Five for Friday.

It’s been a crazy week with parents off on business trips and vacations and staycations and all the school activities and ALL THE THINGS happening at ThePlaceThatShallNotBeDiscussed. Let’s see what can be discussed from this week, shall we?

1 Early morning traffic is not my favorite. This week I had to drop the Gracie-girl off at her Stepmom’s at our usual time so she could meet her carpool to school. Then I had to drive back to get the Bee-meister Meisterburger (her new nick, natch), who was left to her own devices to finish getting ready. After an awkward ten minutes of waiting at home, I dropped Bee at school, and then sat through all. the. traffic. on the way to work. Thirty minutes makes such a huge difference in the metroplex! Instead of 20 minutes, I sat in traffic for 95 minutes on Thursday morning! On side streets! The metroplex has gone insane, you guys. But maturing ten-year-olds who can be trusted to actually get ready instead of watching cartoons are kind of awesome.

2 Not that said ten-year-olds didn’t contribute to the chaos this week. This is how my week started: flew back from New England to Texas late Monday night, got in 9:30p, home by 10p, in bed by 11p (which is seriously past my bedtime). Up and to work on time (somehow) Tuesday morning, got my Gracie after work, rushed the reunion hugs and dropped her off at the high school because First Choir Concert – and because having to get the kids back to school less than an hour after they left TOTALLY MAKES SENSE! And then while on my way to get the Bee-meister, I got a call from her school that she had tripped and fallen eye first into the corner of some shelves. Blood everywhere, her face was sliced from the corner of her eye up to her temple, there was swelling and bruising, and – once I arrived – tears. It took quite a bit to get the bleeding to stop, and then I had to decide whether her vision was blurry because Bee was holding her ice to her eye too tightly or whether her vision was smooshed. Thankfully, my Bee-girl is fine, and we only missed the very beginning of Gracie’s concert (which she performed splendidly!). I’m not even disappointed that Bee won’t be a pirate, replete with eye patch, for Halloween.

3 Speaking of Halloween! I should probably get on this costume thing, huh? This is the latest I’ve ever prepared, but I can’t seem to get worked up about it. Perhaps because I’m anxious about everything else going on in my life. Gracie has decided to go as a Starbucks drink – I need to find her white leggings and a brown tank top (to wear over a white shirt and use as the cardboard sleeve), and get some cotton batting to use as whipped cream. Oh, and some green paint to make a straw out of a wrapping paper tube. Bee wanted to be Little Red Riding Hood, but her cape tastes were $168 on Etsy, and so she’s amended her costume selection. I was hoping for Hollywood glam – fancy black sheath dress, black gloves, pearls, oversized sunglasses, a purse and an up-do. That was a non-starter. From my fancy kid, I know!! Instead, Bee asked if she could be a Pink Lady from Grease. So I’ll be looking for that outfit this weekend, too. (Seriously, I think Bee is just hoping for a pink leather jacket.)

4 My reading slump might be easing up a bit. I only read five books (or something equally ridiculous) during October. True, there were a few re-reads in there and a book that had alllll the pages, but I’m still pretty disappointed in myself. When I don’t feel like reading, it makes me a bit panicky. I am a Reader; I should want to read! But for whatever reason, I was slumping. So it helped that I read so much on vacation last week. Adding books to my “Finished” pile made me want to finally pick up some more books that I had been ignoring. With a read-a-thon this weekend (that I may or may not be doing) and Non-Fiction November around the corner, things are looking up! I might even have enough books read to post a list of reviews one of these Thursdays. I know you’ve been missing them.

5 My goals for this weekend are simple: go for a run Saturday and Sunday; buy a light for the kitchen (no, seriously – for real this time); clean the growing pile of piles in my bedroom; and finish flipping the girls’ summer and winter clothes. We got about halfway through a month ago, and the boxes have been lining my living room ever since. Captain Clutter is going to chop off my head if I don’t get a move on and get some work done instead of listing why it’d just make more sense to wait. C’mon now – after hearing all that, you know you want my weekend plans.

So there you have it! Five things from my crazy, busy, no-good week. Or at least five of the ones that were fit to print. Here’s to a happier, calmer Friday, and one that flies by so we can get this weekend going already!


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