Good god, what’s with this week? (Wednesday edition)

Jeff came over to get some of his stuff last night. It was terrible and difficult – moreso because he was kind and patient and full of apologies.

And my village? They are amazing.

GracefullyGracie, my darling daughter, has been providing comedic back-up. She and Bee-girl made me laugh all last week. They have a very limited knowledge of what’s going on (that boils down to Jeff and I fightfought all the time, and now he’s moving out, and I’m glad/sad about it), but it doesn’t matter. They make me laugh anyway. We spent a long week creating in-jokes (Me: “Your face!” Gracie: “Oh yeah? Well YOUR FOOT!”) and when Gracie heard Jeff was coming over last night (the girls were at their dad’s for the night)(yes, that was on purpose), Gracie texted me our face/foot joke about a hundred times. And I loved her more every time I got it.

Kim texted me a video of my cousin Hillary, and Hill’s girlfriend Em, opening a care package Kim had sent. Hill&Em were so Kate&Kim about it all that my sides split with laughter.

After Jeff had left, I broke out in stress hives, even though he had sat down and had a drink or two with me in an effort to end things on better terms. I posted to Facebook (because: wine) and Rhi texted me within seconds. She has a knack for chasing away the gloomies, even if she does sometimes underestimate my resolve. (Oven mitts? I don’t need no oven mitts!)

My cousin Shayne texted me to commiserate, and after many plans, I stopped just short of tipsily buying tickets to Ohio. I think there are fun plans afoot for 2017!

My Twitter hive has been sending uplifting messages and pictures of hedgehogs, and basically being my rock, my jumping off point for this next adventure in single mommying.

Corrie, of course, texted me to see who she needed to come shoot. Or, alternatively, if she needed to bring me more booze so we could drunkenly craft our troubles away. Since I had already tucked myself into bed (at 9 o’clock!), I assured her I was just going to sleep because I was absolutely knackered.

Yes, sleep, glorious sleep! I slept from 9 until 6:20 this morning. Well, except for this one vivid dream I had at about 11 p.m. that involved candy bars and Milky Way guts being all over everything. When I “woke up” (seriously questioning how “awake” I was because hoo boy), I needed candy more than I have ever needed anything in my life. So I threw back the covered and scrambled into the kitchen, where I wolfed down a cinnamon crumb cake snack pack the girls had in the pantry for lunches, two pieces of fudge, and the tallest glass of milk you’ve ever seen in your life. As one does. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve raided the kitchen in the middle of the night, and that’s including pregnancies and college. No more skipping dinners for me! Then I brushed my teeth again and climbed back into bed and went right back to sleep. Weirdo.

There are still more things that Jeff has to gather up and move. It will still be gut-wrenchingly hard. I’ll still cry, even though I want him to go. But – BUT! – it means the world to me knowing how much you all care.

My village is filled with good people.

And that is why I will be okay.


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2 Responses to “Good god, what’s with this week? (Wednesday edition)”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I am sorry you had a such a rough night. I am eternally grateful that you have an AMAZING village. And, be thankful you didn’t accidentally bring how a dog to help you through all this. Because OY! accidental Thanksgiving dog may be my craziest decision yet.

  2. panicbuttonweb Says:

    Villages are the BEST. Thank you for being part of mine, and please feel free to call anytime. Xoxo

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