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Five for Friday.

July 7, 2017

It’s been a weird, tough week. But not too tough for Five for Friday! I love my little mental colander that lets me sort out the things I can throw overboard before the weekend. We don’t need no clutter ’round here, mental or otherwise!

Let’s see what we’ve got…

1 Poor Bee is home with a fever. I got the girls for dinner last night, and Bee mentioned a headache, but that’s not necessarily out of the ordinary (though I hate the near-constant pattern, poor thing). As soon as we got home, Bee went to lie down instead of towards the kitchen for food, so I knew it was serious. I checked on her a little bit later, and as I brushed back her hair, I noticed she was approximately 390°. Okay, or maybe just 101.3°, once I checked with the thermometer. Stepmom graciously allowed Bee to stay the night with me so I could take care of my sweet baby. Her temp did go down a little with some Tylenol, and it’s gone this morning, but the headache lingered. Here’s hoping it’s not an ear infection from her swim lessons!

2 I was glad for the company because I was a little afraid of sleeping alone in the house last night. Know why? The night before, my house alarm went off in the middle of the night! Scared the pants off me! I called 911 and the cops took their sweet time – more than 10 minutes to get to the house. They didn’t see anything amiss, and all the doors and windows that I could see (I wasn’t going into rooms where the doors were closed until the cops got there) were secure, but I was still scared out of my mind. That happened at 2:30 a.m. and I never went back to bed. Every time I shut off the lights and tried to close my eyes, I broke out in a sweat and started to freak out. So nope. I didn’t necessarily want Bee to be scared like that if it happened again, but I like having another person around to help me make sense of everything. I hate being alone. I can do it, I’m tough – but I hate it.

3 Which is just one reason why I hate July so much. It’s the month the girlies go to their Dad and Stepmom’s, and I have to stay home by myself. The custody arrangement flip flops. I used to love it when the girls were toddlers and I needed a break. But now the girls are older and (usually) fun to be around and I enjoy my time off with them. The arrangement has stayed the same, regardless. I just have very different feelings about it. (And so does Bee – she begged me not to make her go, but I think that might have had everything to with the fact that she got in trouble and didn’t want to face up. She knows better though – Dad, Stepmom, and I have worked hard to be a united front, so she was marched straight back over to her dad’s. No mercy! Heh.)

4 There’s a nice big reward at the end of the month for those of us who make it through. I purchased our tickets to go home! It’s the same week we’ve gone since time out of mind – nothing ever changes in our family routine – so we’ll be vacationing the first week of August, like always, including the weekends on either sides, like always. I’m so excited, I have perpetual Kermit-arms over here!!! I can’t wait for our family cookout and to catch up with cousins and see family and friends and hear everyone talk with the right accent and have a break from this insipid heat and eat some real fish & chips… oh my god, the list is my happy place! Kim asked me what the girls were the most excited about, and I didn’t have an answer, although honest-to-god, it might be packing. HA! Prepping for and anticipating the vacation is at least half the fun!

5 I think besides catching up with my favorite people, what I am most looking forward to is our vacation-within-our-vacation. My sister Kim graciously sprang for a cabin in New Hampshire at Weirs Beach. It’s the same property (if not the same house) that my family has vacationed in since I was a little girl, and we’ve stayed there with the girls before. We have all the fun! It’s a 2-minute walk from the boardwalk, there’s a beach, arcades, mini golf, bumper cars, tiny little tourist shops, boat rides… I fell asleep last night daydreaming that we were there and having fun doing all of the things we’ll get to do in a little less than a month. And having our vacation-within-a-vacation smack dab in the middle of our trip home is so well-planned because I’m sure by then we’ll be ready to get away from my parents’ house for awhile. I love my parents, but seeing how sick my mom is…it’s harder than words could ever describe. And my dad is…well. He’s the same as he’s ever been. I sacrifice my children as buffers. (Sorry childrens.) So the vacation will break all of that up, and still give us enough time on the back side of the trip to get back in good graces with the parents and aunts after leaving for a few days. Oh! And my brother was able to take that entire week off from work, so the girls will have fun hanging out with their crazy uncle! I am really, really, really looking forward to going home!

And that is a very happy place to leave our 5 For Friday! Hopefully the fun and excitement carries me through today and spits me out the other side ready for some fun this weekend! What do YOU have planned? Anything fun?


Cops and robbers: the grown-up version.

February 25, 2009

Remember playing cops and robbers when you were little? You’d divide up who was a cop and who was a robber and then you’d run around and burn off some energy while you tried to capture the robbers, while the robbers tried to rescue their captured cohorts from the designated jail? No one ever told me there was a grown-up version!

One of my friends from ThePlaceThatShallNotBeDiscussed was telling me about her weekend, specifically about how she was up until 5 a.m. on Saturday night. I thought she was waiting up for her husband who just started working the midnight shift as a cop. Nope, she was over her brother and sister-in-law’s playing cops’n’robbers. Apparently, her brother was telling the story of an NFL-player who was the victim of a late-night burglary. Packers’ running back Noah Herron dialed 911 from his bedroom after hearing the burgler’s enter his home. Herron didn’t have any weapons in his bedroom, where he was holed up, so he quickly unscrewed his bedpost and waited by the closed bedroom door. Meanwhile, the burgler’s figured out that Herron was inside, waiting.

“Come out,” they demanded.

“No way! You come in here,” Herron replied.

“Come on out here, man,” the robbers beckoned again.

“It’s MY house!” Herron retorted, “Get OUT!”

“Alright, we’re coming in,” the robbers decided.

“Okay. But I’m gonna beat you,” Herron cautioned.

The stupid burglers walked into the bedroom. Herron swung the bedpost and knocked the first would-be robber unconscious. The second one tried to flee but was apprehended by the police who had arrived.

Wacky story, eh? It gets better. Because that’s what my friend J. and her brother were reenacting as they played cops and robbers. Her brother tried to unscrew his bedpost while J. – who is about a hundred pounds sopping wet, mind you! – pretended to be the robber coming in to kill him. She counted down and yelled at her brother to practice because he was going to die if he couldn’t do it faster!

I about died laughing. I love my friends and I want to hang out with them all the time, people! I can’t tell you how much I love that I am not the only person thinking of these crazy things to do.