Five for Friday.

Morning, all! Is it just me, or did this week fly by? Constant crises will do that, I suppose. A lot was going on. Let’s see what’s still sticking around, what things still need to be told so we can get this Friday started…

1 I maybe have a date tonight. One of the women in my department set me up with one of the doctors she knows – and by doctor, I mean psychiatrist, so this is going to be hilarious. We’ve been texting back and forth every day since last Monday when my friend sent us each other’s number. Tonight, we meet. I’m a little nervous, but not really. I’ve done this first date thing so. many. times.

2 Gracie has been MVP of date prep. (And how odd that my girlies are so old that they can even be That Person for me?!) Since Corrie insisted on moving across the city and couldn’t just run across the street for outfit selection, Gracie watched me model outfits and helped me pick one out, and the jewelry. Then Gracie spent an hour straightening my hair for me last night. My hair looks great! I mean, Gracie did an excellent job! She didn’t burn me, never pulled my hair, knew exactly what she was doing, and we had a blast watching Bones while she worked. And my hair looks fantastic! WIN!!

3 I have been writing up a storm. At least my insomnia is good for that! I wrote 30 pages of one of my stories this week, during the hours I should have been sleeping but couldn’t. At least that is useful?

4 Part of me really wants to read It out loud to the kids. I could skip over the really gross and unnecessary parts. Gracie saw the trailer and I’m trying to talk her into seeing the movie with us. (Well, the second time. I’m seeing it with the stisters and cousins when I go back home for my cousin’s wedding.) She seems reluctant. I think once she meets the Losers, she’ll be all in. Bee might like it even more that Gracie. The problem is, Gracie refuses to read. She’s sucked into 13 Reasons, but won’t read the book. So there’s no way she’ll read It. Unless I read it to her… What do you think? Too over the top?

5 I’m lost in the Daughter of Smoke and Bone world. It’s been awhile since I’ve read a book that caught me so completely! It’s magical. I feel like I’m standing there, in this world, completely 3D. And not just like I am when I read a book – it’s not just like watching a movie. It’s like I’m there. I can see every building, every strand of fabric, every hair and freckle and crumb of dirt on the background characters. It’s bizarre. And wonderful. I’m kind of mad no one made me read these before.

So there you have it! Today is either going to go by reeeeeealllly slowly or in a blink. To be honest, I’m not sure which I want!


2 Responses to “Five for Friday.”

  1. Care Says:

    Aw! How did it go?
    And, sure. Read IT to the kids. Sounds like fun.

  2. Kathy Says:

    Soooo….. how did date night go? I love your lists. Wish I had read this on Friday but you know, I was busy with flood waters in the basement. Hey guess what? It is raining here – again.

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