Five for Friday.

Are we sure it’s Friday? Because it feels like Tuesday. I keep expecting everyone to come in the door and laugh at me. So let’s get through our list real quick before it gets canceled!

1 I pretty much killed it with #Diverseathon this week! I read all three March graphic novels (and you should, too!), which are now being donated to Bee’s classroom (she said she felt like Willy Wonka, but with books, since she gets to end her book report with that news); I read Fish in Exile, which really wasn’t my thing, but the point is to read diversely, not things you’d usually read; and Rani Patel in Full Effect, which was painfully thin in some places (you could tell it was written by a psychologist whose day job is therapy, not writing fiction), but absolutely slayed at giving kids on the edges a place to see themselves represented. I counted more than a dozen groups that could claim representation in that book, from native Hawaaians, to Indian immmigants, to females with body dysmorphia, girls into hardcore rap, victims of sexual abuse, victims of physical abuse by family members (so, um, also: trigger warning). It was a powerful week, and I’m glad I saw Andi‘s post about it!


2 To cap off #Diverseathon, look at what I got in the mail yesterday! My sister bought two copies, one for me, and one for Andi the next time I see her. (My sister was hella impressed with how fired up Andi is and everything she’s doing for the Resistance.) The book was published by a friend of my sister’s friend, so she gifted them to us. Tears We Cannot Stop is the truth of black America, one every single person in this country should read. So that people feel heard, and so that we the privileged can listen better. The book is blurbed by Toni Morrison and Stephen King, and has been retweeted or amplified in some way by Beyonce, Isabel Wilkerson, and JJ Abrams. So don’t say it doesn’t apply to you or you can’t find a way in. It’s important. Find time and read with an open mind. Be honest about how you can stand up and make things better.

3 I’m back on the Great Chair Hunt. We thought we had a winner a few years ago – the chair from Target with the big cushiony bottom and back. But the legs wobble. No matter how tight you turn the screws, they come loose a few minutes later. The sound of the wobbling drives. me. bonkers. So that chair, which had been in Gracie’s room, has moved to the front room. (Hey! Seating!) Now I’m on the hunt again. Something cheap, something small (I have a lot of things stuffed into my bedroom and I need to be able to move around it when I get out of bed), and something comfy. The wooden kitchen chair isn’t gonna cut it much longer.

4 I think a Parks & Rec marathon is in my weekend outlook! Since rediscovering my crafty self, I’ve been neglecting the baby blanket I’m working on. And I’m pretty sure that baby is coming whether his blanket is finished or not. So I need to park my booty on the couch for a solid length of time and make pretty things happen!

5 I went to bed last night at 7p and slept all. night. long. It was glorious! Sleep, glorious sleep! I took a quick catnap at 5p, ran a bath to warm myself up, almost fell asleep while reading in the tub, and still was nodding off on the couch later when I moved myself to the living room. I’m not sure what was going on, but I was absolutely knackered. Thankfully, the girls’ Stepmom and Dad came to the rescue and offered to keep them for the night. They were running late because of Camp Gladiator, and the idea of staying up until after 8p seemed impossible. I hate being so wishy-washy with the girls’ schedules, but I’m trying to be better about knowing that a day or two off schedule is okay. We’re just rollin’ with everything now. Or trying to, at least!

So that’s it. Yes, kind of a slow week for me. But we need one of those every once in awhile, don’t we?


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