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In which Easter was happy, despite Fenway’s empty bunny ears.

April 17, 2017

It was a happy Easter. Not just because there was chocolate and wine (although there was). And not just because we had pizza for dinner (although we did). It’s because of the little victories! (And also: books.)

The girls went to their dad’s house for a potluck reunion after church, so we’ll just have the ham dinner I bought another time. It was a last minute addition, last Saturday night kind of last minute, but I know how hard it is to get everyone together on that side of the family, and so I thought that was a little more important than what we had going on.

While the girls were gone, I filled Easter baskets and plastic eggs and maybe cried a little when I saw the bunny ears we used to put on Fenway (and Bee, to be honest). It worked out okay for the girls, though, because feeling all my feelings just meant I added extra chocolate to their baskets.

I think they were pretty happy, don’t you?

If you can’t see in the pictures, this year’s book haul from the Easter Bunny: Bee got the new volume of Lumberjanes – and shrieked my ears off – and Gracie picked out By Your Side, by Kasie West, a romance about two teens (one good girl, one “bad” guy) stuck in a school library for the weekend. And I got the second book in the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy.

You can’t really see the girls’ dresses in this pic, but that’s okay because I dragged them outside at stupid early o’clock. They had to show up early for church, and so we were all up crazy early – and so were my neighbors, for unknown reasons, but my wish came true and they didn’t call over or try to engage us in conversation. Maybe because I was still in my pajamas and my hair wasn’t even done? But that’s okay because the girls looked so pretty!


We won’t talk about how grown-up Gracie looks in that lace dress, or how much I wanted to cover up the giant cut-out in the lace in the middle of her back, or the fact that those shoes she has on are mine! Instead, we’ll focus on how great Bee-girl looks in her chevrons and that she’ll be able to wear that dress the entire summer no matter how tall she grows because superlong! The fact that I was able to find dresses that fit them both and matched together was an Easter Miracle, praise the Cadbury Bunny and all the Easter gods that ever was!

There was one other small, sad detail from this Easter that I have to report. After finally relenting and buying three dozen eggs for the girls to color (to avoid all the arguing over how many eggs), the girls broke it to me that they didn’t want to color eggs. So much for my big surprise! Also: I now have more than five dozen eggs in my fridge, so guess what’s for dinner all week?

But, not to worry! Just because the girls didn’t want to color eggs, that doesn’t mean they didn’t want to hunt for them! I still had to count out 20 eggs in each of their approved Easter colors, stuff them with candy, and then hide the eggs while the girls hid in their rooms.


Yes, I made them tough to find. So tough, in fact, that two eggs are still missing! They’ll turn up. I’m not worried. It will probably be June and I’ll hear Bee exclaim, “Ooh! Mini-eggs!” and pop them in her mouth.

See? It’s the little victories here at Casa de Katie. The little things that keep us going.


Easter traditions.

April 1, 2015

I love when it’s nice outside. Things are 29038420938% more enjoyable when you can do them out on the patio. Even something like coloring Easter eggs is more fun when you’re sitting in 80° sunshine, laughing and taking your time.

Still, there’s the tireless prep work. Like making all. that. dye:

Easter1And then the boiling of the Easter eggs. I might have over-prepared this year. But, hey! it’s because I thought the X-man was going to be here, and three kids means you need a zillion more eggs or something. So we had plenty for us, too, as it turned out.

Easter2Apparently just running them under cold water wasn’t enough; we had to prep them for organ donation. Or something. Much ice was used. And then it was time to get down to business!

Easter3Easter4 Easter5

It really was a fantastic time! There was much stealing of dye cups and piggybacking eggs in already-too-full cups, and sloshing of dye, and blowing around of the paper towels (because WINDY!), and certainly lots of smiling. It was great!

Then it was time to initiate my guy into the art of Peep Wars. Mwa ha ha…

Easter6We used a lot of Peeps, you guys. Oh! Also because we played Chubby Bunny with them, too. Bee beat Gracie, and then I barely lost to my hott boyfriend because of an ill-timed breath. Laughter is my downfall every time. So then the Peep Wars:

Easter7 Easter8

Some of us were a little more glued to the action. Gracie beat Bee, I beat Gracie, and then I went down AGAIN to the new guy! Sheesh!

After mama cleaned up the mess (sort of), the grown-ups hid twenty eggs in the ridiculously messy front room, and twenty eggs in their bedroom. We hid them good – like, at the bottom of the recycling bucket, buried in Barbie clothes, hidden under a mattress kind of good. They were missing four in the front room and two from their bedroom. So we kept sending them back with clues. We got an entire movie out of that game. Heh.

Good times, good times. The kids might grow up, but there is still an awful lot of fun to be had!

Enough chocolate to last until the apocalypse.

April 21, 2014

Except for the fact that I was looking forward to a lovely three-day weekend, I kept forgetting about the fact that Easter was this past weekend. That’s what happens when you haven’t had your kids on Easter weekend in years, I suppose. But! It’s all good! Because the Easter Bunny leaves their Easter baskets stuffed to brim on the kitchen table, waiting for them.

Having figured out How Things Work with the man (er…woman) behind the curtain, Gracie was a little upset that she wasn’t going to be here to help fill the baskets. I let her pick out her own book to soothe ruffled feathers. (The Easter Bunny always brings the book you wanted anyway, but I didn’t remind her of that fact.) She did take full advantage of the “any book” bit, though – the twerp went straight for the $20 weird fact books that she’s so big on right now, and that mama usually says no to buying because you can learn that stuff online, ya know? Luckily, the Easter Bunny is a lot nicer than I am. Bee got a really cute Ramona-themed all-about-me guided journal. And I got Lauren Oliver’s new book Panic. Yes, even I got a basket from the bunny this year!

I wasn’t kidding about everything working out this year: the girls spent the night on Friday night, even though it was their dad’s weekend, because he had shoulder surgery and I offered to keep them so he and Stepmom wouldn’t be worried about discharge times or how his first night went. It wasn’t entirely selfish – that meant we could take our time coloring eggs! The weather was gorgeous – 80° and sunny – so we spent the night out on the patio. It’s amazing how much more laid back coloring eggs can be when I’m not worried about a mugful of egg dye ended up on the carpet!

Just before the girls got home, I snuck into the front room and hid a dozen eggs, color-coded for each girlie. I told them that the Easter Bunny had left a basket full of eggs on the table so that Fen wouldn’t eat them, but I decided to hide them. And you know what? Watching two older kids look for those really well-hidden eggs is just as fun as watching two wee little ones who are at the height of still believing!

Easter4 Easter3

It only had to give a good hint or two, and the girls were tickled about finding each and every one. I love that my girls know how not to grow up. Who needs Never-Never Land when you have Casa de Katie, right? What a great night!

As the girls chowed down on some chocolate and jelly beans, I read another chapter of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and then we watched a bit of E.T. We maybe stayed up a bit late, and maybe I ended up paying for it in tears and tantrums this morning, but it was worth it.

Hope everyone’s Easter was as chocolatey and wonderful as ours!


Two very different kinds of pain.

April 2, 2013

My poor sister Kim has been undergoing a series of extensive dental surgeries to fix several issues she’s had with her teeth and jaws since childhood. Friday was billed as The Biggest Surgery of Them All, and great googly moogly did it live up to its nickname. The good news is that all of Kim’s (impacted) wisdom teeth and extra bone bits were removed! The terrible-horrible news is that the oral surgeon had to snip the muscle at the back of one side of her mouth to get them. You know – the one that holds the jawbones together? That you use every time you so much as open your mouth? Yeah. OUCH. Kim said it’s mostly okay now, as long as she’s heavily medicated and doesn’t move her mouth. It should “only” take the muscle six weeks to heal, so only soft foods until then. Then she can graduate as she feels comfortable. I felt horrible not being there for her recovery, but she keeps assuring me it was probably for the best. Rhi is there, after all, so it’s not like she’s alone. And if I was there, we would inevitably say and do many funny things and I’m just gonna go out on a limb and guess that laughter would not be good. Poor Kim. A giant care package full of distractions is on its way. I really hope the ice cream I sent doesn’t melt!

While that was going on, a certain person at Casa de Katie was learning an entirely different lesson. One filled with a very different kind of pain and loathing: about the evils of Easter grass. Every year I look at the bag of Easter grass and think to myself, Self – do you REALLY need to use Easter grass? You end up finding pieces from Easter until Christmas. Why put yourself through that, Self? And every year I sigh to myself and stuff it in the bottom of the Easter baskets. Oh Easter grass, I wish I knew how to quit you. Though I might have all new incentive. All was going well Sunday night. The girlies were enjoying their baskets of chocolate, we played a game of Headbandz, and then I went off to quickly finish some chore while the girls did whatever they were doing – Gracie read the entire book she got from the Easter Bunny and Bee… Well, that’s the problem, isn’t it? Bee took allllll the Easter grass and spread it over the entire living room floor. Yes, indeedy. My jaw sorta unhinged when I walked into the room just 20 minutes later and saw that mess. And that’s when my Bee-girl learned to hate Easter grass, too, because I handed her a plastic grocery bag and told her to pick them all out of the carpet. Two days later, she’s about half-way through. Pretty sure she won’t be doing that again.

So! I know Monday was a bit hard to get through, and no one is really having much fun with Tuesday, either, but just remember: it can always be worse, people. It can always be worse.

Happy Easter!

March 31, 2013

Looks like someone hopped through last night…


In addition to all. that. chocolate., the Easter Bunny brought us all a book, per tradition. Gracie picked out got A Smart Girl’s Guide to Sticky Situations, Miss Bee’s (hiding in the basket behind her Peeps) got Bev Cleary’s Ramona and her Mother, and even I got a book, although I didn’t get a basket – Admission by Jean Hanff Korelitz.

I can’t wait for the girlies to come and find their goodies. I see a lot of chocolate, some epic Peeps battles, and maybe a game of Scrabble before bedtime tonight.

Hope your day was filled with lots of goodies, no matter what form or fashion!

Just a couple of bunny cats, hanging out, looking for some fun.

March 28, 2013

Bee hop-crawls into my scrap room the other night. “Look, mama! I’m a bunny AND a kitty cat! Meow! <hop!>”

Bunny cat

“Make sure you get my kitty slippers, Mama,” she says as I’m taking her picture. Duly noted, child. I declared her a bunny-cat and she happily hop-meowed into the other room, looking for more of her kind.

The next night, I get this picture texted from my sister Rhi:


Look closely – there, near his ears. Bunny ears! He’s…(wait for it)…another bunny-cat! Bee was thrilled to not be the last of her kind. More thrilled, you might have guessed, than Mr. Grumpykitty.

Move over, mouse-cat. You’ve got some competition for cutest imaginary animal hybrids.

Easter shopping…and then some.

March 11, 2013

I was all about dress shopping for the girls’ Easter dresses this year. Which is almost kind of funny because I don’t even have the girls’ on Easter weekend. Not that really matters, because really what I need them for is for the Easter portraits I take each year. If I don’t have those to send to Grandma, well, obviously I fail at parenting. And so! Dress shopping!

I bought the girls’ Easter dresses a few weeks ago online. Old Navy has the slowest shipping pony is all the kingdom, so when the dresses finally arrived last week, I had almost forgotten what I ordered. That is, until I opened the package. Then I clearly remembered that there was way on Earth that the pink and silver sundress I picked out for Bee looked that fluorescent pink online. It was still wicked cute, though, if not Easter appropriate, so I tucked it away for Bee-girl’s birthday. Gracie’s Easter dress, thankfully, looked just as cute in real life as it did on the computer screen. Unfortunately, it was way, way too big for her. That was kind of my fault, though. Gracie’s in that tricky in-between stage where half of the dresses in a size medium are just a leeetle bit too short, but the girl’s upper body is so tiny that most size large dresses swim on her. Guess what happened with the sundress I picked out? Yeah, even if I put in a few well-placed stitches in the seam under her arm, the bodice of the dress still ballooned out. So back to the drawing board we went.

Saturday morning we trooped out to an actual Old Navy store. I picked out Gracie’s dress in a size medium for her to try on, a few more sundresses that were Eastery-enough and not too dressy to be worn as sundresses the rest of the summer, and maybe a dress or two for me to try on, too. (Hey, it was a good sale.)

We walked out with this:


Both of the girls’ dresses are mediums and I haven’t quite decided who is going to wear what. I think the sundress on the left will be Gracie’s (it’s the style I original picked out for her – the bottom of the dress fades to white and there’s a white string belt that wraps around), and the white sundress with colorful flowers and the melon shrug on the right will probably be Bee’s. You can see the wedges and sandals we picked up at Payless sitting there in the back. I picked up a few camis for Gracie because she practically lived in her tank tops last summer and I know they’ll get worn, and because she has a few sweaters that…well, let’s just say they look a lot nicer when she has something on underneath. Plus? Mega sale on those. The St. Patrick’s Day shirts were a reward for the girlies for being so extremely well-behaved during the entire trip. The dresses in the middle? Those are mine. The jersey tank dress on the left will get more than it’s fair share of use this summer when it’s 100-and-deathly outside. (And the swirly A-line cut was super flattering.) The blue linen dress with the tiny flower print is for Easter. I have so! many! jewelry options (including the two pairs of green earrings that I couldn’t decide between), so I might have to throw up a poll. Don’t worry – Rhi is the final judge on that, not me.

And there you have it. Easter dresses purchases, returns made, Spring wardrobes are set. Now, if someone could cast an enchantment on my daughters so that they don’t grow any more between now and the end of spring, I’d be eternally grateful.

Let the season of temptation begin.

January 29, 2013









God help me.

A Monday morning list.

April 9, 2012

I am feeling rather odd this morning. I think it’s called…relaxed. It was a good, good weekend.

  • I picked up my new glasses on Thursday afternoon. I’ve almost gotten used to the hundreds and hundreds of new things I see reflected in them and havealmoststopped startling 10,000 times a day because I think something is sneaking up on my periphery.
  • I ran for a mile and a half Thursday night. Nothing clears the stress away from a long week like a good run. After that, I was all Bring It On: Weekend Edition. No work stress for me – I left it all on the treadmill. (And boy was that thing soggy.)
  • I went shopping with Jo and picked up two new shirts, a hoodie, a necklace, and three pairs of earrings – for $100 and $30 cash rewards. I also walked out of Charming Charlies without a single purchase. I am the master.
  • We went to see Hunger Games and while it wasn’t a waste of money, I sat there slack-jawed wondering how in the world everyone could say it was a good adaptation. It was like watching a Cliff Notes version where they get some of the salient details wrong. And since I could read the book in just 20 minutes longer than it took to watch the movie, I’ll take the book and all its extra details every time, please. Plus, it totally threw me every time I heard the “new” Mr. Bennett being all evil. Extra creeeepy, baby.
  • I accomplished every single item on my To Do list, including clearing the kitchen counters of all their clutter, and finished in time to spend Saturday afternoon outside in my lounge chair, where I finished a good book. Reading an entire book outdoors, when it’s 81° with just enough of a breeze to keep you from boiling over? Relaxation itself. I think that scrubbed away weeks’ worth of stress residue. So what if I happened to burn a bit on my arms and chest (and maybe more than a lil bit on my legs). If I happen to peel, we’ll consider it a bonus.
  • Yesterday I managed to squeeze in a two-mile run after sleeping in until the whopping hour of 9:30 a.m. I haven’t slept that late in years! Even better: I accidentally timed my run so I got back just before a wicked line of thunderstorms and flooding rains moved through. The skies didn’t look stormy while I was out, although it was overcast. But as I turned the shower off, I started hearing the thunder roll in, one after the other. We even lost electricity for a few minutes! There’s no way I would have gone out if I knew storms were that close, so it’s like I got an extra two-miles in. Yay me!

And that is how it came to be Monday morning and I arrived completely at work stress-free (if still a bit exhausted, but I think that’s a permanent condition). I don’t think the stress-free part will last very long, but that’s okay. I brought Cadbury Mini-Eggs.


Winning the battle.

March 26, 2012

For at least five minutes last weekend, I was the coolest mom on the planet. Trust me – I have it from two very reliable sources. How did such a mom, the Responsible Mom, the Mom Who Isn’t Afraid to Say No, accomplish such a coup? I have two words for you: Battle Peeps.

I’m sure I’m the very last person on the planet to have heard of Battle Peeps, since the phenomenon seems to be all over Facebook. Since I don’t Facebook (fake accounts created by neighbors aside), I heard about it from my sister. And I promptly ran over to Target to procure some Peeps because, Hello! Gots to have!

What exactly is Battle Peeps? Let me show you. I’m pretty sure the reasoning behind my Greatest Mom Evah! award will be self-evident when I’m through.

First, you need Peeps. Two colors will make this easier. Or, um, I’m sure multi-colors will work, too, if you want to get a little March Madness bracket action going. No judgin’ on melty marshmallow fun over here is all I’m sayin’.

Select the strongest, fittest Chick from each package and place them on a microwavable-safe dish, facing off about an inch apart. Then, you take a toothpick and insert the swords into the front of each Peep like so:

Es muy importante to note that despite what this Peepy picture depicts, you DO NOT want the Chickies’s swords to point up! No, no, no. All swords must be paralellel to the plate and facingtowards the other Chick. Otherwise the chicks will need to inflate to the size of your head before they hit each other; we want our Battle Peeps to actually, you know, battle, not just tilting at windmills.

Place the arena…er, um, the plate…into the microwave. Even on my low-wattage microwave, I only had to let the ferocious little Peeps go at it for a minute. Then let the pipsqueaks you’re entertaining (even if it’s just your buddies in the breakroom) ooh and ahh and place bets on the winners. Once a Chick’s sword nicks his opponent, that Peep is the winnah! Yay! <insert crazy Muppet arms here>

Obviously I have no idea how to take a good pic of something getting nuked in a kitchen appliance. Are there classes for that? Even more entertaining, please note how mah Chicks look slightly Godfather-esque. Just me? Ookay. Moving right along…

I know it looks too close to call, but trust me: Pink won. In fact – Spoiler Alert! – Pink won 4 out of 5 battles at Casa de Katie. Please prepare your chilluns that Battle Peeps – like life – often is not fair and is left up to chance. Battle Peeps do not know to take turns!

Thankfully, there was much melted marshmallowy goodness with which to console them. Look at how FlatStanley the Peeps went:

I might have only been the coolest mom in the entire world for five whole minutes, but it was worth it.