Non-fic November!


It has gotten to the point, Dear Reader, that I look forward to celebrating Non-fic November as much as I look forward to eating pie in November. It’s one of my favorite reading traditions. I smatter my reading all year long with memoirs and fact books, biographies and true crime; and yet when you look at the sheer volume of books I read each week, it’s like I’m barely reading any non-fiction.

Until November.

In November, with more purposeful selection, I balance out my reading for the entire year. And it’s all because of the movement hosted by our wonderful reading community. This year Doing Dewey has taken up the mantle, along with Sarah at Sarah’s Bookshelves, Rachel at Hibernator’s Library, Lory at Emerald City Book Review, and Julz at Julz Reads. They have some lovely giveaways and book reviews already going on, so go check them out! I’d also like to give a special shout-out to Kim over at Sophisticated Dorkiness. Kim is Non-fic November, for those who don’t know, and she’s still recovering from a huge, no-good, very bad Something right now. If you could all go love on Kim a little and send her the happiest thoughts, it would mean a lot to me. We’ve all been laid flat by grief at one point or another and I wish I didn’t know, but I do. I know I’ll be keeping Kim tucked into the back of my reading brain this month, wishing her well.

Now that we’ve covered the WHO, maybe I should talk a little about the WHAT. The last two years I did quite a bit of planning for Non-Fic November. This year, not so much! Other than maybe mindfully passing on a non-fic book that I owned so that I’d have at least one or two little somethings tucked away for this month. I managed to grab a few more along the way: I’ve already finished my ebook of Meghan Daum’s The Unspeakable; I’m halfway through Donald Sturrock’s Roald Dahl: The Storyteller; I am dying to dive into The Crash Detectives; The Souls of Black Folk has been staring at me from my shelf for ages, as has Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy. (Hey, Trish – weren’t we going to do a readalong for that?) In Harm’s Way, Founding Mothers, 1 Dead in Attic, and Fifty States are all waiting, too. And those are just the ones I’ve planned in advance!

Because if I’m being honest, I get really distracted when I’m reading non-fiction. I’ll fall down factoid rabbit-holes, chasing tidbits of information. Or I’ll get bored and need to shift gears to something slower, or more dramatic, or more gruesome and illicit (hey, I’m being honest). I’m a fickle reader, come November. But that’s half the fun – giving myself permission to go where my interests take me! It could be anywhere, at any time.

And every tale, every trail, is true.

I swears it.


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One Response to “Non-fic November!”

  1. Care Says:

    I didn’t realize it at the time but I read a lot of NF last month…

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