#Month of Faves: “Here we go Advent(ur)ing…

…among the leaves so green!” So green because we live in Tejas where winter never ever arrives. Although I will admit that some leaves have finally turned Fall colors. If Fall colors includes brown, dead, more brown, and slight orange (but mostly dead).

They’ve turned colors because it’s December and December means so many things, including time for #MonthOfFaves over at Andi’s place! (And Tanya and Kimberly at Girl XOXO, and Tamara over at Traveling with T.) These ladies are seriously some of my favorite people in the entire world. Andi, especially, has become such a dear friend this year. She makes me laugh AND want to be a better person all at once, and when you find people like that, you add them to your village.


We’re supposed to be focusing on some of our favorite things throughout the year, but today I’m choosing to focus on my favorite way to end the year – our Advent(ure) Calendar. The girls do their true Advent Calendar at church with Grandma. At home, well, things get slightly more crazy. (Although, to be honest, giving my kids fire and letting them run around lighting candles sounds pretty crazy to me!)

Every year it’s a scramble to fill up the calendar what do we want to do? This year it seems to lean heavily towards crafting – pinecone owls, string art, make n’ bake ornaments, etc. Last year we were more game-centric – Holiday Name 5 game, Christmas Story Cubes… And there are always favorites – baking cookies for teachers, going on a holiday light tour, the Christmas candy taste test (wow, was that one a hit!). The fun there is that they have no idea when we get to do those…and it kills them!

Want to see what we get to do every night? I promise it’s going to make for a lot of fun stories for you all!

Dec 1 – Make paper chains to count down to Christmas!
Dec 2 – Make new Christmas mix tapes (kids-free weekend)
Dec 3 – Make something for someone who is reading so shoosh, Katie (kids-free weekend)
Dec 4 – Make Merry & Bright shadowboxes filled with ornaments (kids-free weekend)
Dec 5 – Make string art with some of the wooden plank kits I bought. Gracie also has her holiday choir concert
Dec 6 – Work on another something-something for a certain someone (kids-free night)
Dec 7 – Gracie has her holiday band concert. If there’s time, the girls can do tissue paper Christmas trees
Dec 8 – Make the make-n-bake ornaments and attend Bee’s holiday concert.
Dec 9 – Construct our Christmas scene in a jar-o
Dec 10 – Help the girls make their foam Christmas scenes and invite the Redheads to join us!
Dec 11 – Christmas photo shoot with Stepmom! At the CHRISTMAS TREE FARM!!
Dec 12 – Carefully construct Perler Christmas scenes
Dec 13 – Mail Christmas cards (kids-free night)
Dec 14 – Get pajamafied, make some snacks, and go on a Christmas Light Tour!
Dec 15 – Have a holiday taste test with various Christmas candy and treats that are out
Dec 16 – Pick up Auntie Kim and carol all the way home!
Dec 17 – Decorate felt Christmas trees and maybe have a contest. MAYBE.
Dec 18 – Make snowflakes, string them about the kitchen, and do a snowdance
Dec 19 – Make birdseed ornaments (Gracie is home for Christmas break; Bee has school)
Dec 20 – Go reindeer hunting, hopefully in the snow
Dec 21 – Make Santa mustaches and make candy snowflakes
Dec 22 – Fill glass ball ornaments with bookish quotes
Dec 23 – Finish wrapping gifts and bake goodies for the neighbors
Dec 24 – Make pinecone owl ornaments (kids-free weekend)
Dec 25 – Girls come home at noon, and it’s Christmas Eve at our house, sooo Gingerbread Man competition!
Dec 26 – Christmas at Casa de Katie!

We are going to have SO MUCH FUN! I can’t wait to see what you all are up to and what was your favorite thing from this year! (Or, if you cheat like me, what is your favorite thing going on RIGHT NOW. Ha!)


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5 Responses to “#Month of Faves: “Here we go Advent(ur)ing…”

  1. Kim Says:

    I get to decorate a felt tree ANNND a gingerperson!?! That’s a good advent(ure) calendar.

  2. Andi (@estellasrevenge) Says:

    Man, oh, man I love this so much! First, THANK YOU for being such a great friend! I ❀ being tribe buddies. And this list of things looks amazing. I've adored the pics of your crafty endeavors thus far. ❀

  3. Kimberly Says:

    An Advent(ure) calendar seems like a great idea – I may steal that going forward, lol. Sounds like you have a fun month ahead of you!

  4. travelingwitht Says:

    Oh I want to Christmas advent with you all month long. Especially the Christmas tree farm. (Side note: That 9 foot tall Christmas tree that you have to put up limb by limb I had last year? STILL HAVE IT. It’s GORGEOUS, but I’ve gotta find a replacement. Fingers crossed.

    Xoxoxxoxoxoxoxo to you- you are TOO sweet to call me one of your fav ppl! The feeling is TOTES mutual, darling πŸ™‚

  5. Tanya Patrice Says:

    This is such an awesome idea! I hope to see pics of your adventures πŸ™‚

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