I’m with her!

Guess what’s going on today with the elementary school set?


Bee is running for Student Council Secretary and, yes, her campaign flyer is absolutely on my cubby wall. (Um, and possibly that is a version that I made just for the blog. I have no further comment on the subject.)

She has to make a speech that she wouldn’t practice in front of me because it made her nervous. She has two smashing posters (that were quite a long story) and a pretty good platform. Although she didn’t quite understand why I wouldn’t order a bunch of “I’m with her!” buttons for her to appropriate for her campaign. Hmph, she said, as she stormed off. (She was a lot more understanding about the posters.) Today is election day; it’s all come down to this.

My teacherly friends have promised to record her speech for me, and BLAHHHH! I just can’t wait!

Do a good job, baby! You’ve worked a good, clean campaign and I’m proud of you!


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2 Responses to “I’m with her!”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Go Bee!! I will keep my fingers crossed for a great speech and a winning outcome. I know she will BEE AMAZING (yes, I’m a dork).

  2. panicbuttonweb Says:

    Go, Bee!!

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