Five for Friday.

Good morning! Let’s jump to it, shall we?

1. Fridays during #MonthOfFaves are for shining a light on our fellow bloggers who happened to catch our eye during the week. An idea that snagged our attention, a turn of phrase we were jealous we hadn’t thought of first (in good fun) – and I have that! I’ll do that to. But I found myself missing my Friday brain-drump of what all was nibbling at me, and so I wanted to do my Five Things first. It grounds me.

2. It’s certainly feeling like December outside! It’s chilly; a brisk 25° outside. The kind of dry cold that makes you glad it gets dark so early, so you can bundle up in cozy pajamas and sit on the couch, sewing your friend’s baby blanket and natter on with the girls about every day nothings hugely important only to them. Tonight we’ll add a roaring fire in the fireplace and I’ll wish it would snow so I could take them sledding. Not that it snows here in Tejas, certainly not enough for sledding. Even if it did, we don’t have sleds or hills. But give me some snow (after Kim is here safely) and I’ll make it happen! This morning I even warmed the car up before I set out, and if I wasn’t so mad at my oldest daughter, I might have tasked her with sitting behind the wheel to make sure no one stole the car or the car didn’t roll down the not-hill into the street.

3. Want to know why I was close to seething? (Yes, you’ll find out either way.) That darling eldest daughter of mine, the one who has been complaining about the cough she can’t shake? She is flouting the brisk temps and practically asking her chest cold to get worse! She “forgot” her winter coat at her father’s house. Yes, there is a lot of shuffling back and forth, this week more than most. It’s non-normal ops, I get that. We’ve had holiday concerts and band concerts and trying to remember all the new layers for too-early, too-cold tennis practice.So yesterday when my darling daughter didn’t have her winter coat, I told her through clenched teeth that she would lose bedtime if she didn’t fix the situation that evening, and had her get a second coat, one she inherited from me. 17° was too cold to brave it. Especially for an asthmatic complaining about a lingering cough. ASK ME WHAT HAPPENED THIS MORNING. Now there are two coats at dad’s house, no back-ups, and a temper even more frayed than it was. “But you got there at the same time we pulled into the drive-way!” she tried. And it might have worked if said darling daughter hadn’t gone back into the house, while Stepmom and I were chatting, to get her laptop so she could work on an art project at home. The laptop? Right next to two winter coats. Privileges will be lost.

4. The art project is pretty neat, though. Gracie-girl worked on a Christmas card for her friends that says something about Mistle-toes. She is planning to get her two besties a little something for Christmas, and then has a list a million dozen people long that she wanted to get just a little something. Gracie decided on cheaper nail polish (the $2 variety, so I can’t be too mad at the length of the list). I’ll let Bee get a few for her friends, too, because you know that’s going to happen! I’m proud my girls have giving hearts; that’s something you really can’t teach once they pass a certain age.

5. My sister will be here ONE WEEK from tonight!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! One year I will somehow get Kim and Rhi to stay with me for Christmas, but until that happens, I’m glad I get to have one of them with me. I will want to kill the girls at least forty gazillion times for arguing during the brief, forced period of having to share a room, but it will be worth it. So many shenanigans are planned…it’s the ones that will happen unplanned and un-schemed that I can’t wait for! Seven more sleeps…which will happened must faster if I can somehow forget about . HA!

Okay. I’m off to round up some of the brilliance of fellow writers. I’ve fallen away from reading blogs as much as I used to, and I miss the indulgences. Definitely on my list of things to get back to next year. Lists and resolutions – I feel them brewing. Happy Friday, everyone!


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One Response to “Five for Friday.”

  1. Kim Says:

    I cannot believe you asked for snow before next week is over -_-

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