Five for Friday.

Morning everyone! It’s been a crazy week here – at least half of the time I thought it was Thursday (how can we have so many Thursdays in one week – seriously!) and today doesn’t seem like a Friday. I have no idea what threw me off, but I’m anxious to get everything back on track. Which means I’m not allowed to skip this morning’s all important blog post, or I’ll still feel unmoored. Let’s get it started…

1 I have the girls this weekend, which means all Valentine’s purchases and preparations have to happen. This could very likely be my last year going all out – Bee’s in pseudo junior high next year (stand-alone sixth), and I’m never sure if they do classroom parties or not. I know the kids always enjoy the parties, but getting them to sit down and fill out Valentines for everyone in their class always felt like a bit of a beating, so I’m not even sad about the tradition coming to a screeching halt. While Bee is figuring that out, Gracie-girl needs to figure out what she’s doing for The Boyfriend for Valentine’s Day. What do you do for a tween-age boy? A stuffed animal? A…um…uh… I got nothing. No idea. So please give me some ideas!

2 This past week the girls joined me in my room while I crafted and we all rewatched first Anne of Green Gables and then the second one, too. It was squishy, with us all set up with chairs and TV trays for them, and everything being passed back and forth, but it was fun! I like being able to spend time with the girlies doing something different, and I like pulling them further into the fun of crafting.

3 My Free Little Library arrived! I haven’t pulled the pieces out of the box yet – it was so heavy, it was all I could do to get it over the threshold and into the house! I’ll need to research whether I need a permit and figure out how I’m going to get it into the ground. Maybe if it rains this weekend, I can get John to help me dig a hole in the ground and cement it in. There’s a neighborhood park entrance on the other side of our neighborhood – I’ll probably put it there. Or, if restrictions prevent it from being on “city” land, I’ll put it up in front of the U-bend of our streets, on my lawn. Everyone slows down and stops to talk to my neighbor, so I’m sure it will get enough traffic. And now I can start picking up books in earnest. So many fun things to plan!

4 My partner-in-crime will no longer live across the street. They’ve bought a house all the way across the city. And I’m so heartbroken that I can’t say more than that.

patsscarf5 And then there is the Superbowl. I’ve been good not stressing about it – usually by pretending it’s not happening at all. But it’s starting to feel real! I’ll have to plan out what snacks and dinner we’ll have Sunday night, with the girls, and then get our pool ready. My bestie Kathy was nice enough to knit me a Patriots scarf as a talisman, which is good because my mental health is maxed out worrying over politics – I really cannot take a Patriots loss. Even though I’ve broken up with Brady for siding with President Cheeto, I can’t excise him from the team. I can’t root against everyone else just because of him. The team is more than him. If any team in the NFL is about Team First, ego last, it’s the Patriots. So. Go Pats! One more. One more win. And then I can use that success to help soothe me through the insanity for a few months, at least. I think. I hope.

Alright, peoples! Friday, Friday, Friday! Let’s get ready to weekend!


2 Responses to “Five for Friday.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Get the boy candy and a card. Keep it simple.

  2. Kim Says:

    He’s in band with Molls, isn’t he? Clearly a mixtape is in order…

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