#AMonthOfFaves: 5 Must Haves for Winter Survival!


Brrrr! Winter has finally shown in face in North Texas – and because I’m a weirdo from New England, I’m rather enjoying the frigid air because Christmastime is supposed to be cold!

Just in time for that cold air, today’s prompt from #AMonthOfFaves asks for everyone’s favorite tips for surviving winter. So let me share a few of my tricks. I’m trying to think of different answers, and keep the conversation lively,


Layers, layers, layers! Being cold is miserable, so my first counter-move against winter’s miserable temps is to bundle up! Simple, yes – but is anything more satisfying than pulling on a chunky knit sweater over feeling warmth, glorious warmth? Tank tops, long sleeve shirts, knee-high wool socks, leggings under jeans – I’ll take it all! And fancy sweaters just make my heart happy.




Re-reading favorite books! There’s something about those cold, winter nights, when it gets dark out early and you’re just bone-tired when you crawl into bed. I re-read favorite books any time of year, but having a story to fall back into can make winter nights so cozy! Pair it with the perfect flannel or jersey sheets, a super-soft (but perfectly firm) memory foam mattress, lighting that’s bright enough to keep you up, but dim enough to make you sleepy, and pajamas so comfy they’re almost worn out. Now that is the perfect way to spend a winter evening!

glovesCreature comforts in the office. It’s all about the little things, isn’t it? So I’m not above introducing a few silly little things to my work day to warm me up. (My office doesn’t believe in heat, you see.) Some Most Every morning I turn on my illegal space heater to warm up the air enough so my toes don’t fall off from frostbite. I have a mug of tea or hot apple cider to gather the mental energy to make it through the rest of the morning afternoon day. Some mornings I even need to put on a pair of fingerless gloves and a scarf to keep me from running, screaming, back to my cozy, cozy bed. And those gloves – they feel like a dream. They’re the softest things I’ve ever felt!

tobThe Tournament of Books ramp up and throw down. Just about the time I start feeling all my feelings about football (the season is too long, my team is too injured, the world is ending because we didn’t advance in the playoffs, etc., etc.), the good people of The Morning News release the longlist for the Tournament of Books and my nerdy book chums and I fall on it like whoa. I start highlighting and crafting lists and poaching books from the library like… well, a really uncivilized person who couldn’t give too hoots how uncouth they look. Discussing books and characters and voice and plot with my friends is always the best part of my day, but the TOB always falls during the perfect time of year – just when I need something to carry me through the darkest, coldest months. It’s just the spark I need to get me super-excited about reading again!

owlProjects, projects, projects! Sometimes what I need is a new project to get me excited about everything again. When you’re engaged with the world, you don’t seem to mind that it’s 16° outside. Okay, yes, yes you still care that it’s winter and the cold will never end, but at least you have something to take your mind off it! I have a bunch of crafty type projects that I’ve been tackling (huzzah for Christmas crafts!), and there’s a certain writing project I’ve dusted off again. Having time to myself – entire weekends, in fact – is a glorious thing. And there is more than running the C25K program again that’s caught my eye. Rehabbing my spirits along with this body is definitely something I’m working on this winter. I’ve sulked long enough – now it’s time to roll up my sleeves and get to work!

Surviving winter is more than just lotioning up your dry skin and conditioning your hair – not that that’s unimportant! It’s just that I like to work on the bigger picture. All of you has to be happy. What about you – what do you guys do to survive? Pile on your tips and tricks so I can steal some of my favorites!



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