Okay: I declare it Fall.

I have a wedding to attend, a destination wedding (for me) back home in New England. Here in hell Tejas, we’re only flirting with cooler temps. Back home, Fall is the real deal. The “cooler temps” we’re throwing our windows open to in the early mornings and later evenings are the high temps for New England. And so I turned my eye towards what clothes I had tucked away.

It was just what I was afraid of – a lot of my clothes were worn out at the end of last season, or were ruined in some form or fashion, and I was planning on picking up a few things. Which never really happened because StitchFix went from sweaters to blouses and somehow skipped over long-sleeved weather entirely.

So I put on my big girl pants and went shopping. I just wanted a shirt or two. But then there was this huge sale and I got all this from Old Navy:


I ended up with three sweaters, a tank top, a flannel, two blouses, two cardigans (shoosh), a long sleeve tee, a pair of pants, and a necklace – all for less than half of what I’d pay for a StitchFix box.

I might have to force the “Fall” issue a little longer here – it will be in the 80s most of this week, in the afternoons at least – but at least I have an entire season’s wardrobe ready for when it finally arrives.



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5 Responses to “Okay: I declare it Fall.”

  1. Ragnhild Says:

    I love the colors of your new clothes! 🙂

  2. Kathy Says:

    I love the colors and patterns. Yes, fall for those of us in the north is here. I have leaves to rake, and pumpkins to carve, sadly fall clothes to purchase. And maybe, just maybe I need to turn on the furnace – 61 degrees in the house this morning. Hoping I can hold out just a little bit longer.

  3. Kim Says:

    LOL. I also bought that light blue sweater, almost bought the red blouse with the lacy sleeve details, got the striped mustard tee for mom, and tried on the floral print top and didn’t like the fit.

    I also grabbed a flannel wrap to leave in the guest room this weekend because it was only 60 degrees in the house this morning because I remembered to leave the heat on overnight…

  4. Crystal Says:

    I love the colors! I understand the delayed fall weather, I live in Ga, but the 80’s wow!

  5. panicbuttonweb Says:

    So basically, I could save myself a lot of money and stay warmer by canceling my Fix and dragging my butt to Old Navy? Hmm.

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