The StitchFix that made me crave Fall.

You guys, this StitchFix game is messing with my head. I had a good box – three items that I love, another that I liked (but didn’t fit), and one that I hated. That’s a decent box! Let’s look…

I didn’t have much time to pin outfits or give any suggestions, so I was curious what would come up.

First up: a pair of colored pants (that I’d been dying to try forever).


Yes, they’re olive green, so I hear all of you saying “They’re not a color; they’re a neutral!” But the truth is I still need pants for work and these fit like a dream. Super comfy, like wearing pajamas. And I can dress them up or down, which I like. They’re a little pricey, but pants are a staple, so I know I’ll get my money’s worth.

The shirt I also love, and you can see it better here:


I like the cut, the length, the fit, and the material is super thin and slinky, so it’ll work since “Fall” in Tejas is again working those 100+° temps. (Sigh.) Breathable shirts are a must! I like that it’s colorful and I can wear it with any number of pants or accessories, and I can tone it down under any number of jackets, blazers, or cardigans.

Next I tried on the shirt that I didn’t really love, but I liked the stitching.


The line hits my chest at an odd place – something both Gracie and Jeff commented on, so I know it must be true – and I hate giving up the stitching (the dark color is a really pretty navy and peacock blue), I don’t need any more shirts that hang in such a way that I feel like Mother Cluck. (Or, for those not conversant in Disney’s Robin Hood, like a big fat hen.) I’d wear it if I bought the entire box, but it’s not something I’d buy on its own.

The last shirt I straight up didn’t like. I like the colors, but it was a lot of a tiny, busy print slapped on to a basic t-shirt design. Slinky material or not, it was a t-shirt.


Don’t be deceived by the flattering photo angle – the shirt was not that flattering on me. The slinky material showed up every belly bump and bulge. So. Not so much.

The last item was something I hadn’t asked for, but fell in love with as soon as I saw it…


A studded cross-body purse with the perfect amount of fringe. (I am loving all the fringe this season.) I wanted that purse so much! But, that meant I had the dreaded Three Item StitchFix Dilemma.

The Three Item StitchFix Dilemma means you have to cry over losing an item you really don’t want to give up. Because if you keep three items, you’re paying as much as you would for the entire box, or sometimes even more than for the entire Fix.It’s terribly annoying.

I briefly debated keeping the entire Fix. I wasn’t thrilled with the red shirt, but I would wear it. The blue shirt… well, maybe I could give it to Gracie. It might be a bit big, but I could always swap it out for a different size. (Dang – that’s sounding more and more appealing.) But really, I want to keep the pants, the first multi-colored shirt, and the purse. The pants were an easy decision – definitely keeping them. I went back and forth the rest of the night trying to decide whether to keep the shirt (I love the colors, I don’t have a lot of patterned shirts, it’s versatile, it fits perfectly), or the purse (it makes my heart happy, I love the fringe, it’s a decent size). In the end, I opted for the shirt. Because I figured I have a better chance of finding something else like it – Charming Charlie’s and Kohls, here I come! It will probably even be cheaper. And if not, I can always ask my stylist to include it in my next Fix.

Let me know what you think – did I make the right decision? Should I keep the entire box so I can keep the purse? Did you notice how the things I loved were all things that screamed FALL! BRING ON THE FALL! And do you think that will make the temperatures cool down around here? Tell me!


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One Response to “The StitchFix that made me crave Fall.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    You definitely made the right decision. The 2nd and 3rd shirts do nothing for you. I LOVE the first but I am sure you can find something similar for less.

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