Five for Friday.

This week went by fast, you guys. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been so busy, or what, but it’s been nice!  Except how’m I gonna duplicate it next week if I don’t know how I made it happen??

While I’m puzzling that out, let’s see what we have going on…

1. Bee-girl is off on a crazy adventure today. The fifth-grade class (the upper-classmen at her school) traditionally go to an outdoor activity camp in the spring. I’m not sure why it was moved to January this year, but we’re rolling with it. They get to participate in archery, hiking, and all sorts of experiments and fun. It’s a gorgeous day outside – clear with a high of 73°. Baby girl is gonna have a blast!

2. And I know this because I spent last night last-minute planning with Bee-girl and with the help of my teacher friends. (Have a few in your village if you don’t already guys – they’re invaluable!) Bee made her lunch and I sat and wondered what we were going to do with her phone. Bee doesn’t get back until 5:45ish tonight. I was gonna have her call me when she was at school since I’m only a 3-minute drive away. But I don’t exactly want her losing her phone while she’s running around like a maniac. So I texted Kim G., the girls’ second mama who just happens to teach up there. I told Kim I wasn’t sure if a crossbody purse was allowed. She didn’t know either, and suggested a jacket with pockets that snap or zipper. I countered that this is BEE we’re talking about – the girl would put it down somewhere and lose it and her phone. So then Kim G. said to text Bee’s teacher, that it wasn’t too late at night (it kind of was) – and she knew because she had started texting her with my questions. NO ONE has better teachers at their school than my kids! Bee gets to take her crossbody purse. Her phone, emergency/gift shop money, and tissues have all been secured.

3. Gracie-girl, on the other hand, lost some phone time last night. We’re having a problem lately with remembering to bring our stuff home from Dad’s. Even if I remind everyone. So when Gracie had to wear her pajama bottoms to her Dad’s because her tennis pants were over there, I kinda lost it a little. Every trick I’ve tried to motivate Gracie has failed. And she’s my “responsible one” who doesn’t do this! In light of that, I’m trying to give her a break, but my patience has worn thin. So Gracie lost her phone for an hour last night. And you know what? She remembered to bring home her stuff.

4. I tried a new curl creme last night and it’s NOT working. The Pantene BB Curl Creme (or whatever it’s called) is certainly soft and touchable…but it does not tame the wild mess of “curls” (can I call them curls? in this state?) that are rioting from my head in directions that should not be followed. And the FRIZZ. Good god. A hair elastic will be making an appearance very, very soon.

5. I am ignoring the news today. I am finding my happy place and staying there. If anything happens that I straight-up NEED to know, someone text me. Don’t even call, because I’m screening those, too. Happy place is sacred. Happy place is necessary. Happy place includes a readathon that starts right after work and school. So: YAY HAPPY PLACE!!! You guys are welcome to join me, if you want. Because my Happy Place is all about inclusion.

So there you go guys. A few things rattling around my brain. Now tell me – what are YOU GUYS up to? How are you spending your day? Where is YOUR happy place?



One Response to “Five for Friday.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    My five:

    1. Last day of finals for the kids today. Think we will eat out to celebrate.
    2. GREAT conversation with the boss today. I am so very blessed.
    3. Local Women’s March with my girl tomorrow. Kinda not my thing but I will not squish her ideals. And it’s not that I don’t share her ideals I am just not a group protest kind of girl.
    4. The boy keeps his phone “rights” because he is going to pass his classes and not have to attend summer school. Plus driver’s ed is around the corner now.
    5. Knit-a-thon because there are so many things I want to knit but first I must finish all the things on needles.

    Bonus: Supporting my friend whose hubby is in DC on security detail today. She is worried but knows he will be safe even in these scary times. We will watch the inauguration so she will know she has nothing to worry about in the immediate.

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