Five for Friday.

Friday! I am still terribly sick. My head is pounding, my teeth ache from all the sinus pressure, and my throat hurts. I’m not getting out of bed this weekend unless it’s wicked important. Thankfully, my brain doesn’t have to stretch too far because today is Five for Friday day!

1 Today isn’t the easiest day for Gracie-girl for a couple reasons. We had a long talk last night and while I promised her I wouldn’t get into details, I do know how she loves staring in my blog. So I just want to say: Fries before guys, sweet girl. And I wish you knew how badly I tried to swing it so my lunchtime today coincided with yours, so I could bring you a bouquet of french fries. (Ooooh, or a bucket of Chicken Express mashed potatoes and a bouquet of spoons, so you could share with your friends!)

2 The staying-in bit will be easier because I finished the second book in the Daughter of Smoke & Bone series last night, which means I am ready for Book 3 tonight. I’m cozying up with it and not moving until I finish it. And then I plan to hoover up anything else Laini Taylor has ever written!

3 The not-getting-out-of-bed thing might be complicated by Mayfest. Bee-girl’s AfterCare leader has been asking me since Christmas if Bee was going to be able to make it to Mayfest. Bee’s the captain of the Step Team, and they’re performing (naturally), and since Bee is the captain, she’s the one who leads the steps. She needs to be there. Only her dad and I thought it was next weekend, during my weekend. So we’re scrambling to change plans and figure out how to get her there, and whether we can help her friend out (because her mama can’t take her, so could we?). Which would be fine if it was my weekend and I wasn’t sick and I could just make command decisions with an un-fuzzy brain! We’ll get it sorted out.

4 Bee also has her Big Project due for English and history classes. She’s making a model of Esperanza’s camp from Esperanza Rising, and so she and I were planning all of the things for that. I’m glad she has two weekends to get it done, and her dad was all over it, but these are the projects I love helping with, and I’m stuck batting clean-up. I know Bee is going to get dinged for the 25% that’s graded on neatness, so I’m trying to help her recoup some of that with the 25% graded on creativity. Like, what if in the back of her model, I showed her how to make a moving backdrop out of two pencils and a long piece of white paper, that can be colored in, and spun around the pencils, to change from one scene to the next? I bet she could handle something like that. And it could make her shadow box more dynamic instead of static. We’ll see what Bee-girl thinks!

5 Being sick and on self-imposed bed-rest also means that I won’t be working on my Little Free Library this weekend. Well, maybe if I have a burst of energy I can pull it all out of the box and make sure the “attached to a metal pole” plan is going to work. If it won’t, there’s no point in bribing my big, muscle-y guy friends to come help me dig a post hole. If that will work, I need to figure out my paint scheme and get that going so I can assemble that sucker and get it going. Now that I have a plan in place, it’s hard not to just go do it already!

So that’s my plan for what is – hopefully – a restful weekend! I hope yours is just as relaxing!


One Response to “Five for Friday.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I am sorry you are still sick. That is the worst.
    May the right decisions come to Gracie whatever the situation may be. You have been a good Mama and I know she will do what’s best.
    Good luck to Bee at Mayfest – I know you will get her there if it takes all your strength.
    Hugs to you – hopefully you really do get to rest and you feel better before Monday.

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