Could the drips please stop dripping?

We had big plans Sunday night – big plans, I say! The X-man had left, Jeff was going out with friends for the night, and so the girls and I decided to live it up. We showered, changed into our pajamas…and then put on Christmas movies and wrapped the stash of Christmas presents I had stashed away. Because we’re delightfully ridiculous. Last year Gracie was all about helping me wrap presents and it was almost as fun as having my sisters there to help. When my Bee-meister found out The Secret about Christmas, she was a bit depressed – until she realized she could help wrap, too. But this was the first time we all wrapped together. You guys, I had so much fun being all cozy, working on such a fun project with the girlies!

But that didn’t last.

After a few hours, we finished up and put away all of our things. The card table was put away, the wrapping paper went back under the bed, and the empty boxes that we didn’t need to hide the wrapped gifts went out to a shelf in the garage.

That’s when I saw the river running through the garage:


At first I thought the freezer had popped the circuit and was thawing. It’s happened a time or two, but I didn’t remember a river that extensive. I mean, when I followed it out to the garage door, you could see it had slipped under the seam and was running off into the grass, like so:


Not good, Batman. I investigated some more and checked the freezer – still on. Then I checked the only other source over in that corner of the garage. The water heater. Yeah, soooo not good! It must have been leaking since we took our showers earlier in the evening.

I watched about ten different videos about water heaters and where (and why) they could be leaking. I freaked myself out because I couldn’t find the T&P valve, and so if the water heater was leaking because it was over-pressurized, the whole thing could explode, taking out the Bee-girl who was on the other side of the sheet rock. But the best I could determine, the slow but steady drip-drip-drip was coming from the drainage valve at the bottom of the water heater, just here:


So I fashioned a sort of system where I placed an empty 60 gallon Rubbermaid container on the bottom shelf next to the water heater, and then wrapped a piece of tin foil around the drain so it would stop soaking through the wood and sheet rock under the water heater. It was a good way to measure the amount of water leaking out, too.

Thankfully, when Jeff came home he was able to walk me through tightening the drainage valve and then opening the water valve and turning the electricity back on to the heater once it was full.

Yesterday I checked on the water level in the Rubbermaid container and it hadn’t changed. Then I let everyone take showers and held my breath…but the water wasn’t leaking still. I think I might have solved the problem.

Crisis averted – for now. Thank you, baby jeebus.


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One Response to “Could the drips please stop dripping?”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Oh dear! I hate trouble like that but it seems you fixed it without huge expense. I am so glad.

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