Five for Friday.

Is it just me, or are ALL THE THINGS! going on right now? Yeah, I thought so.

1. That. game. HOOBOY. I might be wearing my Patriots’ tshirt with all the Superbowls listed that we smashed. Under a classy red cardigan so I still fit dress code (ish), but so? Except my friends are gonna kill me because I talked them out of picking New England for the pool, so I maybe owe some of them $5. It’s not that I thought Traitor Brock and his gang (ahem, or that defense) were going to hurt us. It’s just that…well…we were on 3rd string QB and our defense sort of collapsed against Miami. I was nervous. [And maybe also working the juju a bit because everyone picked Arizona in Week 1 and look how that worked out for us. So….] In any case – 3-0, baby!

2. I forgot my dang coffee this morning. I went back to the kitchen because I almost forgot it once, and then I guess I put it down on the washing machine when I was looking for my keys and didn’t pick it up again. Sigh. This kind at work is pretty craptastic.

3. The Construction Project That Will Never, Ever End has shut down at least one of its little side projects. The Intersection From Heck is still all Heck-y, but a mile up the road where they had the street closed down to one lane so they could rework the median, that bit that’s been closed for a year? That re-opened finally! HUZZAH! We are all very excited. Now if they could just finish the intersection that’s been borked for the past two years…

4. Gracie asked if she could come stay with me this weekend. We’ve been having some pretty good mama/daughter times, and I hope they never end. I know the period where she hates my guts (or at least that we can’t be in the same room without arguing) is right around the corner. Stupid teenage years. So I’m soaking up all the bits where she wants to hang out with me while I can. Last night we ended up stretched out on the couch while I pestered teased her about some app she was using, and then started singing to her, and before too long, we had both collapsed into giggles. It was over nothing, you guys, but that moment – it was everything to me. Here’s hoping these good times keep piling up…

5. I legit heard Africa on the way to work this morning. A little disappointing that it wasn’t a cover or an a capella version from my college group (not that that could really happen), but it still made me laugh out loud. What better way to start your Friday than that?

Hope your Friday is fantastic and wonderful and filled with those little happy surprises!


One Response to “Five for Friday.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    You may never have that time where Gracie hates your guts. Quit assuming it will happen. E and I – never the extreme that people think of. And she doesn’t care if I dance in public.

    We hear Africa on a regular basis and E’s other mom (translates to BFF’s mom) hears it nearly every time she turns on the radio in the car. It is almost freaky.

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