Winning the used bookstore lottery.

It doesn’t take much to make me happy. Bringing back some books that didn’t work out (and a few kids’ movies the girls have outgrown), and finding out you get a $35 credit? That doesn’t just make me happy; that’s like winning the bookstore lottery!

So I maybe went overboard deciding on what I really wanted…


The Disney Villains and Disney Animals are coloring books of good quality. Those and the Jane Austen coloring books are going away for Christmas. (As is Ann M. Martin’s Everything for a Dog, which I think Gracie will like.) Flatscreen was a clearance book ($3 for the win!), so that might get put away for me for Christmas. The others – Emma Cline’s The Girls, River’s The Girls in the Well Is Me, and Beatty’s Serafina and the Black Cloak are all for me to enjoy now, since those are the books I choose to think were free. Either The Girl in the Well or Serafina will probably be our new Out Loud books, since that starts up again this week. We haven’t had much time for it this summer since we’ve all been going 90-to-nothing in our own separate directions.

But now it is Fall (pffft) and we’re getting into the swing of school and schedules and all manner of organized things. Things that smack of normalcy, like going to bookstores on a Sunday morning. God bless bookstores and their fake lottery winnings that make me feel rich. That is exactly what I needed!


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