Five for Friday.

Morning, ladies and gents! It’s going to be a good day. You know why? Because I need one. And so I declare today a good day for a good day. (Or else.)(Heh.) Let’s get it started!

voted1. I voted yesterday. For all the things that make ThePlaceThatShallNotBeDiscussed undiscussable, they are awesome in that they give each employee two paid hours of leave to go vote. I used mine yesterday and I’m glad I went early – there must have been 100 people in line. At 3 p.m. on a Thursday afternoon in a rec center in the middle of a sleepy little city! I can’t even imagine what it will be like on Election Day. I read my book as I crept through the line (Hattie Big Sky – highly recommend), and as I made my way to the booth, I got more and more emotional. There were many elderly people sitting on benches inside the rec center, chit chatting and smiling. There was an air of…hope. Of caring. Of history in the making. I got all choked up as I cast my ballot. I’ve known who I was voting for since she announced her candidacy, and my decision was bolstered with each debate, each interview, each catastrophic volley from the other candidate. And still I got choked up. There was a little girl running up and down an area off to the side, maybe four years old. She will never know what it was like to live in a world where a woman wouldn’t dare run for fear of being laughed out of the race. Emotional, indeed.

halloweensign2. I don’t usually go all out for Halloween. Oh, I love getting the girls all costumed up and having fun with the crafty bits – I just don’t decorate the house much. But I saw a few wooden signs one time I accidentally fell into Michaels and I had to grab it because WORDS! So now this lives in my house, next to a bunch of smaller Halloween-themed signs that the kids have half colored. We’ll get to the rest of them. Right after Bee finishes her perler craze (guess what other Halloween-themed craft I found?).


nerd3. This week is Stand Up Against Drugs or some such campaign at school and the themes have been…interesting. Because the girls are in two different school districts, I have to keep track of two sets of themes, and then goad them into playing. [Sidenote: why am I the one who’s all into this?! Good grief.] Like, Monday Gracie’s theme was Red Shirt Day. Which – RED SHIRT DAY?! Because if you take drugs you’ll be red-shirted [killed] off this show called life? What the man?! I’m sure there was a different “actual” message that went with it, but it missed the memo. And Gracie looked at me like I was crazy when I started ranting. (Ahem.) Today’s theme she actually got into, though – Nerd Day. Which is also problematic, but we’ll go with it. She wore her palindrome shirt that she used to wear as an oversized nightgown years ago, and now it’s almost too small. (Stawwwwp with the growing!!). And she borrowed the X-man’s Easter tie. I think it works pretty well, yeah?

camocatb4. Wednesday night, Bee was trying out her Thursday outfit – Hide From…Uh…Something – for which she had to wear camo, or brown and green. My kids have never worn camo – or, at least, never at my house because I refused to buy it. I’m not a fan fashion-wise, and I’m not a hunter. So – why promote it, right? But Bee has been killin’ it this year at school and tank tops were on clearance and we actually had the list of themes a week in advance. [My gawd! What a concept! Advance notice!!] So Bee was trying on her camo outfit…as a cat. As you do. Or at least as you do if you’re Bee. We then commenced having fun captioning the moment. Mine: “Captain CamoCat / Trapped in Cabinets / Will he get out? / Can he get out? / Hey, where’d he go?” and Auntie Rhi’s: “Camo Cat, Camo Cat, does whatever a Camo Cat..wait, where’d she go?”

demogorgon5. And lastly, I’d like to thank the Universe for all the signs its sent this week, letting me know it’s going to be okay. The most awesome Annie Lennox belting out “Sweet Dreams” this morning on my car stereo, turned up so loud my rear-view mirror was vibrating. The sweet notes and flowers and blow-up origami balloons Bee slips into my purse for me to find later. [Insert collective “Awwww!” here; it’s deserved.] Kim’s well-timed email about Christmas plans. And Rhi’s picture of snow. SNOW!! Heh. But by far, my favorite sign was this word-of-the-day from the tiny desk calendar that makes Krista and I laugh at all the made-up words. No laughing at this one, though – I don’t want to get sucked into the Upside Down. No way, man.

So there you have it! Five funny little things that happened. Five good things. Five grateful things. (Or should that be five things that made me grateful?) Because it’s Friday and I’m hoping it’s going to be chock-a-block filled with many more. Enjoy the weekend, you guys!



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  1. Kathy Says:

    Love the Halloween sign.

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