Five for Friday.

This week – it’s been a blur, sir. But a few people have threatened me with pitchforks if I didn’t muster up a list of bullet points for today. Let’s see how I fare…

1 The extremes of not-sleeping, all-the-sleeping, not-sleeping are killing me. I wasn’t sleeping, wasn’t sleeping, wasn’t sleeping, then I had the tummy bug on Wednesday and spent it sleeping. I’m not kidding – I went to bed by 11/11:30a, was up for an hour in the afternoon, then for an hour at dinner to get Bee, and then for an hour that night to run an errand. And slept until 4a. That’s a lot of sleeping to catch up on. Naturally I was up until 3a this morning. Too much sleep. (Sigh.)

2 Gracie took her turn with the germs last weekend. Her cough has been pretty bad for a few weeks. I took her to the doctor’s Sunday morning because she was complaining of severe chest/rib pain along with it. They thought it was bronchitis, not pneumonia, but her rib was certainly bruised. We got lots of meds (though I had to pester them for some cough syrup that works) and is doing much better. It was touch and go for awhile – you know it’s bad when your tween follows you around asking you to holllllllllld her. Geez.

3 My semi reading slump continues. I’m reading – just not often, and not very quickly. It’s oomphless reading. Right now it’s a re-read of the third Harry Potter, a 4 1/2 star-er Daredevils, and the next book in the Charlotte Holmes series, Last Days of August. I’ll tell you about them one of these Thursdays, I suppose.

4 You guys: we’re not even out of FEBRUARY yet. 3 and 10/12 more years. Great googly moogly.

5 My jeans were falling off at the store last weekend to the point that Gracie even started yelling at me for pulling them up so often. (Or, um, maybe it was the fact that I kept teasing her that I was going to let them fall down?) Either way, I knew it was way more than just having been awhile since they were washed; they weren’t just stretched out. I was curious to see, though, whether they were my Terribly Big pants, or just my One Size Up pants. Because if they were Terribly Big pants, it just meant that I had lost some weight – enough to pack away the “fat” pants – and keep up the progress. But One Size Up pants, that meant I had whittled myself back down to a size 8, at least in jeans. PRAISE THE BABY JEEBUS!! IT’S A 2017 MIRACLE! They were 10s, which were falling off of me, and even my tall and skinny 8s fit. I wasn’t even focusing too much of what I was eating. I’ve been running again, and I’ve been not-drinking, and I know I haven’t been eating a lot of junk food – but not just healthy food, either. I was surprised by the weight loss. But I’ll take it!

Looks like I had five bullets rattling around after all. Some days I just never know if they’ll find their way onto the paper or not. Now I’m going to go brew some more coffee in search of some oomph.


One Response to “Five for Friday.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    So happy to see your 5. I have missed you. Congrats on #5 – that is AWESOME!!

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