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Baby, it’s cold outside…

March 14, 2017

…and if I say that it’s because the low today is 40° and we’re in serious danger of some patchy frost, my sisters and family and all of my friends just might will most definitely chuck snowballs at me with enough force for them to make it.

Because it’s blizzarding back home, with about 20 inches forecast, so what – maybe three-foot drifts? I’m trying to remember. Enough that one sister (at least) joined the milk and bread (and wine) crazies, and bought a flotilla of apples – enough that her flotilla would be even when she lashed the apples together, making me worry that my other sister had hacked the first one’s account – one sister with OCD is all I can handle – and then reported back that she also got four bottles of wine (evidence again), two kinds of cheese (evidence for), and a frozen cake. DEFINITELY RHI, THEN! (Kim would have bought baking supplies.) So the Stisters are okay.

Meanwhile, I wore a sweater with a deep (and really cute) v-cut in the front and back necklines and I’m freezing. Because I forgot my scarf. The scarf that would cover that one teeny tiny patch and then I’d be nice and toasty warm. I did remember a coat, because my blood felt awfully thin when I opened the back door to let the dog out. It’s a good thing I know for a fact that my blood thickens right up again when I go home for visits, or there would be some sort of madcap immersion therapy going on right now.

You know – after I got over being cold because my neck is uncovered.

Good thing it’s going to warm up to 67° later!! (Here is where I tell you that I have three extra beds, a couch, and a lot of floor space for those who want to evacuate before the next Snowpocalypse.) Have fun storming the castle, everyone! Let me know, occasionally, that you haven’t gone all REDRUM!


Happy thoughts all around.

February 8, 2013

Today’s going to be one of those days where I’m sending out happy thoughts as quickly as I can generate them.

On a less serious (but still un-fun) note, my sisters and parents are in the path of <dun dun dunh> Blizzard Nemo. They’re forecasting up to three feet of snow before the drifting. Kim’s tried to make a pact: if Nemo leaves their electricity alone, she won’t complain about getting snowed in for her birthday. The Weather Channel said last night that parts of Connecticut and Mass. could have winds gusting to 85 mph. So, um, yeah. Sending happy, warm thoughts to my fam! (And expecting updates throughout the day, you guys.)

A little more pressing than the snowpocalypse this morning, though, is my mom-in-law. I guess technically she’s my “ex” mom-in-law, but we’ve remained just as close. (I swear she’s the glue that binds the Ex’s family together.) She’s having additional shunts put in a teeeeeny-tiny artery in her brain this morning, and, well, the neurosurgeons have given her less than stellar odds because of the location and size of the artery where they’ll be working. Then again, as I kept telling Mom, they have no idea how stubborn she is! They’re not exactly dealing with a mere mortal! Still: I’ll be on edge until I hear from the Ex or Papa Doug that she’s come through surgery okay, and probably for a little longer besides.

So! In conclusion, I know it’s Friday and all, and it’s supposed to be the day to let loose a little and stop caring so much about the work week, but if you could send me and mine a few happy thoughts while you’re going about your day, I’d appreciate it!