The Pumpkin Patch it is!

I thought the girls might be too old for the pumpkin patch, but when I asked if we were still going, I got a resounding YES!!!

The girls might have opted for the haunted hayride this year instead, but they wanted to share the experience with the X-man, and so we opted for late in the day on Saturday instead. I’m glad we did – with the corn shortage, it turns out that roasted corn (our favorite part) wasn’t available until 5 p.m. We would have missed it!

We did a few pictures of the kiddos:


And then one with the three of us (and no one told me the girls refused to touch each other until later – it’s not that Bee is actually being shunned):


All in shades of blue for the pumpkin patch! Because we like how it pops, naturally.

After we climbed on tractors and did some people watching, we took our annual amble through the corn maze – which, thankfully, might finally be starting to wear thin on the girlies. Then we ate our caramel popcorn [gag] and roasted garlic butter corn [yum!] and headed home to carve pumpkins.

Bee, naturally, got pumpkin guts everywhere – her chin, her shirt, her upper arm, her cheek… And Gracie got it…no where. No one lost fingers or hands or sliced their hands or got stabbed in their faces because they were watching too close, X-man. Ahem. All was well.

Well – all was well, except for the part where I forgot to take a picture of our pumpkins all carved and ready to go. But that will leave something for tonight.

Happy Halloween, everyone!


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One Response to “The Pumpkin Patch it is!”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Happy Halloween! I love the pictures – the girls are getting so grown-up.

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