. And that’s just what this tank does. The back is solid white, too, so when I turn around, it looks like I don’t have a shirt on – just blinding white from my waist up. The fit isn’t very flattering and I don’t know when I would ever wear this.

Next shirt looked a little more like something I would have asked them to send:

It still wasn’t quite the happy POP! of bright coral, but I like the peachy-orange and navy color combo that’s going on this summer. I wish it was orangey-er (did those words really just come outta my mouth?), but the pattern was closer than the first two shirts. Of course, the fit was too boxy on me, and a bit grabby with the back fat (love the curves, dear shirt, don’t pinch the curves), so I’m still not keeping it. But at least it was the kind of shirt I like trying on!

Next was one definitely closer to my taste:

The shirt on the left is the one from my Fix. The shade of red is much more my style! It’s a fancy date shirt, a good classic little number that I could wear under any number of things. Plus, it’s (apparently) reversible with the coral side underneath. I don’t know what we do with the label when we reverse it, but meh. I’m not keeping it, so it doesn’t matter. Because the shirt on the right is one I already own. Different, yes, but the same enough that I can’t justify spending $40 on a shirt. The fit is perfect, though, and the fabric is comfortable.

The final shirt was a big problem:


I’m sure the Balki look from Perfect Strangers is for some people, but not me. I don’t like the color, the sleeves don’t-fold weird at the bottom where the cuff loop is, and I’m not a fan of the contrasting metal buttons. The shade is good on me, but another shirt without a pattern? I get that she’s trying to mix a few patterns with a few classic pieces, but this was a hyooge miss for me.

Womp wah. I guess it doesn’t matter so much that I’m broke and cranky this month because I’m not keeping anything. The good news is that I’ll have a little extra money to buy Bee some clothes for her birthday coming up. The other good news is that my next box will probably be much better now that my expectations are lowered again!

The StitchFix with all the green shirts.

May 18, 2016

You know what’s even better than a StitchFix delivery day? A StitchFix delivery day that you had forgotten about for most of the day until you got home and found the package waiting for you!

If you’ll remember, my last two StitchFix boxes were kinda hit or miss. There was the one with all the shoes, where I kept the fabulous black fancy pants and the gold heels (and almost kept the top and the blue sandals but they were made of real gold and unicorn feathers or something because PRICE TAG). The one before that I practically already owned (and was lazy because of the same dress, whatevs). So I had sort of decided in my mind that if this one was another bust, I was out. It stops being fun when you are legit depressed because no one listens to you, or because the company simply doesn’t mesh with your tastes as well as you thought. This time I left clear directions (shirts in kelly green! shorts in fun summer colors that will fit my curvy bottom! something from my Pinterest boards!) and crossed my fingers.

As soon as I picked up my Fix box from the porch, I knew I had a pair of shoes. Shoes are the new dresses: guaranteed to be one in every box! They were a pair I had pinned, and didn’t cost a month’s rent:

I love the black and white polkas! They’ll go with so many things I own! I’ll wear them so often! And…so cheap! The problem is that I have really wide feet and these “bridge” shoes (or whatever they’re called) that aren’t supposed to show except the toes and the back of the heels make my feet feel naked. They feel awkward. But I can’t quite decide if it’s awkward because I’m not used to wearing this style, or like they don’t fit because fat feet. Jeff wouldn’t give me a straight answer about whether they looked weird, and Bee couldn’t decide. I love the way they look off my feet; I just can’t decide if I like the way they look on my feet.

Then I almost lost my shit – I saw jeans. Blue jeans, not colorful jeans like I had asked. Remember all the fuss about not sending me any more jeans? Then I realized these were jean shorts, so I bit back all the cursewords because technically I haven’t told my stylist I don’t want jean shorts. I thought I was clear when I said colorful shorts, but maybe she didn’t have any that fit curvy bottomed girls. (Pffft.) They do fit nicely, but I have a couple pairs of jean shorts that fit. I decided I’d keep them if it made sense money-wise (sometimes it costs more to send an item back. Math is weird.).

For my picture, I paired the shorts with one of two kelly green shirts. My stylist took the time to explain she didn’t have much in that color right now (then why tell me it’s one of the It colors this season?!), which at least made me feel heard and like she had tried.


I’m not a big fan of the billowy waist – I think I look better when the shirt hugs my curves rather than making me feel like Mother Cluck from Disney’s Robin Hood. But I like the detail on the shirt and that it’s work appropriate. It’s basic enough that it will go with a bunch of different things, but not so basic that it’s not worth the money. Also: I look great in this color.

The other shirt was…well, confusing. It had three arm straps. I wasn’t crazy about the pattern. And after fifteen minutes of fighting with it, I eventually had to look at the pictures of it on the stylist cards to see how the hell to put it on.


See what I mean about the pattern? I look much better with solid kelly green. But this is at least patterned – something I don’t naturally gravitate towards. The neckline is a bit weird, but I like that the shirt is a little more form-fitting than the other green shirt. It would come down to what else I decided to wear and how it fit in the math. I would wear it to work with lots of outfits, but I didn’t need it.

My last item was one I had been looking for forever: a black blazer that was stretchy because it was made of a cotton pajama-type blend with romantic ruffles and lace at the back to fancify it. I am going to wear this with everything!

Even the green patterned shirt looked better with my magic jacket over it! This jacket is definitely a keeper.

So now I’m not sure what to do! I was tempted to keep it all – after a few pricey boxes that got sent back (in part for those reasons), my stylist kept this one cheap enough that I could buy the entire Fix. I could keep the jacket and the shoes. If I keep even one of the shirts, it’s cheaper to keep all five items.

So tell me – do any of these items NOT work??

The StitchFix with all the shoes.

April 27, 2016

I love when my StitchFix comes early! But by the time I remembered to check the front stoop Monday night, it was far too late for StitchFix shenanigans. (I mean, do you think these photos just take themselves?!) So last night, before the birthday girl and her sidekick got back from dinner with Dad, I peeked through my box and made plans for the photoshoot I’d somehow sneak in after cake and presents.StitchFix5a

I had requested black pants suitable for going out. I have so many cute tops andonly either jeans or work pants to go with them. Oh, hey, or black capris. I also asked for some blue shoes to match the clutch I got a few Fixes ago. And if my stylist had any of the tops or dresses or other spring fashions that I had added to my Pinterest board, those would be fab, too! Surely that would be enough direction to avoid my last structure-less StitchFix disaster.

Shall we see what arrived?

The box was heavy. I suspected shoes. And I was right. In fact, there were two pair. My stylist noted that she wouldn’t normally send two, but she had both a pair of blue sandals I had pinned, and a fancier pair of gold peep-toe strappy heels.

I adore the heels! I don’t have any gold shoes, they go with everything, and they fit perfectly! The blue sandals… Well, I’m not a big fan of suede. I didn’t notice they were suede when I pinned them, and they look even more casual in person. The cork is killer hard and inflexible, and my heel falls just off the back of the shoe. Plus, ZOMG the price!

There was a pair of black pants, just like I asked. And ohmyheavens, they fit just like a dream! Sexy and comfortable! Now that’s what I don’t mind shelling out a little extra for. And as far as StitchFix pants go, they weren’t at the top of the price list, either. Sweet.

I paired the pants with the first of two tops they sent.


Yeah. Not crazy about the color – I am not really a deep rose kind of person. Especially not in a solid. But I like to branch out and try new things and somethings those new things surprise you. But this shirt ain’t one of ’em. I look so totally boxy! An unshaped block of wood: that’s me. The flutter sleeves, I love. The rest…not so much. I even uploaded my picture to my Pinterest board so my stylist can see how these creations look on my body type. Whatever helps, right?

Okay, on to the next shirt. In kelly green, half of my new favorite color combo!


Super flattering fit, right?! And again, I love the color! But…silk? Eh. I should have taken a picture of the back of the shirt – it’s a racerback and really very cute. I loved the clean lines it made with my new favorite pants. But I’d sweat through the shirt in a hot Texas minute. And when I looked at the price? Ain’t no way I’m paying $90 for a racerback tank top! Maybe if the piece was unique, or if I’d loved everything in my Fix and could justify it as my “free” item, but no way. I could find this shirt anywhere else for at least half – if not less! – than what they were asking. It might not be silk, but that’d actually make it better! So. It fit great and it was in a color I’d been begging for in my pins, but I don’t actually make enough money to justify spending $90 on a top, so my stylist is on crack.

All told, I ended up keeping the pants and the heels. I’ll get a crazy amount of wear out of both of them! I made sure to give my stylist high marks for personalizing my Fix – she did find my pants and shoes (though I didn’t keep the blue ones, the others still match the clutch) and two “date night” shirts, even if they weren’t ones I’d pinned. I just hope the prices come down on the next box, or I’m going to have to say goodbye to my addiction!

My StitchFix mess.

March 2, 2016

As some of you have already heard, my latest StitchFix box was a bit of a bust. And that’s understating the mess that I unwrapped.

I had asked my stylists for a particular motorcycle jacket/vest thing that I had seen paired with some other clothes on one of my style cards. I had heard recently about that trick, and I thought it would be great for when I go out clubbing or on a date somewhere a little more casual, but when I still want to look awesome. So that was my note: I’m going out to these places and need clothes for them! Particularly that leather vest!

Here’s what I found:


Shoes. Which, okay. That isn’t really my style, the missing gap thing there in the middle. But I know that style is in right now, and I didn’t hate them. And I use my black flats with everything. Problem was, they didn’t fit. My feet are very wide and half my foot was hanging over the middle part. They so didn’t work.

A dress. I’ve gotten dresses in my last three boxes including this one. And, okay, yes, I did keep the other two, so they’re probably thinking this is an easy keep. And I did like the dress when it was on the hanger. I like the stripes, and the colors/pattern was basic enough that I could wear so many things with and over it. And I liked the material – a soft cotton blend. This was the only piece I liked as I pulled it out of the box. Problem was, it didn’t fit so well. It felt good, but the neckline was maybe a little too high to be flattering, but I could have worked with that. Offset it with a scarf or the right necklace. But the tummy, with all the interesting pattern shifts going on, yeah, no. Too tight there. I need to hide that perfectly normal post-kids bump. The dress didn’t work. And that was the best piece. Sigh.

A casual shirt in a nautical theme. This shirt… I didn’t even know what to do with it. I saw the elbow patches as soon as I pulled it out and was all hells no! I don’t do elbow patches. I DON’T DO THEM. Ever. I can’t remember if it was one of my shirts and that I mentioned it, or it might have been my co-workers box when we were going through it. Either way, this shirt does not say date night and it sure doesn’t say clubbing. It did fit amazingly well, but I would never, ever wear it. Boo.

The vest. The stylist said she didn’t have the vest I had requested, and the closest match was $148 and she didn’t think that would fit my budget. So she sent this in it’s place. At least she read my note and tried? Ugh. The material is a light, light stiff cotton. Like you find at a fabric store before you soften it. The sides were a jersey type. It looked like something you would wear to work with a cute skirt and a blouse or fun long-sleeve top. NOT to a club. You can’t quite see in the picture how it pulls just the slightest when it’s zippered so that the fabric covering the zipper is pulled back, making it obvious that it’s a bit snug. I just wouldn’t wear it. I only asked for a vest because I need it for one particular function, and this doesn’t meet those requirements.

And then the last thing. The thing that made me see red and yell across the house. JEANS. My stylist sent jeans! Guess what I asked to not be sent again unless I requested them? JEANS! It felt like she needed one last thing, and jeans are a good filler item. They go with everything, after all. But I had already kept a pair of good every day jeans and a pair of skinny jeans (plus all the jeans I already owned), so I was good. And the stylist didn’t bother reading my history, or she didn’t care. Either one upsets me when I think about what I’m paying and all the time I spend providing feedback for this service.

So I didn’t keep anything. I providing (shockingly)(or not) honest feedback for each item when I rated them and filled out each notes section. Then I explained how disappointed I was – and mad about the jeans – in the overall experience section. I marked the box as “not personalized for me” and explained why (with the exception where she tried to fill the vest request). I immediately got a response from StitchFix asking me for more information, and I replied to that as well.

I have another Fix scheduled for the 16th. I’ve been adding pins to my Pinterest board for my stylist to see. I’m requesting dressier clothes that I can wear to work and specifically one fancy, sexy top to wear on dates. I sent a note to my stylists ahead of my box. I hope they listen. We’ll see, StitchFix. We’ll see.

My Stitch-Fix Valentine’s box.

February 3, 2016

My fourth Stitch-Fix arrived yesterday, an entire day ahead of schedule. Huzzah! I had asked for a fancy red or plum shirt that I could wear out for Valentine’s Day, and I let my stylist know that I was good on jeans now that I had my shinny jeans and that delicious pair from my last box. So let’s see what she pulled together:

A maroon sweater with three-quarter sleeves that has a semi-sheer/crochet-covered back. Okay, I’m not a big fan of crochet on clothes, but it’s not the worst? Hmm. The color is great, though.


Hearts. I hate hearts. I love the neckline of the shirt, which, I know you can’t see well. It’s high with a band neckline that wraps around the neck. I’m sure there’s a word for such a thing; I just don’t know it. But even though that looks good on me, I probs won’t be keeping it because 80s HEARTS.


I loved this dress as soon as I saw it. The floral pattern is romantic, the fabric is swishy enough to flatter my waistline, and the cleavage is high enough that I could wear it out or to work. Score!

And then we had two accessory items: a gorgeous silver necklace with an adjustable length, and maroon flats covered in sparkles. They would both look nice with my dress!

Okay – the first moment of truth. I needed to try them on to see how everything worked. A lot of times I won’t like a piece and then it will look super-flattering on. Or, more often, I love a piece until I try it on and it doesn’t quite work for my body shape. So…

I loved the way this shirt fit. It felt fantastic! The problem is that I’m still not crazy about the crochet on the back. And if I don’t love an item, it probably isn’t worth keeping at StitchFix’s prices. Well…unless it’s the only item that doesn’t work, and then it’s actually free. But I’m getting ahead of myself.



The heart shirt looks fantastic on me! But…still hearts. Why couldn’t they be penguins or elephants or anything else, really? Also, the shirt needs to have a belt to cinch my waist or it doesn’t look right and this belt is the same one I wear with my black-and-white polka dots. The sleeves are different and the size/shape of the polka dots, but otherwise – same look. Not so sure I’m keeping this.


Love the way the dress felt and looked. The back is more of a V-shape, but not so low that I have to worry about what bra I wear. This is a great option for romantic dinners, dressy days at work, or even something a little more formal. Love the versatility!

And then you have the accessories. The shoes were size 6 1/2, and I might have tried on the 7s if I was in the store. They pinched just a bit across the top of my left foot, right at the widest point of my very wide feet. The shoes feel like the kind that will stretch, but do I want to count on that? The necklace is definitely a keeper – it goes with everything and I don’t own anything like it. Plus, I love the adjustable length! I can wear it with any kind of neckline.

So….argh! I don’t know what to do with this box! I need to play around with the pricing options on the Web site and make sure I’m not shooting myself in my wallet. But! I think…maybe…I’m leaning towards keeping the dress and the necklace. I might have kept the shoes, but at that point I might as well keep the entire box, and returning three things will save me $60. That’s totally what I should do. Right?