Five for Friday.

Ohmygosh what an overwhelming week! We have a new person at ThePlaceThatShallNotBeNamed, and she’s amazing and I adore her already, but training someone – it’s exhausting! And so I am more than ready to punch through my Friday and get to the weekend!

1. Music has been my salvation this week. When I come home and have no energy for anything, I’ve somehow found it in me to scoop a rum slushie and open iTunes. Then I belt out any song that strikes my fancy. Either sitting there or while I’m making dinner. Then Jeff comes home and looks at me strange. But not so strange that we didn’t have a music video night until WayTooLate on Wednesday. And then this morning I plugged in some really old mixtapes in the car on the way to work. Music is definitely the way to go.

2. If you haven’t watched Stranger Things, the Netflix series, you are missing out on the greatest TV show I’ve watched since West Wing. Not that it’s anything like West Wing. Except in it’s awesomeness. Everyone I know was telling me how much they loved it, and so Kim and I put on the first two episodes while I was on vacation. She mentioned that she had to sleep with the lights on. And I kinda looked at her funny, because – well, it wasn’t so scary. Creepy, but not scary. When we got home, I made Jeff watch the first two. And then the third. And I was still confused. Then we watched the fourth one after work and I decided Kim was WAY RIGHT and I couldn’t watch any more until the weekend when it was light out. But then I got nervous because everyone – they keep talking about it! Because of all the awesome! And so I sucked it up, Buttercup, and binged. And maybe got yelled at by the girls two nights in a row for screaming so often and so loud. Even Jeff screamed during the season finale, but that was maybe my fault. Anyway – GO WATCH IT. It watches like a book, and was cast by the greatest character caster in the history of casting. And it’s a complete homage to Stephen King’s It. Just trust me and watch it. You’ll fall in love.

3. Speaking of strange things, that child of mine still can’t keep her dang key on her. Now she’s carrying her purse (she settled on a phone case she had that also has a wallet type thing inside and a zippered pouch, all attached to a long string so she can wear it like a purse), but keeps taking her key out and forgetting it. Like in her dad’s car last night after the band meeting. So Gracie didn’t have her key this morning, but she said she had texted her dad and he would have the door unlocked. She texted him when we were on our way. And yet. I sat there for ten minutes, waiting for someone to open the door. Frustrated doesn’t begin to cover it. Yeah, Gracie tried to correct the problem so it wouldn’t be an issue, but you know what would have really solved it? Remembering her dang key.

4. And on the issue of wayward children, the Reward Board for the Xman worked so well you guys! Until his dad got frustrated and declared that he (not dangling – by “he” he meant both or either of them) didn’t have to follow rules that he (Jeff) didn’t like. And what’s the point of having a reward board if there is no rule-following to recognize? So I took the reward board and put it in the garage. The Xman was disappointed, but I told him why it had gone away. I spent all Friday night and Saturday morning making that thing, not to mention all the time I put into researching how to make it and what would even work before I had the concept decided. I am done throwing my effort and love into a colander. We’ll see what happens this weekend when I don’t say a blessed thing or make one single parenting move. Here’s hoping I have the strength to follow-through!

5. All of this traveling and all of these meetings for band and choir and tennis are going to kill us. I got home last night after getting Bee (Gracie decided last minute to stay at her dad’s. Again.) and grabbed take-out because we only had an hour at home before I had to dash out to a band meeting. Bee elected to stay home and clean her room and make her lunch. (No homework – yay!) Then Gracie and I didn’t get home until 7:30p. We both had to shower, then Bee had to shower, she hadn’t finished making her lunch, Jeff got back from Crossfit and had to shower and eat, and Gracie had to practice her drums for a half hour. It was a crazy night with a lot to pack into that last hour and a half before bedtime. But I bet we long for it during the three-hour concerts we have in our future. Being gone from 6:45a until 9:30p? Not looking forward to those for sure.

But still! FRIDAY! Huzzah! Even band meeting craziness and wayward children can’t harsh my buzz today!


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