Five for Friday.

Well today is already off to a fast and rocky start!

1 Today Bee should find out the results of the Student Council election. I’m all aflutter for her! She is pretty confident she’ll win, and I was torn between shoring up her confidence in this one thing, and warning her not to be too disappointed if she loses. Because at this point, she’s so sure, it will destroy her. But I held my tongue, gave her a hug, and wished her the best of luck. Being her mama who believes in her absolutely won out. I’m with her!

2 We found a babysitter whom we absolutely adore. We met her last night at a Barnes and Noble and chatted and then canceled all of our other interviews. It’s great to have someone who seems absolutely at ease. She’s the middle of seven children, she has a little girl, and she’s been nannying since she was a teenager. So she’ll be fine, whatever the X-man throws at her. So now we can enjoy our baby shower in peace, without worrying about the homefront – or worse, having to cancel on the second baby shower. We’d have been ex-communicated as friends!

3 Which lead to a bit of craziness this morning – last night when we went out to meet Babysitter Lady, I let Jeff throw his work phone in my purse so he wasn’t carrying two of them (he has a work phone and a personal cell). Naturally, we never thought of his work phone again. Until I was pulling into work this morning and saw a text that he had sent right after I left. So I put my seatbelt back on and texted my boss and co-workers that I’d be a little late. Only five minutes into my reverse commute, Jeff said not to worry about it – he’d come get it from later. Which – HOORAY for not having to drive back home and back to work again! Though I feel bad – I forgot, too.

4 At least I look cute today. I have on my black and white polka dot blouse from StitchFix, jeans, a wide red belt, chunky silver tear-drop shaped drop earrings, and black pumps. I have zero fall clothes – something I usually never notice. But this StitchFix thing has made me pay way more attention. Add to that the complication that it’s Hot Fall right now, so my clothes must look a little autumnal, but be breathable because holy heat, all the time. I’m going to sit down with my closet and see what sort of Fall I can pull out of it this weekend.

5 Maybe I’ll do that tonight. Gracie has a choir camp tonight from 5-10p. Bee’s eyes lit up when she realized she could have control of the TV and play room without her sister yelling about what she wanted to watch or do. And Jeff will be Crossfitting and then getting the X-man. Which leaves me. I’ll either be Fall Outfitting…or working on a top secret Christmas project for Kim. Mwa ha ha…

I hope you have fun plans for the weekend! Let me know what all you guys are up to!


2 Responses to “Five for Friday.”

  1. Kim Says:

    …So? Did Bee get it??

  2. Kathy Says:

    So? Did Bee win? And, how was the closet hunt? Hooray for babysitters you love. Sounds like a perfect fit.

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