November? November!

Lord, who let it be November already?! I don’t know how it sneaks up on me every year. Something about how Halloween seems to be the ultimate October everything and then BAM! It’s November. I need a grace period, or something.

So what does November mean to me? November is glorying in at least one Trick-or-Treat picture – especially since it’ll be the last time we see the Gracie-girl out there with us, canvassing the neighborhood.


Don’t they look amazing? Bee decided to wear boots with her Pink Ladies costume, instead of heels. “If I’m comfortable, I can get more candy,” she said. I can’t argue with her logic. And Gracie’s foam “melted” off after about two houses, but she was okay with it – she was mostly over the whole trick-or-treating thing, though she wanted candy. And like she said, it was very “real-life” to lose the foam so quickly.

November is also time for Non-fic November! Huzzah! I’ll do a proper post tomorrow, but I have a mess of books to read. I’m bound and determined to finish the Roald Dahl book I started ages ago, and I have The Crash Detectives that I’ve been dying to read. And so many more!

And then there are Christmas plans to be made in November, decorations to buy, presents to buy and wrap, and of course, tickets for my sister to plan. Oh, and speaking of planning, there is our Advent(ure) Calendar to plan out! SO MANY FUN THINGS!

November is also about giving thanks and appreciating what you have, something I need to be mindful of. I’m going through a bit of a rough patch right now, so gratitude is just the ticket.

November already, and so much on my plate. Well, what else can I say, except: Let the wild rumpus begin!


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