A tiny, touchy subject.

I was getting ready in the bathroom the other night, doing my hair (there’s a half hour right there, taming the massive beast on top my head), putting on a tiny splash of make-up, when I noticed this little guy…


Do you see him? Tiny little fella. Bit dusty, too. But I don’t make fun of wee little guests in my house, uh uh. I let the wee fella go, outside. Opened the door and shooed him out. Maybe I should have let him out the front door so he could take up residency in the fairy gardens if were so inclined. Alas.

I got back to getting pretti-fied and all of a sudden….I feel a tickle along the back of my hand. THis guy:


I promise this little buddy is different! See? The two markings closest to his wee little head are strong dots on the first ladybug, and faded on the send. Ipso Ergo Factum! TWO ladybugs! I carefully checked for an infestation, but these were the only two ladybugs I was lucky enough to find.

And there’s the million dollar word, ladies, gents and everyone in-between and beyond – ladybugs are harbingers of lucky, are they not? I thought, Wouldn’t it be nice if there were three ladybugs so that there could be one for Gracie, one for Bee, and one for me? I scoured the entire bathroom, but couldn’t find another one. Well, that’s okay then, I thought. One can be for Bee-girl, and one for Gracie-guts.

But here’s the thing: why can’t they just both be for me? Aren’t I worthy? It’s something I’ve been working on lately (at the direction of professionals, you guys, don’t worry) on the idea of being worthy and that just being enough. I mean, did you see that? I couldn’t even talk about the idea of worthiness without cracking a joke about it. I am worthy.


I am worthy of two ladybugs. I am worthy of two ladybugs-worth of luck. Especially if one is dusty! Ha!

When big awful things happen to you, you forget that you are worthy. And then when you forget that hard, it’s hard to start small. Even as small as two ladybugs’ worth, it seems. So I’m just  gonna practice.


(And gosh those little ladybugs are cute!!)

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One Response to “A tiny, touchy subject.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    So nice to see you here again. You are WORTHY!!! Hugs.

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