This is a giving of thanks, not a complaint.

Readers, this totally bizarre and crazy thing has been happening around here.But first, let me explain.

You understand that I live in North Texas, the place of insane summer heat and near-constant drought. I’ve lived here for 17 years now, and I realized early on that there’s a flow to these things, the sun and the heat and the cooling rains. Spring here, lasts about four minutes long, in terms of “spring-like” temperatures. More what it means is rain. It rains here in the spring and we all rejoice, because we know what’s coming. When summer sets in, the rains stop. We get a last round of rain and storms at the very beginning of June, and then the 100° weather sets in, and the rain stops. Like, dead stops. No more rain for us until around the middle of August. Seriously – it’s usually a birthday present for me that we get rain and I do a happy rain dance. If the first rain happens when we’re at work, you’ll see everyone abandon their work stations and run outside to rejoice like little kids in a snow flurry. It’s adorable.

But this year – this year is, like I said, totally bizarre and a little crazy.

This year the temps have hit the 100°-mark more than once and the heat has been crazy at times, but in both directions, which is odd. For all the times that it’s been rather high, we’ve also had days when the highs were in the high 80s. And for June in Tejas, well that’s just absurd! Even crazier: it’s still raining, well into July. And not just here and there – it’s raining and storming every night! Whether it’s a round of storms in the afternoon about 3 or 4 o’clock, or a round later in the evenings about 9 or 10 o’clock, it’s been happening just about daily. It’s like summers in Massachusetts when we had a daily thunderstorm just to clear the air of all that humidity before the day carried on with whatever it is days carry on with. Of course, in Massachusetts, the storms were usually just some thunder and some bruise-colored clouds; here, the storms look a little more benign to look at, but they can do a little more damage. Last week, one of the storms dropped two inches of rain in just 45 minutes!

They aren’t fun to drive around in, for doctors’ appointments and bringing the girls here and there for the July schedule, and whatnot.

NOT that any of this is a complaint! It certainly beats being one month in to a brutally long Texas summer. I’ll muster the bravery it takes to face ferocious storms all on my own. For cooler temps and a little bit extra rain, I’d do much more!




One Response to “This is a giving of thanks, not a complaint.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Everything is still green! And look at those clouds. Way to be brave!!

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