Five for Friday.

So today is really Friday, not Thursday. Which I knew, it’s just that I started writing my book review post last night and never finished it. Something is wrong with my Accio energy! spell. Huh. So I pretended for a few minutes that today was Thursday, wrote the rest of my post, published it, and NOW it can be Friday again. Or still. Or, um, whatever.


So let’s get back to our previously scheduled programming. Five things!

1 We did not get enough snow or ice or wintry precip of other means to close schools or work or even the roads. Womp wahhhh. (Yes, Rhi, we wore our pajamas backwards and inside out and everything!) There is, however, an overturned tractor trailer that used to be filled with onions that has shut down a major freeway. So I expect attendance to be down a wee bit at work, regardless of the lack of snow.

2 I remain optimistic for snow later on! Even if we don’t get sent home early, it would be nice to get pajamafied and lounge in front of both the TV and the fire. Otherwise I have to listen to my 12-year-old whine about how I wouldn’t let her plan a group date with her boyfriend and her besties for tonight because I thought the roads might be less than optimal. And watching The Shallows just goes better with fire and some popcorn, right? (I’d wonder who would scream more – me or the girls, but we ALL KNOW it will be me!)

3 Bee-girl and I have a nice date set up for ourselves tomorrow. After I drop off my portion of the tween crowd at the mall, she and I are going to have an adventure at the antique mall, and then – if she’s good – stop at DSW for some shoe shopping. I said if she was good, we could fit the shoe shopping in. She countered that if I was good while she shoe shopped, she’d buy me coffee. Clever girl. I expect my excitement at having some one-on-one time with my Bee-girl will evaporate around Hour 4 of shoes. (Happy place:happy place:happy place…)

4 I am reading three very different books right now that are hitting so many different, thrilling, gleeful buttons! Benjamin Percy’s The Dead Lands – a post-apocalyptic thriller that is intriguing, but hasn’t grabbed me and suck it down (yet), although I’m told it will. Lindy West’s Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman – a series of essays about growing up and into the body and person you’ve always been, in the face of a society that tells you to be ashamed and disgusted by what and who you are. And  Full of Grace, a wicked little romance by Gina Ferris. They’re fun in so many different ways and I love startling my brain between the three when I put one book down and pick another up. Talk about dissonance! Gives me the giggles every time I think about the mash-up possibilities!

5 It’s important to note that from the time I started writing my post until the time it took me to get an entire five bullets in, I have lost all my eye makeup. Or, I’m assuming I’ve lost all my eye makeup. Or soon will. Because holy streaming eyes, Batman! If this means my sinuses are finally draining, I could live with it. The sinus headaches every evening are not my jam. But the constantly streaming eyes and blotting of said eyes with tissues is going to rub my skin raw. It’s a tough, life; I know.

Don’t all be jealous at once – no snow, no eye make-up, no end to the list of reasons I’m a hott mess right now! But it’s Friday and there’s a glorious weekend in my future, and so I shall REJOICE!


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