My favorite little monster chef.

Bee is serious about her cooking and baking, you guys. Just look what she’s up to…


We were baking monster cupcakes for Halloween, and little Miss asked if we had blue frosting. She’s getting better about this, because she thought to ask before we went grocery shopping. Which means even if I couldn’t find ready-made blue frosting, I could grab vanilla and we could make some.

But, no need! (I did grab extra googly eyes, though. You can never have too many googly eyes if you live at Casa de Katie.) Bee-girl baked the cupcakes for her new cooking show “Kids Can Cook!” and then decorated them all by herself. I was quick impressed with how furry she was able to get those monsters on her first attempt with any type of frosting tip.

She had a blast – right down to posing as Cookie Monster herself. As one does.

I have the girls again this weekend, and Bee is already pouring over cookbooks and Pinterest, and making notes in her Chef Cookbook journal. I’m scared I’ve created a…(wait for it)…monster.



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One Response to “My favorite little monster chef.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    LOVE this so much. Don’t know where I have been or how I missed this but she did a wonderful job. Plus the pic is priceless.

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