My creative little giggle-monster.

Parenting is a tough business. The return – in smiles and hugs – is priceless. But the clarity of whether you’re doing it “right” is always murky at best. Still, there are moments. Tiny glimpses when you are sure when you did something right, that your children are listening, that everything will be okay.

Sunday night, after a very fun bonus weekend with the girls (their dad and stepmom took a much-deserved vacation, just the two of them), Bee interrupted our Sunday-Night Wind-Down Time to tell me she had something to show me.

Now, I was sitting down, relaxing. I didn’t want to get up and go see what it was. But, rather than snap at her, I said yes. I’ve been working on just saying “yes” more often and I’ve found I’m much happier for it. So I got off my lazy keister, walked over to where she was standing and took a good look at my girl.

That’s when I realized that this was something special. My Bee-girl’s eyes were dancing with mischief, delight, and – yes – magic. Shenanigans were afoot! And that’s when my sweet girl handed me this:


The “Oh, wait what? You didn’t know that,” just KILLS me! That kid!

I solved the riddles and followed the clues, my heart swelling with each one. At the next-to-last clue, there was a $5 bill. My heart cracked a little bit – I was going to have to lecture Bee that we don’t give away money. It killed me to think that I was going to have to cast a shadow over this beautiful game she had created for me. Then, my last clue directed me across the room we were in, and there was $20 with a piece of paper that just said, “Let’s say I owe you $24.99…” My heart soared and I laughed out loud. I wouldn’t have to talk to Bee at all! She had bought an MC2 secret journal while we were on our Target run, and was supposed to pay me back. I hadn’t asked for the money yet, and here Bee was – being responsible and using the excuse to create a game so we could all have a little fun.

I could have hugged the smooshiness right outta that girl! (And I think I tried.) I knew in that moment that my daughter was paying attention. She listened when I talked – about the things that were important and mattered, and things that were fun and goofy. She listened to all of it. And not only did she listen, but she processed it. She was able to think of a fun way to return the money she owed me. She didn’t try to skimp on her “owesies”, and she remembered all of those fun treasure hunts Auntie Kim and I made for her and her sister when they were younger. I know now it’s something Bee has added to her bag of tricks, and will use when (if) she has kiddos of her own. The tradition lives on!

Yes, I am definitely doing something right with that girl!


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One Response to “My creative little giggle-monster.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    What a great way to pay you back. Plus, proof that you are parenting “right” is always the best.

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