Culinary superstar: coming soon to a TV near you.

As many of you heard, we have a newly elected Student Council Secretary in residence. I am so proud of my Bee-girl! She has just bloomed this last year and is poised to take over the world. And I’m going to do everything in my power to help her. (In return for the tiny favor of eternal benevolence from our future ruler.)

One of the ways I can help is to keep our Queen Bee motivated. She can only stay in Student Council if she keeps an A/B average – something that she’s maintained since late last year, but is by no means guaranteed. So we add some incentive. It’s something I’ve always done, and Bee remembers. She asked the other night if we could look for some gymnastics classes if she had As and Bs on her report card next week. Bee used to take tumbling and gymnastics with the Redheads in second and third grades. But the classes were smack dab in the middle of Saturday morning, meaning we couldn’t really plan anything else for our day, or else we had to miss a class that we paid for, show or no show. So I wasn’t really very keen on signing back up. But I needed to do something.

So what I did was I schemed. I schemed and dreamed, and thought, and let my imagination run wild with ideas. Maybe instead of gymnastics, I could find cooking classes. Maybe Mommy & Me classes. Or, hey, maybe we could run those classes! Maybe…

Maybe Bee could teach some cooking classes.

Don’t ask me how I made the connection; I couldn’t tell you. I thought about how the girls love watching their YouTube stars post videos, and follow vlogs about this and that, and how much fun they have posting Musical.lys. They’ve become adept at all the terminology and lighting and scripts and their creative little selves just explode with ideas. What if I tied that to Bee’s love of cooking? What if I let Bee host a cooking vlog? I mean – !!!  I’m not crazy about her face being out there where people can see it – there’s a lot of crazy in this world – but if I made her understand why I’m concerned and sign off on anything that gets posted, this could be amazing!

I floated the idea to Queen Bee and told her we needed her dad to sign off on the project. If he said no, then it was absolute – and I would understand. If he said yes, then she would need to keep her grades up. Her dad or I could step in and halt production at any time for any egregious behavior on her part, or any disastrous grade. But if you saw my Bee-girl’s face… That look! That look was the look parents live for. I had handed my baby the moon.

And her dad said yes.

We won’t start off on any kind of schedule, at first. We might work up to weekly or every other week, depending on how smoothly it goes. Bee will need to pick her projects, research whether we have the ingredients or will need to purchase them at the store. She’ll need to write out a “script” to follow (more or less). Will she talk about the best places to find ingredients? About budgeting? What about design and formatting – will she have the type of show where ingredients are pre-measured and set aside in bowls, or will showing kids how to measure ingredients be part of the video? Is there a time limit that she wants to aim for? Or will each video expand or contract to fit her recipe? So many questions! So much room for fun and creativity!

I am so excited for my girl. I am so proud of her for working her tail off and getting her grade to this point. I’m happy that she knows her own heart and what makes it sing. And I’m wicked excited that I get to work on a project with her and have some quality mother/daughter time – other than lounging on the couch and watching Jane Austen movies, because my Bee-girl is always good for that!

(Gawd, now I don’t know who will cry more if she loses her A/B average – her, or me!)

Here’s to your new, fancy-fantastic chapter in your life, Queen Bee!


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2 Responses to “Culinary superstar: coming soon to a TV near you.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Such a wonderful idea. She will keep those grades right where they need to be and soon she will be a YouTube Star!

  2. panicbuttonweb Says:

    Congratulations, Bee!!

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