Our annual Fall folly.

I never learn. Ever year, I we have one cool moment – an evening or a morning when the breeze carried through open doors is enough to make me reach for my yoga pants or a pair of socks and then hold on, girls!, it’s off to the races! Time to switch out summer sundresses and booty shorts (uh, not really) for yoga pants and flannel shirts. [Again, just kidding. Gracie has been having a love affair with flannel shirts that rivals the one Julie, Corri, and I had back in 9th grade. She’s been all over her flannel shirts for the past month.]

Gracie opted in for some bonus mama-and-Gracie time this weekend, and Dad and Stepmom were nice enough to oblige. So Gracie and I spent most of Saturday being goofy together. While we were cutting up, we tried to be a leeetle bit productive, and so post-friend’s birthday party we settled into her room and tried on all. the. clothes. Seriously, I made her try on every t-shirt she had in her dresser (and weeded out about 25% of them), stole some of the more summery ones, and then moved on to long sleeved shirts. Granted, she hasn’t worn long sleeved shirts since March (February?), and my baby girl has shed every last vestige of “baby” between then and now. Of the 30 or so she tried on, I think maybe 5 fit. Ugh.It was the same thing with her closet! Sweater dresses from last year, maxi dresses from the beginning of the summer, coats from last fall – the pile of clothes to pass down to Bee got bigger and bigger. Eventually I had to carry them out and take over the chaise lounge. Poor Bee is going to be trying on clothes until the end of time!

Sunday morning, Gracie and I went out and bought a 2×3 wooden cubby shelf and some baskets in purple, grey, and taupe. We’re going to move some of my scrap doodads into my room and set up the shelving cubbies so she’ll have a place to store her uniforms and shoes and whatnot. Gracie has been so gracious living in half scraproom/half bedroom for the past year. (In return, I pretend not to notice when it looks like a war zone.) Now we’re creating storage solutions and fixing some of the mess.

Which means tonight it’s Bee’s turn. She was kind enough to try on all of her dresses, and we have a stack of really cute ones for one of her friends. I went through her bulging t-shirt drawer last night while I was on the phone catching up with Kim. Tonight we’ll tackles her long sleeve shirt drawer and the PILES of clothes she inherited from Gracie. (Some of those she might have to wait a season before they fit.) I don’t think Bee will mind though – she was bouncing her fingers together and cackling madly when she saw some of the sweater dresses she’ll inherit. Betcha anything she’s convincing the principal today to schedule some free dress days!

Which brings me to my folly – every year we pull out the girls’ Fall clothes because it’s a tiny bit cooler one weekend. And every year, as soon as we do it, a wicked warm front blows in and bam! We have the wrong clothes out. So just go ahead and blame me, North Texas, for the gross, hot, humid, unseasonable weather we’re about to have. I deserve it.



2 Responses to “Our annual Fall folly.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Sounds like you had a very productive weekend. Plus who turns down extra time with the teens and tweens?

  2. Kim Says:

    It was only in the 40s here this morning, fyi. I think you forgot to think of Texas when you were getting all excited over the prospect of Fall -_-

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