A short, crazy, busy, restful weekend.

I was dreading this weekend. Some of you know how high my anxiety has been lately; seriously, it’s been at peak pestiness. My Ex had to travel out of town this week for work, convoluting kid coverage (thanks to their awesome Stepmom and to Jeff for stepping up), Jeff’s brother is in town this week, and the girls have eighty thousand activities this week. And on top of all of that “everyday” stress, my phobia about flying meant I was utterly convinced that I was going to die while trying to get home. I don’t think they make sedatives strong enough.

But! One of my favorite uncles was getting married and is happier than I have ever seen him. A girl doesn’t hide from getting to see family marry the love of their lives.

So I didn’t make up excuses. I took a deep breath, had a drink or two at the airport, and boarded the plane. And you know what? My weekend was a very lovely, very necessary time-out.

Kim and Rhi and I giggled over every little nothing. I got to see my gorgeous home state in the middle of Fall – something I haven’t had the pleasure of in many years – and was astounded at how I could have taken that for granted. I felt moments of true peace that helped balance out the crazy, which in itself was worth the price of tickets. We took a trip to the Book Barn, which is heaven on Earth, where I found many books about the history of my hometown, and quite a few romances that look like they will be amazing to Mystery Science 3000 my way through. I got to see a few friends Saturday night that I didn’t get to see this summer, and we laughed our way through several bottles of wine, bags of chip, and every card in the Cards Against Humanity set. That night made my heart sing with love for my friends and reminded me that I will get through this rough patch and be okay again.

But by far, my favorite part of the weekend was the wedding. Spending time with my cousins (and aunts and uncles) is always my favorite part of going home. We grew up close to everyone, seeing them every weekend when they stopped over for a cup of coffee or tea, and cousins and my sibs and I ran amok and plotted so many adventures that I could book on those alone. Not everyone was able to make it for the wedding (a few cousins were traveling abroad), but catching up was still fun. Especially with the several jokes and side conversations and trying to avoid everyone’s eyes at different times so we didn’t get yelled at. We were that table.

And hanging with my cousin Hillary and her girlfriend Emily after the reception… Let’s just say I’m already plotting how to get them down here for an extended visit. I think they’ll hate Texas, but they’ll love our adventures! Dueling piano bars, laser tag, Irish nachos, oh! and I’m pretty sure we’ll get kicked out of the Perot Museum. They’re idea of “hands on” and our idea are going to be slightly different. Just a guess. You know – for this list of adventures I’m already scheming. (Also, Hill, I stole some of your pictures. Don’t sue me for copyright infringement!)

A wonderful weekend that was a great timeout from most of my responsibilities at home. And now I’ve hit the ground running with choir concerts and cheerleading tryouts and huge meetings and deadlines at ThePlaceThatShallNotBeNamed and all kinds of fun. Wait, wait – I meant “fun.” If you can think of a scheme that will get my cousins down here to help me cope with it all, you will be my absolute favorite!


3 Responses to “A short, crazy, busy, restful weekend.”

  1. panicbuttonweb Says:

    Glad you had a wonderful time and got to experience what I’m spoiled with every year! I’m glad you were able to have a rejuvenating, centering weekend up here. 🙂

  2. Kathy Says:

    I am thrilled you had a wonderful time. As far as getting your cousins to Texas – I understand weddings bring your family together.

  3. Kim Says:

    I’m going to aim for a voucher on my trip next month to donate to The Cause. And again every time I fly between now and summer. That way, I can save my contribution to the crowdfunded trip for bail money 😉

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