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Hockey, Hattricks, and Hella-good Appetizers.

May 30, 2021

Yes, yes, yes – it was incredibly shocking when I posted about posting every day *again*, and then I do what? Miss posting the day after my pledge *again*.

Yesterday’s adventure involved going to my cousin’s house for dinner and the Bruins game. Which, can I just say, while I miss my girls exponentially more than anyone could possibly conceive, it’s really nice to be back home where I can be with my own people, people who I’ve known since we were born. Friends I’ve known since I was too young to even spell the word “friend.” My people. People who get just as excited about Boston sports, who understand why you hate the Canadiens, and who understand why you like the silly meme songs about Boston accents and our awesome sports teams.

But maybe the best part? My cousin who’s basically my ride-or-die, who I tell people is my brother more often than cousin, because he lived at my house forever (and we were together all the time even after that), he grew up from being a hooligan to being a master chef.

He made me Scottish Eggs that look like they could sell for $20 easy anywhere else! I may have moaned a little when I took my first bite. Seriously. That good!

For those who don’t know, Scottish Eggs are hard boiled eggs that are prepared, shelled (obviously), dried, and then wrapped in the middle of a thin layer of pork sausage. Then, covered in a thin layer of bread crumbs, and finally fried. I could tell you what was in the secret sauce, but I don’t remember. It was mayo and something a little surprising to me. You have to forgive me, though, because if you were eating something as divine as one of Jon’s Scottish Eggs, you’d forget the words going into your earholes, too.

After that, we watched the Bruins game, saw Pasternak achieve his hat trick, saw McAvoy completely kill it, and listened to my cousin laugh at me applying football knowledge to fill in the gaps of my hockey knowledge; not unlike how John Hammond used frog DNA to make dinosaurs, really.

Let’s just say that there were tutorials not just for Jon’s wife, who’s from Bolivia, but also for me, who is from Boston-ish.

It was a fun, wholesome evening, and I stayed out way too late. BUT! I also learned that not everything will implode if I come home late. Not a bad adventure at all.

I may not make it.

June 6, 2013

Two. Two days of school left. And one of them is today, so it shouldn’t really count because we already woke up for it and got ourselves there, except it feels like it counts, possibly because I feel like I got hit by a truck and am not really awake. So. The fact that I’m (technically) up already doesn’t feel like it counts for much.

The end of school this year is going to be the death of me.

It doesn’t help that I’m sleep deprived. I didn’t sleep well Sunday night because, well, we had our summer series patio dinner with John and Corrie’s family and there were very tasty blueberry-pomegranate adult beverages and I must be getting old because I don’t sleep very well after I’ve been drinking. So there was that. Monday night, I don’t know what was going on, because I fell asleep and slept hard for about twenty minutes, and then I was inexplicably awake until 1 a.m. Tuesday I caught up, but last night….oof. My body is crying because I keep jerking it around. Sleep! No sleep! No sleep! No sleep! SLEEP! It’s like duck-duck-goose, but with sleep, so it’s awful! Not that I’m complaining about the double-overtime from the Bruin’s game – we won, so I can’t complain. Oh, no. I’ll complain about the storms that starting rolling through at 3 a.m. and the children who kept waking me up to sleep in my bed, no back in their own beds because the storm was gone, JUST KIDDING, back to your bed, mama, because it’s thundering again! Jesus wept. And then mama wept. Because I didn’t fall back to sleep until after 5:30 a.m. And my alarm goes off at 6 a.m. I am not best friends with math, but I am pretty sure that equals not a lot of sleeping.

Just one more wake-up. One more wake-up and then school will be over and I’ll have the weekend to sleep in, and then we’ll be on a better, later summer schedule. Hopefully, with sleep. Certainly with fewer last-minute cupcake errands. (Silly school party announcements being sent home the night before.) One more day of school. One week of daycare. And then Auntie Rhi will be here! For two weeks! And then the girls go to their dad’s for a month. And then we have vacation! And then Auntie Kim will be here! And then…

Well. We won’t think about that. Because then is the start of school again, and right now I’m too busy being Who-the-hell-cares-let’s-just-get-through-one-more-day-of-school-whatever-it-takes Mom instead of Peppy!Do!All!The!Things! Mom that I am at the beginning of the school year. Because right now, I’m pretty sure that mom is dead and is never coming back.

So. Right. One more wake-up until school is over. But I still might not make it.