On the porch, in the rain, with the Concrete Rose.

Things you can do when you’re house-sitting for an aunt in a house with a covered porch that sits on a quiet street:

You can sit in the rain and read a chapter – that turns into the entire second half – of the book you’re reading, Concrete Rose, by the incomparable Angie Thomas.

The rain was pitter-pattering. Either it was thundering, or the trucks bailing from the Pike onto the main road just one house away sound just like thunder – just like Mum always used to say.

The wind was pushing the rain, too. But the magic porch kept it away, long enough for me to zip through the ending, wondering how Thomas was going to cover the jail thing with so few pages left. (My full review will be on Thursday, when I usually talk about my week in reading, but spoiler: she didn’t.)

You know when you read a really good sequel (or pre-quel, as the case may be) and you want to immediately go back and read the first book that got you hooked? Yeah, that. Only I waited til I went inside and found The Hate U Give already downloaded to my phone. Thank you God for small little miracles.

So, yes, today’s adventure wasn’t any further than my aunt’s front porch. But sometimes adventures are like that.

It just depends on how you want to look at things. Do you need the car keys? No. Not always. Are there still 43905834908 churches out there that I want to photograph? Yes. Are there a billion stories I want to share? Yes. Are there genealogy adventures waiting for me to untangle? YES.

And I can do all of that now. But today’s adventure was one Concrete Rose. And I think you should pick it up and make it your adventure, too.

(And then come tell me all about it.)

Godspeed. Stay safe and don’t get shot. And heaven’s to Betsy: enjoy what you have, right this minute.

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