Remembering I was thankful.

I’m back! I was gone for what seems like ages, and I have so much to tell you about!

  • Jeff left. Yes, it is a huge change in my life and I’m trying to find the right words to tell you what happened while still being respectful, and also still being cognizant of the fact that the story is still unfolding. For now, let me say that our relationship became extremely unhealthy, very quickly. We decided he would move out at the end of the year, except he decided to leave suddenly on Tuesday night, just before Thanksgiving. It’s been a long, crazy, weird week for me.
  • We had Thanksgiving! And hoo-boy was our day one for the ages. In fact, I think I only survived because I narrated the chapter of my memoir (as it will undoubtedly go down) in one of my best friend’s voice, and kept imagining myself as Anne Shirley. Because it was mouse-in-the-pudding, sold-the-wrong-jersey-cow kind of day. After successfully making four pies, fudge, and buying half the groceria on Wednesday, I started Thursday by opening the fridge door and the lemon pie fell out onto the floor.


  • So I re-baked the pie. It was the one both girls had asked for, and Gracie’s favorite food of all time. Re-baking was my only option, and it justified always over-buying and having extras. Extra filling and extra ingredients for making pie crust. (Because homemade. Every time.) So that happened, and I pulled it off, and then I put the turkey in the oven. Gracie and I were getting out Christmas decorations and then we heard the explosion. Yes: explosion. It actually happened as we were talking to my family back home, and “I have to go, Mom says the kitchen is on fire,” isn’t exactly a good way to finish a phone call. Someone who was trying to make a pot of tea turned on the wrong burner, and the pumpkin pie that was resting on the stove in a glass dish exploded. All over the kitchen. I ran in just in time to see the pie on fire. And the other pie catch. So I put out the fire(s) by carrying everything out to the middle of the patio (the door is right next to the stove and a huge slab of concrete seemed my safest option). There was glass all. over. my kitchen. The other pies were ruined because: covered in glass shards. So Gracie and I picked up the glass, vacuumed and swiffered twice, and still found glass. My feet are so embedded, I sparkle like a vampire. My hands were shredded. But! I re-baked the pies for a second time.
  • We hung out all week, put up the tree, my partner-in-crime came over every single day. Oh! We made ornaments! I’ll have to post about those. That was a good day.
  • The girls were AMAZING. Bee dragged her mattress into Gracie’s room (after asking if it was okay), and basically camped out in there all week. They have never, ever done that. I don’t know what made them like each other all of a sudden, but I’m liking it! Okay, okay, it might have something to do with the fact that they discovered that they could Minecraft in the same game. There were whole chunks of days when I didn’t hear anything from them. It was creepy.
  • Then there were other chunks of time when all the girls did was hang out with me, like miniature grown-ups, and converse and crack jokes and help around the house or watch TV with me. It was great! Gracie has discovered The Office (which, yes, maybe she’s a bit young for, but whatevs. I know she’s fine.) and we had a blast watching episode after episode. We watched Christmas movies as we decorated the living room, and we laughed until our cheeks and sides hurt and so many stupid things. Talk about thankful.
  • Oh! And we decided on a theme for our Christmas pictures – Be Who You Are! It happened because I am half gung-ho for everything in a screw-you, mid-break-up kind of way, and half ugh-I-don’t-wanna-put-any-effort-into-anything. So I thought about going fancy, like we usually do. And I thought about doing just flannels and jeans. Gracie would never take off her flannel if I allowed it. So that would work. And it’s a pretty flannel – mostly white with blue. I asked Bee, but she wasn’t having that idea. She would wear fancy dress all the time if I allowed that. And she found her favorite fancy dress while we were out and demanded I buy it (which I did, just in cases. And because it was crazy cheap.). And then I was inspired. Bee’s dress is the same deep blue that runs through Gracie’s flannel. So I bought a similar one from the wall of flannels at the red big box store. And came up with this:


  • And that was pretty much my week and now I’ll have nothing to talk about this week. Heh. But that’s okay because I will be so tired from the single parenting and returning to work and school after a week of frivolity and staying up til midnight and 2 a.m. will leave me no desire to do anything other than hold my head up. Which, frankly, is what I might need to be focusing on.
  • So, yes, I am thankful. Thankful for my girls, who surprised me in so many delightful ways this week. For my best friend, who made sure I was in one piece, and kept me busy, and also hydrated. And for myself, because I did a damn good job, considering. Oh, and also because I asked for help when I needed it. Good job, me.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I hope that whatever happened for you, this past week, that your head is held high today.


2 Responses to “Remembering I was thankful.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Best post-holiday update I have read! And what an adventure you had on Thanksgiving. Lots of hugs to you!

  2. Kim Says:

    This is definitely the stuff of family legends heh.

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