That’s me – holding back prodigies at every turn.

Bee-girl has been asking me to fix my sewing machine for the past year. She even got some Barbie patterns for Christmas, along with a gift card to the fabric store, because it’s what she wanted so much and I swore I was going to fix it.

The problem is that – okay, well, first it’s that I’m lazy. Secondly, it’s that my machine was tangled to the point that I wasn’t sure that I could fix it, and my fear of confirming that (and being machine-less) kept me from examining it any closer.

Saturday, though, Gracie had yet another sleepover. (That social butterfly had to literally choose between parties this weekend because she had too many invites and too much going on!) So Bee and I got to have some more one-on-one time and when Bee asked if I could untangle the sewing machine (for the 39482093482nd time), I said yes.

And then I cursed myself because when Bee ran into my closet, grabbed the machine and set it up on the kitchen table before I could change my mind, I walked out there and had everything fixed in about 60 seconds.

It was that easy.


Bee was so excited you could practically see her vibrating in her seat. I showed her how to thread the machine – and assured her I would help her the next few times until the process seemed second nature, how to select different stitches and change direction, how to line up your fabric under the foot of the needle thingy, and very. carefully. apply pressure to the pedal to adjust her speed. I found a piece of material to run some test stitches and showed her what I was talking about. Then Bee dragged out a sewing kit she got for Christmas that I think was designed for handsewing together small pillows, but Bee wasn’t about to handsew all of that. I mean, she could – she’s adept at handsewing, even if it goes too slow for her. Now she could whip out those pillows much faster! And that was what Bee was about!

She was pretty ecstatic! She sewing all of her little felt pieces together, and made me a sign to show her appreciation. She made me another sign, too, one with a giant heart and then some stitches she chose from the stitch selector that look like heart beat spikes. I didn’t even know she was taking in all of the information I threw at her when I showed her what all of the buttons and selectors did! Turns out, Bee is a bit of a sewing phenom. She brought this in to me a little bit later:


Pretty adorable! Though maybe not half as adorable as its maker. Heh. Which is why about an hour later I was looking up when JoAnn Fabric closed and was surprised to find it was still open that late on a Saturday night. So Bee and I hopped in the car and, well…


We went a little crazy. We brought one of Bee’s Barbie patterns that she got for Christmas and she picked out what dress she wanted to start with first. I taught her how to read on the back how much fabric she needed, and what other sewing notions that pattern called for. She picked out a blue satin-y type material, and I taught her how to find the price on the bolts of material. The one she chose was $12.99/yard. Then she found a look-alike for only $7.99 a yard. We only needed a quarter-yard for the dress, so that was more than doable. (Except there ended up being less than a yard on the bolt, so we got the entire piece for just $4 because of the remnant discount. And Bee was sold on remnants forever. Score!) I showed her where the remnant bin was (nothing good there) and where the squares of  quarter-yard pieces where that were designed for quilting, but also work well for small projects like Barbie clothes. We picked out fancy lace-by-the-yard, and some pre-packaged elastic and some straight pins. We got the whole kit-and-caboodle for $13. We are the bargain queens!

Then we stopped for a giant container of french fries from 5 Guys to celebrate. Because we could!

I’m totally blaming those french fries for why we haven’t pinned out the dress yet. The girlie and I got home and put our feet up, watched some trashy TV, and then ran around did other things until I was all, “Hey! It’s midnight! Maybe we should go to bed?”

Even when I’m being the cool mom who fixes sewing machines and buys french fries for a snack at 9:30p, I can be a real buzzkill and ruin the mood with rules and bedtimes and stuff.

Bee spent nearly all of Sunday playing with the sewing machine and making all sorts of projects. She didn’t want to piece out her dress quite yet, I think because she’s having fun running the machine on her own and didn’t want me there telling her she had to follow rules and such. It’s okay. My sewing prodigy and I will get there. And we’ll have all the fun on the way, too.


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One Response to “That’s me – holding back prodigies at every turn.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Very cool. Sewing can be so much fun – when you have time to do it.

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