Five for Friday.

Praise the Godstars – it’s Friday! Let’s jump right in, shall we?

1 I am pages – pages – from finishing Laini Taylor’s Daughters of Smoke and Bone trilogy. I haven’t had this much fun getting lost in a series since I don’t know when. The books run about 600 pages each, and were the kind that you wanted to gulp down read savor as you went along, so it’s been a fun two weeks. That being said, I’m ready to start filling my timeline chock-a-block with new titles and reviews! It’s been decadent taking my time, but I’m ready for the next adventure!

2 Gracie-boo is sick, sick, sick with that bronchitis that’s been going around. I’m hoping she makes it all day at school today. Then we have the weekend to rest up. Our “big plans” for tonight were to grab fast food and binge on 13 Reasons Why tonight, so as long as she can hold on, I know we can get her through this.

3 I know many people have many different feelings about 13RW – and every single one of them is valid. We’ve unfortunately experienced a lot of suicide, and so I choose to watch the show with my girls (if they want) and talk about it with them. I’m terrified of not having those lines of communications open, that hand out. Gracie was the first one to inhale the series, and then she accused me of starting it without her (she had offered to rewatch with me), but it was Bee-girl who had played it. So we’ll all watch together.

4 Speaking of Bee’s all-of-a-sudden grown-up tastes, she’s been begging me to read It with her. I had stopped because it was freaking Gracie out (and, well, Gracie just flat out doesn’t want to be read to), but Bee begged me to continue! So I might read that one just the two of us. I wish there was a graphic novel adaptation I could let her read, quasi-unsupervised. (No way I’m handing over the paperback – I’ll wake up in the middle of the night with orange pom poms staring me in the face. Beep-beep, Bee-girl.) Kim suggested I tweet the idea to those who might be able to make it happen. I’m thinking I let Bee illustrate a few panels first. Then send them my rather stupendous idea!

5 Mother’s Day, with all of its rather complicated feelings, rushing at us all. Here’s hoping this weekend is not the worst.

So there you go. A quick and dirty list to jump start our Friday! Go forth and make the most of it!


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